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Status: Hungry. But I'm too lazy to fix myself something to eat.
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Sex: female
Age: 25
Location: The Keywork, The Philippines
Status: In a relationship
Wants to make babies with: Lill_Kill
Sister:: Xmass_murderessX
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NAME: Riki
AGE: Too old for your millennial shit
STATUS: Taken since 09.04.14
LOCATION: Southeast Asia


I ignore 90% of the messages I received on a daily basis because they’re basically full of failed pick-up lines and ulterior motives.

Call me Riki. Everyone does. I am from a country where Halloween is a myth and winter is an alien entity. Yes, I am Asian; spare me with your “but you don’t have slanted eyes” tirade. Please get a map and educate yourself in geography and culture. I don’t really know my full heritage— I only know is that Spaniards went all out kaput with my ancestors 333 years ago and here I am.

I graduated university two years ago with a degree in Mass Communication. Master’s degree in English will come soon and if I have more time, I will pursue Law. I can say I am addicted to studying and learning every day is something of an achievement for me. I originally wanted to be a war journalist but that’s next to impossible when you live in a third world country. I currently teach English to Korean and Japanese nationals. Been doing this for two years now; sharing knowledge is something I love partaking in.

Reading the macabre, the odd, and the mystery is one of my pastimes. Besides being a bookworm, I am inclined with drawing/painting, video games, and graphic design. I hate it when I have nothing to do; so I do different new things from time to time.

I am frank, crass, and a neat-freak. I am a type of person who tells it like is; sugarcoating the cycle of life is not my cup of tea. I tell how I feel and think with sheer abandon. I stay up too late and keep to myself; I am not really a fan of social interactions because I can’t start a decent conversation let alone surviving one. But despite of that, I get to make friends..Few friends that is, since I’ve been stabbed in the back so many times it turns me into a person with infinite trust issues. My boyfriend Alexander is one of the few confidantes I have. He’s my blueberry to my cheesecake, my Pusheen. So toddle along now because you are not him.

I hardly get on here mainly because this website has lost its touch. Been a resident lurker since 2006, decided to leave this place for good and it is still a mystery why I keep coming back. I came in here for my cults, the least possible place I might come across a creep who has nothing to say but "You have kik/Skype?".

I don't log out most of the time. So online doesn't mean I'm really on.



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