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Label: triple xxx
Label Type: indie
Location: eagle rock, California, United States
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Rozz released various material under different project names following his departure from the band; the first was Premature Ejaculation with Ron Athey, and then Shadow Project with Eva O, whom he married in San Francisco in 1987. The band lineup included Johann Schumann (bass) and also Barry Galvin and David Glass. The name Shadow Project, was taken from the tests in Hiroshima following the nuclear bomb which left impressions or ‘shadows’, but no bodies. Later on, Rozz reformed Shadow Project with Eva O, Jill Emery (bass), Tom Morgan (drums), and Paris (keyboards). Rozz also occasionally took part in Christian Death reunions during the late 1980s and early 1990s with Rikk Agnew, the guitarist on Christian Death's first album. Rozz and Eva O also released two new albums under the name Christian Death during the early 1990s In the summer of 1993, Shadow Project toured America. The band consisted of Rozz, Eva, Paris, Mark Barone (bass) and Christian Omar Madrigal Izzo (drums). After this American tour, Eva O and Paris left the band to work on the Eva O Halo Experience CD Demons Fall for an Angel's Kiss. Shadow Project had come to an end; however a German tour for October 1993 had already been booked. Although all tickets, flyers and publicity for this tour would show Shadow Project, Rozz had decided that the band name should change to Daucus Karota. Rozz sang on the tour, Brian Butler was the guitarist, Mark Barone played bass and Christian Omar Madrigal Izzo was on drums. For one show Gitane Demone drove from her home in Amsterdam to Germany to meet up with Rozz backstage. The Shrine EP by Daucus Karota was recorded by David Bowie/Iggy Pop Drumming legend Hunt Sales in January 1994 with Mark Barone (bass), Chistian Omar Madrigal Izzo (drums) and Roxy (guitars). Daucus Karota returned to Europe for a month long European tour in November 1994, with Gitane Demone filling the support slot. In 1995, following his return from Europe, Rozz joined forces with Paris,Christian Omar Madrigal Izzo and Ryan Wildstar to work on the spoken-word album, The Whorse's Mouth. The lyrics, co-written with Ryan Wildstar, chronicle a period of intense heroin addiction from which the two eventually managed to escape. Shortly following the recording of The Whorse's Mouth, Rozz began playing bass for EXP, the musical troupe created by Paris,Christian and Ryan Wildstar. He went on to play bass on their self-titled debut album with fellow bandmates Paris (keyboards), Ryan Wildstar (vocals), Doriandra (vocals), Ace Farren Ford (horns/violin), Justin Bennett (drums). Just a year before his death, Rozz again paired up with Eva O to record the final Shadow Project CD, "From the Heart," an extremely intimate album with a notably stripped-down sound for the duo. He also recorded his last solo CD as Premature Ejaculation, "Wound of Exit. EVA O AND CHRISIAN OMAR MADRIGAL IZZO ARE NOW PART OF C.D. 1334
Shadow Project: Record releases are: Shadow Project (Triple X) 1991 Dreams for the Dying (Triple X) 1992 Dead Babies/Killer (Triple X) Cassette 1992 In Tuned Out — Live '93 (Triple X) 1994 From the Heart (Hollows Hill Sound Recordings) 1998
black sabbath,alice cooper,david bowie,roxy music,led zepplin,T-REX
Homepage: http://www.myspace.com/cd1334
Link 1: http://www.cd1334.com
Link 2: http://www.myspace.com/daucuskarotatheband
Link 3: http://www.myspace.com/officialcd1334

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