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I'm Steph.I reside in Texas. I have lived in this state all my life.Despite how the media has portrayed us we are not all banjo playing hillbillies with big hair and bad taste.Nor are we all cowboys/cowgirls eating road kill and shooting at tin cans.

I'm a bookworm. I love to read. One can never have enough books in my opinion. I have a love for art. Whether it be found in music,films,architecture,design,dance,fashion,or even the most obvious forms. I've really been getting into graphics lately. I love doing banners, edits, and icons. I'm mostly self taught and I admit I have a long way to go but if you'd like to see some examples of my work you can Click here.

I fancy the macabre.I'm a bit of a horror buff.I have a soft spot for nerds as well as other fellow bookworms. I can't help it. I find them to be very attractive qualities in a person. Although I prefer to surround myself with all sorts of odd and colorful characters this does not mean that I shun people who do not fit into that category. I consider myself to be a very nice person unless provoked otherwise.

I tend to be a bit of a loner...I'm most comfortable that way, however this may be partially due to the fact that I haven't been blessed with many loyal/trustworthy people around me.Loyalty and honesty are extremely important factors to me. Perhaps that's why I tend to stick by myself.

I really despise crowds.It's not that I get anxiety from them it's just the simple fact that they annoy me....as do most people though. I'm very impatient and I'm also pretty defensive. I have a tendency to attack first and ask questions later. By attack I do not mean literally although that has been known to happen on rare occasions. :/

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