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  Ego Likeness
  The Order of the Reptile
Ego Likeness is back with The Order of the Reptile, this is the bands third lp, and quite possibly their tightest sounding. Combining ethereal with trip hop and the beautiful vocals, this album is an album for those who appreciate music with depth and beauty. Each song has its own magic though, there’s no repetition to be found. There are no gothic clichés to be found anywhere whatsoever; this is a good thing, right? ‘Aviary’ is this lush, gorgeous number that just is as chilling as it is stunning. The vocals are wonderful to absorb and there’s a video for this track that adds even more to the overall affect. Then there’s ‘Burn Witch Burn’, which is this aggressive little number that’s like an audio storm. The vocals are aggressive but not in a brutal way, just in a powerful way. The chorus will make those who appreciate the music sing a long, or at least try. As the album flows on there are other gems such as ‘Severine’. ‘Severine’ is a rockier number with trip hop elements and an almost sinister like vibe, it’s a keeper. There are also the slower, dramatic numbers such as ‘Raise your Red Flags’. Raise your Red Flags’ takes a lighter approach than tracks like 'Burn Witch Burn', but its moving nonetheless, there's more focus on the vocals but it's still lush, and beautiful. The track that follows ‘Raise your Red Flags’ is also a real treat, it’s a cover of The Sisters of Mercy’s ‘Afterhours’. The band does an amazing job with this cover and totally makes it their own. While the original is darker and gritty, their version of the song is deeper and has more of a mournful sound to it. This is a song that is worthy of turning the lights out and just leaning back and absorbing. There are eleven outstanding numbers on The Order of the Reptile. If you haven’t heard Ego Likeness yet, this is the album to start with. If those reading this like, lush, dark, atmospheric rock, you won’t be let down by picking this one up. It also comes with the video to ‘Aviary’, so one gets a lot of bang for the buck on this album.

Reviewed by Deviancy on May 01, 2007  [View More of Deviancy's Reviews]

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May 10, 2007, 09:12:am

aqwesome revew grouse


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May 10, 2007, 07:09:pm

thank you

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June 23, 2007, 04:09:am

I'd have to say this is an awesome album, I bought it while I was in Europe and I've not been dissapointed at all by it, needless to say the coverage Aviary got helped promote the album as well.

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