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Age: 22
Sex: Female
Location: Ontario
Status: Engaged

Member Since: May 2005


My Name Is Richelle
But on here I'm known as Eclipse
I reside in Southern Ontario
I Own and Drive a Motorcycle
I Have Many Talents And Beliefs
I'm Independent And Complicated
I Have My Good Days And My Bad
8 Piercings And 4 Tattoo's
I'm Deaf in my left ear
Self proclaimed Anthropologist
I'm an artist and a writer
I'm hard headed, stubborn and I'll fight for my beliefs.
Isn't afraid to get her hands dirty.
Wolves and Werewolves have been my life's obsessions



Q: How long have you been on vampirefreaks?

Ive been on Vf since May 2005 so as of now its been 8 years

Q: How many accounts have you had?

I've only ever had this one account. I'm not one of those girls who makes a new one every week or so.

Q: Can i have your e-mail address?

No, i will not give out my e-mail address to anyone.

Q: Will you go on Cam?

HELL NO! as i said above i will not go on cam unless i know you

Q: Can you do nudes?

No way in hell -_-

Q: What animal would you be if you could?

Wolf hands down.

Q: What inspired your VF name?

well, Ive always been addicted to wolves and werewolves there my number 1 obsession. Ive been nicknamed it for years so i figured why not =)

Q: What color are your eyes really?

My eyes are silver, not Grey. Silver. weird i know they also change color slightly depending on my mood. Sad they go greener, Happy more blue, angry i get gold flecks round the iris. So that's why in all my pics my eyes are different colors.

Q: Do you have any pets?

Yes as of right now i have two cats. 1 Siamese/tabby mix, shes 6 years called named Chaos and one 1 Persian blue/tabby mix, 2 years old named Aidin I also have two Beta fish names Shilo and Kida.

Q: Whats the farthest distance you have ever traveled?

Ive been as far north as North Bay, Ontario and i have been as far south as New york, USA. so far that's it XD

Q: What's the stupidest thing you have ever done?

When i was younger i defended a friend, because i did that i ended up being wrongly charged and accused of something i didn't do. All for a friend whom decided to not talk to me once i was cleared of everything -_-

Q: Most favorite drink to have while watching supernatural?

That would be Iced Tea XD or if im feeling fancy i make myself home made long island Iced Teas XD wicked question by the way XD

If someone were to ask me "What do you believe in?"
To be honest that's probably the hardest thing Anyone could ask me
I believe in a mix of things between the Wicca/pagan and native religions

I believe that everything on this earth is connected in one way or another. Weather it be family, friends, everything is connected by something totally unexplained. A link of some kind if you will, connecting every human, animal and every soul together.

I think that were all part of a cycle, a balance or a circle. I believe in the earth, sun, moon and stars. The wonders of nature that are around us every single day, but some turn away from with a blind eye.

With myself i lean more towards the moon and earth elements. I know for a fact my spirit animal is a wolf, and Ive been told more than countless times by people within the pagan/native community that i have a wolf's soul.

Ive been into these views, beliefs for a very long time.If you wish to message me asking about this please do so =) i love to talk to people about these kinds of things =)


Body Modifications
Modeling And Photography
Motorcycles And Trucks
Working Out
Art, Drawing, Painting, Metal Welding
Writing and pyrography
Video Games
Dream Study
Make-Up And Fashion
Late Nights
Zombie/Horror Movies
Glowing Things
Bats, Skeletons & Creepy Things
Werewolves And Vampire Lore
Black or Red Roses
Anime And Manga
Flashing Objects
Disney Movies
Nightmare Before Christmas
Piano & Cello
Summer Nights Under The Stars
Camping And Camp Fires
Forests And Traveling
RPG And Story telling Games
My Kitties
Ancient History
Computers, HTML, Coding
Pokemon And Digimon
90's Shows
.....Plus Many More.....

-Downraters with stupid reasons
-Cheaters And Disloyalty!
-Rumors And Slander
-Labels and Stereotyping
-2 Faced Morons
-People Talking About Me Behind My back When They Think I Can't See Or Hear It
-People Giving Out My Personal Information
-People Whom Threaten My Family
-15 Year Old Cam-Whores
-Child birth Terrifies me
-Drunk Morons
-Hello Kitty - Seriously its made 4 toddlers Not Adults
-Playboy Bunny Crap
-Rude People/Comments
-People Whom add You Then Stalk Your Profile
-Close Minded People
-Animal Abuse
-Child Abuse
-Women Whom Cant Shut Up
-Being talked down too
-People brick-walling me
-People not listening
-Considering Other beliefs When My Own Are Ignored
-Being Woken Up For Stupid Crap
....That's About It....

