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Sex: female
Age: 25
United States
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Cinnamon. Beauty. Beautiful souls. Intimacy. Frank Herbert. My dog Meiko.Meeting new interesting people. Fluffy beds. cuddling. Surprises. Reptiles. Books. Movies. Good shows. Hair dye. Dancing. Big heels/boots. My hair. My body.Snakes. Getting lost in artwork. Books. Disney! Being touched. Thunderstorms. Rain. Swimming. Climbing. Being silly. and of course those of you who actually read this :]
untruthful. beards. wangsters.grasshopper/spiders. Smoking, even though I do it. Being so alone that my anxiety eats me alive. Being ignored.
AFI. Dir en Grey. The Cure. Blaqk Audio. Type O Negative. The Sisters of Mercy. Gackt. Malice Mizer. hide. Siouxsie and the Banshees. Disney music. Show tunes. Lamb of God. Goldfrapp. Lights of Euphoria. the GazettE. Unsraw. Screw. Giant Drag. Voltaire.