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My name is Riki.
Old hag.

I follow way too many cat accounts on Instagram and my hands are always numb at the end of the day, thanks to my job. I weave words for a living and brain-draining as it may, I love every bit of it.

I don't see myself as the friendliest person; I tend to shut people off, especially if I can feel they are someone I couldn't trust. I am blunt, sarcastic, and can be a pain in the ass. But no worries, it's not meant to intimidate you. I am socially awkward online and in real life. I can't seem to get the conversation going, but I am always game when it comes to healthy arguments and public speaking.

My interests vary; most of the time I spend my downtime reading books, drawing, play video games, watch documentaries in YouTube, and monkeying with Photoshop. I hardly talk to people in this site, I mostly lurk around cults because there's a 90% chance I won't come across a creep or a psycho who has a feet fetish.

I filter my messages so most of the time I don't respond to them. That, or I can be lazy when it comes to answering messages. Don't take it personally. I do try my best to answer it as fast or early as I can.