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Sex: female
Age: 28
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Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Occupation: student and auto mechanic =) :)

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image Soccer Reading Writing poems Hanging out with friends sex music, being bitten ;), hugs , pain , squirrels, chipmunks ect i love cars and i love fixing them and just working on them in general


Liars cheaters my mom bullies haters people who judge me before they know me and judge me just because i cut doesn't make me emo and plus what the fuck is wrong with emos there humans just like everyone else i dislike life most of the time and i hate always feeling sad and broken inside and also i hate love because i always end up getting hurt and heartbroken :( oh well i guess that's life

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Evanescence Marianas trench three days grace Linkin Park Michael Jackson Eminem MCR Disturbed Billy Talent ect Paige Sharp

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