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Neon Synthesis

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Alison Rayn (Bass) + Johnny Thyper (Voice) Mike Kadmon (Guitar) + Johnny Thyper (Voice) Johnny Thyper (Voice) + Alison Rayn (Bass) Phil (Drums) + Fede (Keys & Synth) Fede (Keys & Synth) Johnny Thyper (Voice) Alison Rayn (Bass) Mike Kadmon (Guitar) Phil (Drums)
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Label: www.neonsynthesis.com
Label Type: indie
Location: Brescia, Europe, Italy
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Neon Synthesis is a project born on April 2004 from the ashes of various underground bands.
Those different influences mixed together to create a unique musical experience,
coming from industrial metal, gothic, electronic body music, techno, and darkwave.


The cold beam of a neon lamp.
An empty bottle.
The ashes of the past are still warm, but a new pair of wings is now growing.
Metamorphosis is painful, but unavoidable. Will destruction be the right choice?
We're not looking for an answer, we have to act, ignoring the consequences.
After all, doesn't everybody want this?


We are the synthesis of different trends...
various musical styles interlaced within a common concept.
We shout violence and weakness, joy and anguish.
We're an expression of youthful tension, sons of the twentieth century split,
born from the sun but corrupted by the moon.

A living oxymoron.

Gold and dust beyond space and time, we're eternal and so mortal.
Cold lights and dancefloor hits, Final Fantasy VII and absinthe.

The stars are watching us...

...the eclipse is near.


(27.02.09 Killer Pool Records [IT]/ Gravitator Records [RU])

01 - Nihil
02 - Visions from Above
03 - Betrayal
04 - Like Ashes on a Waste Land
05 - Solitude+Fear
06 - Artificial Paradise
07 - The Sweetest Nightmare
08 - Through the Looking Glass
09 - VII
10 - Catharsis
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Produced, recorded and mixed at Subsound Studios ( Rome ) by Victor Love ( EPOCHATE, DOPE STARS INC. )

All music written, arranged and performed by Neon Synthesis

Mastered by Vincent Sorg in Germany at Principal Studios. ( GRAVE DIGGER, IN EXTREMO, KREATOR, L'ÂME IMMORTELLE, etc. )

Artwork by Seth Siro Anton. ( SEPTICFLESH, PARADISE LOST, MOONSPELL, etc. )


(27.04.06 Neon Synthesis - Self Produced LP)

01 - Future Plague
02 - The Last Dream
03 - Solitude and Fear
04 - Awakening
05 - Stolen by the Wind
06 - Rays of Mind
07 - The Prophet
08 - Eden
09 - Astral Coil
10 - Our Empty Rooms
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Produced by Neon Synthesis and Giorgio Presti, recorded at Kuig studios
Between August 2005 and January 2006

Sound engineering, mixing and mastering by Giorgio Presti
All words and music thought, arranged and performed by Neon Synthesis
Drums played by Lorenzo Corioni aka Vyrlard ( Rens 'synthesis forever!!! )
Cover concept and design by Viron ( V2o )
Album photography by Chiara Borghesi - Lilium

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"Follow my steps into the garden
I am the taste of the forbidden fruit
I am the vision of stars above
I am the symphony of HATE and LOVE
I am the perfume of dying flowers
I am the voice of days to come
no regret for the angel I was
I am the rot in the heart of the rose"

Neon Synthesis - Eden
(Our Empty Rooms)


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Homepage: http://www.neonsynthesis.com

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