Arch Enemy
Avenged Sevenfold
Breaking Benjamin
Bleeding Through
Bury Your Dead
Blink 182
Cradle OF Filth
Cannibal Corpse
Children Of Bodom
Coal Chamber
Deadstar Assembly
Dimmu Borgir
Drowning Pool
A Day To Remember
Demon Hunter
Dragon Force
From Autumn To Ashes
Finger Eleven
old school) Greenday
Guns And Roses
Hate Breed
Hollywood Undead
Ill Nino
In Flames
Insane Clown Posse
Jimmy Eat World
Kidney Thieves
Killswitch Engage
Linkin Park
Lacuna Coil
Led Zeppelin
Limp Bizkit
Marilyn Manson
Mindless Self Indulgence
Our Lady Peace
Proton 42
Porcelain And The Tramps
Powerman 5000
Papa Roach
Perfect Circle
Puddle Of Mudd
Rob Zombie
The Rasmus
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Rise Against
System Of A Down
Plus Many More

Final Fantasy 1-12
Dance Dance Revolution
Guitar Hero
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Atelier Iris 3
Mortal Kombat (I SUCK Lol)
Devil may Cry 1-3
Assassins Creed
Any Of The Harvest Moons
DragonBall Z (PS2 Only)
Soul Caliber 2/3
Pokemon:Gale of Darkness (Gamecube)
Super Smash Bro's (Melee + Brawl)
Perfect World (Online MMO)
Combat Arms (FPS - Online)
Pokemon <3
Rock Band
Soul Caliber 3
Legend of Zelda (N64 ones FTW)
StarCraft 1-2
Diablo 1-2
All the prince of persia games
Batman Arkham City & Asylum
Plus Many more

Add my PSN Account: WolvenNightmare

My bucket List

Get my full M License

Get my own Motorcycle.

Attend a "meet & greet" with Rob zombie.

Travel the world. Starting with Alaska

Swim in the ocean.

Go kayaking with Killer whales =)

Go skydiving at least once.

Live life without ever holding back.

Graduate High school.

Go to college

Become a tattooist/piercer

MAYBE have a kid in the FAR FAR future

Get a siberian husky puppy

Get at least 1 of my stories published

Be happy

Get a degree in Anthropology

Witness an Eclipse

Get my own shotgun for deer hunt, which also means i need to get my Fire Arms License.

With tons more to come

Kelley Armstrong - Women Of The OtherWorld Series
Kelley Armstrong - Darkest Powers Trilogy
Jennifer Armintrout - Blood Ties Series
Stephen Cole - the Wereling Trilogy
Gena Showalter Books
Shannon Drake - Beneath a Blood Red Moon
Shannon Drake - When Darkness Falls
Shannon Drake - Realm of Shadows
Shannon Drake - Deep Midnight
Susan Krinard - To Catch A Wolf
Philippa Gregory - The Other Boleyn Girl
Cate Tiernan - Sweep Series
Donna Boyd - The Promise
Anne Rice - All Of Her Books
Stephen king - All Of His Books
Sandra Landry - The Wishing Chalice
Charlaine Harris - A Sookie Stackhouse Series
Sherrilyn Kenyon - A Dark-Hunter Series
Annette Curtis Klause - Blood And Chococlate
Annete Curtis Klause - The Silver Kiss
Darren Shane - The Darren Shane Saga (Cirque Du Freak
Darren Shane - The Demonata Series
Edo Van Belkom - Wolf Pack Series
Kate Thompson - The Switchers Trilogy
P.C Cast + Kristin Cast - House Of Night Series
JRR Tolkien - The Hobbit/ Lord OF The Rings
Anne Frasier - Pale Immortal
L.A Banks - A Vampire Huntress Series
Harry Potter
I'll pretty much read anything with werewolves in it
Plus Many More

Websites I Can Be Found At But Please ASK Before Asking To Be Added

www.facebook.com - Ask if you want it
Deviantart Profile Link
www.youtube.com - Ask
Tumblr Profile Link
www.fictionpress.com - ask
ModelMayhem Profile Link
Before you ask i do not have Skype or MSN

I Have Hotmail But I Will Only Give It out To Those Whom I Have Been Speaking Too For A Long Time Over VF

I love the abnormal & supernatural
The creepy and the strange
I live off my creativity & My Imagination
100% The Real Deal
Above all, I'm myself

All that we see or seem
is but a dream within a dream

Edgar Allan Poe

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