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male, 32
Hell , Colorado
United States
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If ya wanna chat txt me! 7204687173...I hear voices Ok I am updating this for sure. I am Single, I just updated this because the person who I thought I was with has moved on and has broken my heart Thanks ....... Currently I FINALLY have a phone again. I am looking for work and a way to get my self back on my feet and into a place to live. I hate Liars and cheaters and I also Hate the fact of not being able to talk to the one I love. Now if your are going to invite me to a cult Please read my profile before inviting. 1. if your promoting any religious values please move on because I do not believe that a social network is a good place to promote that. 2. I am here to have fun and enjoy my life. 3. I am single thanks you know who you are. 4. If your a musician adding me HELL YEAH go for it. 5. If you do not read my profile and I keep getting cult invites I will block you. Now with that said Have fun and enjoy my page :). One thing that makes me sad is I can not do the metal devil horns on here to headbang to good music WTF..

Women, Food, Movies, Clubs, MUSIC, Cooking. etc....
Liars, Cheaters, People who make me feel like shit, traitors, EX's, People who can not drive aka people who do not use any of there road knowledge, Shit talkers and more.....
Favorite Music
METAL, INDUSTRIAL, Horror Punk, J-rock