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I get paid for this... VICIOUS PUPPY OMG My job sucks sometimes :P Clearly, I work hard... and yes, those ARE flannel penguin pj's I got my hair cut...
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Sex: female
Age: 36
Location: toronto, Ontario, Canada
Status: Married
Rating: 9.86
Rating points: 1430
Member since: March 17, 2004
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Occupation: I get paid to be me ;)
Account Status: Messageboard Staff
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i'm just...me :P telling you anything more would take all the fun out of it ;)

I'm currently trying to assemble an official "VF drinking team" for the 2009 Goth Cruise. Inbox me if you want details! (I have cookies, and maybe prizes)

I'm not very good at talking about myself. I'm a Registered Veterinary Technician, with a definite weakness for cats (I currently have 3, as well as two ferrets). I'm a little burnt out with the customer service end of that right now though, and thinking about going back to school to become a Medical Laboratory Technologist, just like my mommy :lol

I'm not gonna say that I enjoy working out, but I am enjoying being in the best shape I've ever been in in my life.

I love to travel, and have been known to do some pretty crazy things. Like fly from Toronto to NYC for one night.

I have a little bit of a shopping problem. I love clothes, and am constantly buying stuff, then forgetting about it, and eventually selling it for less than I bought it for. I guess that means I'd make a lousy accountant.

randomly - the most flattering thing i've been told of late " It must be the fear of god that you put in people. ** nods ** I dun know why... but you seem to have that effect... even through pictures. Like. "if I mess with her.. she will rip my heart out through my nose and eat it before it stops beating." type thing."

heh...coffee...and not much else...although it depends on my mood...but feeding me caffeine is always a safe bet...or giving me shiny things...also, boots...i have a bit of an addiction...and combichrist...normally i hate videos in profiles, but O.O

i'm also a big fan of having my picture taken (see my homepage and links if you want to see more of me ;) travel of all kinds...since I got married, I think I've done more travelling than I did in the first 25 years of my life. Lip Service and mostly anyone who wants to help me get the money together to put myself through another year of school...drop me a line or
if you want to help :) of course, it's also well appreciated when people just randomly buy me stuff ;)
And I'm secretly a reality tv junkie...but shhh...don't tell anyone.
most things...again, depending on my mood... I dislike randomly talking about myself. I'd rather answer focussed questions. Mostly because I lack my own focus. being broke yappy dogs bunnies i also HATE private pic comments, especially those of a sexual nature. if you want to comment my pictures, that's fine, but make it a comment that's visible to everyone. if you're not willing to say what you want to say in front of everyone, then i probably don't want to hear it (and i'm just going to post it to a public forum with your profile information anyways). repeat offenders will be reported to a site admin and dealt with accordingly.

Favorite Music:
assemblage 23, apoptygma berzerk, vnv nation, wolfsheim, beborn beton, combichrist, cosmicity, icon of coil, system syn, angels on acid, kmfdm, null device, panzer ag, ayria...lots of other stuff...especially stuff that just makes me want to move.
Homepage: http://vampirefreaks.com/cult/Gothic_Cruise
Link 1: http://www.gothauctions.com/auction/XcAPViewInCat.

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Sep 28, 2014, 11:53am
+10 :-D

I Am That Which Grips The Heart In Fright!, Hearkens Night! And Silences the Light!

~Lord Vile~


Sep 24, 2014, 03:35am
Hi bb what u doing to night bb


Aug 02, 2014, 12:28am
thats unfortunate, they are doing well to convert this website into a darker version of facebook, i wont be surprized by the way these catz are going about it that ppl just leave this site altogether, anon could create an alternative, either way, can't access chat admins, that's cool...


Aug 01, 2014, 09:56pm
oi, quick question, who do i talk to about getting unbanned from the vf chatroomz, draconis being an admin has banned me, sent some of my friends some disrespectful crap, been banning just about half the room, most of which havnt even gotten the chance to use it


Jul 20, 2014, 06:32pm
Haha, if it was up to me I would have kept them all too. :-) They're so adorable and cute with their different personalities and everything. I'm really dreading the moment the new owners will pick them up.

I'm just home for the summer, so the cats are actually my parents'. My boyfriend and I wanted to take one with us, but we're not allowed to keep pets in our apartment. We actually started looking for a new apartment so that we could keep one, hehe! Unfortunately there wasn't a single apartment available now, in the entire city, that allowed pets. It's insane.


Jul 20, 2014, 04:57pm
Yeah, I should have known it was a bad idea. We bought a new kind on the way home - and after a while they'll learn to go outside instead.

And I'll remember to tell the new owners as well. It's such a shame we can't keep all of them, but six cats is a bit much. At least I know they'll get good homes, and we're keeping two of them ourselves.

And he's doing so much better now. He got rid of the stones yesterday, has gained 50 grams and is playing and eating/drinking normally. I'm so glad we figured out what it was in time. :-)


Jul 18, 2014, 07:12am
I'm so glad we went there quickly! He must have snuck off and snacked on his mum's clumping cat litter. Which is horrible and I should have been more careful, but his mum needed a lot of attention and care too at that moment.
Luckily the stones are small enough to pass, we just have to be patient. We need to give him a tiny amount of meds every 15 minutes until he passes the stones, plus make sure he drinks water and milk.
So far he's doing really well, drank some milk from a syringe and so far he's kept everything down.

Thank you very much for helping me last night. It was horrible to go through, but I am glad I asked you for help. Here's a photo of him getting better after the last time he puked:

He's adorable. :-)


Jul 18, 2014, 04:11am
Yeah, it is the same here, although we've never had any get this ill from worms before. We actually picked up some meds for worms yesterday when we had the mother spayed. She has gotten her dose, but the pharmacy was out of the stuff we were supposed to give the kittens. They were going to get it in today, so we're picking it up when it opens. Hopefully it's just worms, and if not, I hope they figure out what it is. After he puked around 5 he seemed fine, but now he's been getting worse again. He's walking around a bit, but he's not himself and he still won't eat/drink anything. But we have an appointment now, so we'll see. Thanks again. :-)


Jul 18, 2014, 01:37am
Yeah, could definitely be something like that. His mum loves being outside and catches mice and everything all the time. Could also be that more hair is stuck too maybe? He eats everything he comes across (except the kitty food of course) and I've caught him eating big furballs before..


Jul 18, 2014, 12:37am
He's absolutely wonderful. :-) Thank you, that makes me feel better. He's puked one more time since the last time. Mostly liquid and one tiny hairball. He's not quite as limp now, stretching a bit, looking at me and generally looking a bit better, I think. Only one and a half hour until I can call the vet, but things are looking a bit better now. Around 5 he almost looked dead.. Thank you for helping me. It was really kind of you. :-)