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male, 25
fort worth , Texas
United States
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Im a friendly guy thats just looking for a girl. To know more about me send me a message.

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knifes, emo girls, gothic girls, i likes to party and get drunk, i also like to play games every now and then.I ALSO LIKE THIS POEM...Ballad of the Werewolfs. All the lights went out in the city that night The hunger came alive without a fight Crept upon us without a surprise They get warned of our disguise Our existence they despise. Are we evil? Are we divine? We all got a place in time Are we evil? Are we divine? We all find a place to hide. When they wake They search for us in the light We own the night They command the light. 12 people gone out of sight Disappeared in the night. Then the lights fade Then we emerge once again Our hunger controlling who? What? and when. We fill their nightmares through the night But in the daylight we keep out of sight. We hear the names you call us Waiting for our fate to befall us We are not evil We are not divine We are the hunter you’re the pray until the start of the sun shining day.
i dont like assholes and shit talkers.i dont like being lied to.i dont like pretty shit.i dont like stupid People. Funerella.com - Scary pictures, gothic layouts, dark pictures, gothic myspace layouts
Funerella.com - Scary pictures, gothic layouts, dark pictures, gothic myspace layouts
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slipknot,Three Days Grace,korn,System Of The Down,tool,redrum,Ramstein,pinkfloyd,potluck, Matalica,Ozzy Osborne,,linkin park,Godsmack,gwar,Disturbed,Drowning Pool,Marilyn Manson,Dope,Breaking Benjamins,rob zombie,Serj Tankian,Red Hot Chilly Peppers,Evanesence,30 Seconds To Mars Myspace Layouts