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whenever you find yourself in the majority, it's time to pause and reflect - mark twain
Status: i'm calling you out.
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"this, i deduced, must be the vampire himself: the silver dragon, lexxy. he seemed not at all to be the skilled, impressive ruler from the furious and loathsome anecdotes of his enemies. as i looked closely, i questioned whether this slender, delicate creature truly commanded divine light and led others against the hordes of evil. and yet, even this cold image seemed to radiate a certain...undeniable power..."

most begin with a name but i answer to many, be it title, adjective or name proper. within the confines of my formal healing art, i am called 'Teacher'; a diminutive of the full title 'Usui Reiki Master Teacher'. this is a mouthful by itself. those who study the ancient japanese art to its fullest extent are granted such a title. to the pets i keep, i am called 'Master'; a title of respect and obedience to the rules they agreed to follow. to my immediate family i have known since childhood, i am simply 'Alex'. the name has morbid origins; it references a dear friend of my father who was killed in action during the Vietnam conflict. few call me by this name anymore. the common form of address is 'lexxy', a feminized deviation of the former which was given to me by a friend who i knew as a sister thru most of puberty. we don't speak anymore; she married her first lover and he refuses to let her converse with me. rarely do other males use that name; modern homophobia prevents them from acquiring any comfort with it. my full birth name translates to "protector of bright fame that builds bridges and/or reinforces ship decks with planks of wood". the last part is a professional name of old english origin. as a child, i used to loathe my surname but its meaning has proved to be prophetic; i am well-known for bringing people together. with soft amusement or endearment, many just call me 'vampire'. those i have awakened or turned from the light, address me as 'sire' out of respect.

i stand six feet tall; a height i acquired at a young age and it was rather intimidating back then. i have thick light-blond hair that is not quite shoulder length. my stylist and i take the best care of it. as i near the end of the time period between processing, my dark blond roots show themselves. it doesn't look bad, though. my eyes resemble the earth itself; a border of dark blue containing a jade green iris with light brown near the pupils. my eyes easily reflect light and nearby colors. i have a narrow nose with a short, rounded tip. my mouth is womanly but slightly too large for my face. there is a very faint scar on my upper lip but it still remains sensual, my mouth. emotions and attitudes are reflected not only upon my lips, but in my entire expression. my face can become very animated in conversation.

my vampire nature reveals itself in my pale and delicate skin that does nothing to hide the vascular anatomy underneath. this is shown at many locations on my body. i accent the creature within by filing my fingernails to dull points and alternating between violet or red costume contacts. if i let too many days pass without blood, i am a horrid sight: all skin takes on a purple-grey cast, my facial expressions and eyes lose their vibrancy. i rarely go that long without it now. the only consistent indication that i am not human rests directly beneath my eyes; the skin under them is transparent. several have asked if i am wearing makeup, even when i am not. a few have been bold enough to rub the skin beneath my eyes, hoping a few streams of color would show upon their fingertips. the veins and other blood vessels beneath my eyes are always visible.

like many of my race, i was not turned from the light by another. i was born with the dark gift. the misfortune of ignorance loomed over me until the winter of my 25th year. my madam was a young girl, still considered a minor, with short black hair and skin like ivory. the age barrier between us was never mentioned and with time, she revealed her true nature to me. soon after, she led me to investigate it on my own. i read the research and notes of another vampire and asked my mother the same questions. that November, we confirmed all the rousing suspicion and began to live as vampires. my madam has moved on; such is the case with many vampires...but not with me. i keep my apprentices close and in my time of ignorance, i dated more than one of them. even the woman that took my virginity was a vampire---tall, curvaceous, black of hair and beautiful as the nite itself. she has also parted ways with me. my suspicions are that she fears what she would become if she began to indulge her gift again; the creature inside her was dormant when we met. some of my race drink too often and lose a hold on their senses. never would i sink so far into bloodlust and i forbid it among all that remain close to my benevolent heart.

as i mentioned earlier, i am a healer of the oldest order. i have acquired comfort with tending to those in need of the esoteric power i command and the odd changes it has brought to my perception and mind. i am not tethered to things that have become the core of existence for some, save for blood. it brings life to my kind and i have no desire to return to the dormant, muted existence of my youth. i seek it at all times and look after those that offer their crimson to me. several of my closest friends share in my dark gift and my love for them is boundless; we are family for all intents and purposes. i hold no aggression for humankind; only the wolves. the tension between their race and my own puts fire in my blood. if you seek answers, to know the foreign or have suspicions of your own, remain respectful and i will remain patient. your belligerence is not welcome here.


it has come to my attention that there is a pack of girls, however disorganized, that devotes their time to trolling pics and labeling girls as "skanks". i don't see it that way; a girl's reasons for doing anything ought to be her own without subject to ridicule at every turn. i've dated professional erotic dancers and they're not any different, just hotter. they have the same neuroses of any young attractive girl. on that topic, i'd rather have a girl that knows what her body is and likes it, than a girl that has something sexylicious but never pays attention to it. those girls do it to please men, not you. why would a girl aim to please another girl if she's not gay? in conclusion, quit wagging your fingers at everyone; we all know you're doing it out of envy.

i once made a dummy profile on another site as an experiment just to see what all these men are saying to hot women. i used pictures from an unknown amateur porn star's photo album and the pics all had a PG-13 rating. i waited about a week before i bothered checking any of the inbox messages i was getting from the other members (all male, of course) and oh my FUCKING god. you would not believe the vile, perverted shit those hornivores said to me. there's a way to chat up a foxy girl without using guttermouth sex lingo and i know how to do it. learn from me and if you can't, go on brazzers and fap like a gentleman. nobody wants to hear that garbage.

i sometimes have trouble with the IM system on here.
find me on my messengers, they're listed here.
if texting is your thing, inbox me for my number.
my skype username is silverheart42
i get around.


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4mat, 7!!, Al Escobar & the Latin Jazz Ensemble, Alice Cooper, Aria, Armin Van Buuren, Assemblage 23, Audioplug, Backandtotheleft, Beni, Blue Tofu, Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, BoA, Bonnie Pink, Capsize, Capsule, Chromeo, Clazziquai, Cosmic Ally, D-AI, Chairlift, Daft Punk, David Bowie, DeVision, DEVO, Epsilon Minus, Foreigner, Frank Zappa, Gackt, Gangkiz, Garbage, Genki Rockets, George Thorogood, Glasser, Goldfrapp, Halcali, Ayumi Hamasaki, Icon of Coil, Iris, Ishikawa Chiaki, Ivy, Jumpel, Kate Havnevik, Khalil Fong, Koda Kumi, La Roux, Lights, LMFAO, Loquat, Lovespirals, Max Coveri, Maaya Sakamoto, Mstrkrft, Namie Amuro, Necessary Response, Neuroactive, Neuroticfish, New Young Pony Club, Oingo Boingo, Orange Caramel, Owl City, Paul Luckey, Plus Minus, Rainbow, Riggs, SadNES, Samantha Ray, Samarah, School Food Punishment, The Scorpions, Silver Swans, Sugar & Gold, Smashing Pumpkins, Starfucker, The Azoic, The Corrs, The Faint, The Kills, Videovalvontaa, Virtual Server, VNV Nation, Ye Ara, Yoshikuni Dochin, Yuka Masaki
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