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posted by: JASON4VOORHEES2
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Susannah and Jane shared a small apartment near the
university where they were students. When Susannah got back
from the library one night, The lights were out and Jane
was asleep. Susannah undressed in the dark and quietly got
into bed. She had almost fallen asleep when she heard
someone humming the tune to the song "Oh,
Susannah!" "Jane," she said, "please stop humming; I want
to get some sleep." Jane didn't answer, but the humming
stopped, and Susannah fell asleep. She awaked early the
next morning--too early, she decided--and was trying to go
back to sleep when she heard the humming again. "Please go
back to sleep," she told Jane "It's too early to get up."
Jane didn't answer but the humming continued. Susannah
became angry. "Cut it out!" she said. "It's not funny."
When the humming still did not stop, she lost her temper.
She jumped out of bed, pulled the covers off Jane, and
screamed. . . . Jane's head was gone! Somebody had cut off
her head! "I'm having a nightmare," Susannah told
herself. "When I wake up, everything will be all
right. . . . "

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