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Vicious Vampires - Sexy Vamp Girls In Bed

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posted by: Devil_Angel_Christ
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category: music video
tags: sexy hot thong bra panties dance dirty ass underwear lace booty tits sex lap boobs naughty girl vampire suck blood explicit girls rock music art bi strip vampires punk metal soulidium vicious angelz asian stripping black fetish gothic tease models exotic dancer babe brunette beautiful gorgeous butt nicole is not bad madison garton the bachelor
Check out hot dancers Muse and Angel dancing sexy in bed to Soulidium. Subscribe to our channel to get all of our Vicious Vampires video updates! Don't miss the gorgeous ladies of Vicious Vampires performing live with Soulidium on their 2011 tour, presented by Soulidium and Vicious Angelz!

See more of Muse in Soulidium's vampire anthem music video, "Live Forever"

Find Muse and other unbelievably hot vampire and gothic models at our affiliate site, Vicious Angelz! http://www.ViciousAngelz.com - Vicious Vampires Official Website: http://www.ViciousVampires.com

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Edited & Filmed By Michael McKnight

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July 09, 2014, 08:26:pm
Yeah that's hot.

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