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"My recommendation is don't kill yourself if you can help it." Debbie Harry

Status: http://youtu.be/yaqQYetCH8U
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Sex: female
Age: 30
Location: Tallinn/Jogeva, Estonia
Orientation: Straight
Status: Widow
Partners with: MarlaSinner
Admires: MarlaSinner
Best Friends with: MarlaSinner
Sister:: MarlaSinner
Partner in crime with: MarlaSinner
Rating: 9.98
Rating points: 569
Member since: September 02, 2008
Last logged in: November 23, 2014, 10:35pm
Occupation: mindbending
Account Status: Premium Member
Rated by: 57 people


I like to cook and do whatever I can whenever I can...
I have bigger balls than most of the shit men who have come my way - I don't give my time to wankers. So if you even slightly suck ass - don't bother me :) ** I thought its time to put a disclaimer with this saying. I wrote this down as one of the first lines on my second account here. 6 years ago. It just makes me smile every time i see it. Distant memory of the rebellious youth :D
Here are some quotes by Bernard Black instead, that fit so much better with my being these days :

The older wine is, The gooder it is.

You can find work and sort out your life anytime. The pub closes in 5 hours.

This is life! We suffer and slave and expire.Thats it.

Im a quitter. I come from a long line of quitters. Its amazing im here at all!

Theres no such thing as friends. Theres just enemies you havent met yet.

Which one of you bitches wants to dance?

If it wasnt the way it is, it wouldnt be the way it is.

The music was too loud, the food was too cold, the drinks were few and the people were many. It was everything i expected, and less. Im never going outside again, unless i need someplace to throw up.

Shut up, all of you. Im dying.

Its not my fault i look like this.

Well, to be honest, after years of smoking and drinking, you do sometimes look at yourself and think.. you know, just sometimes, between the first cigarette with coffee in the morning to that four hundredth glass of cornershop piss at 3Am. you do sometimes look at yourself and think... This is fantastic, im in heaven!

You will toil your life away. And i will die alone, upside down on the floor of a pub toilet.

to achieve goals and ambitions
to overcome obstacles and attain a high standard
to increase self-regard by the successful exercise of talent
to overcome opposition
to have control and influence over others
to defend myself
to defend my psychological space
to vindicate the ego
to receive attention
to be seen and heard
to excite, amaze, fascinate, shock, intrigue, amuse, entertain, or entice others
to be free from social restrictions
to resist coercion and constriction
to be independent and act according to desire
to defy convention
to avoid pain
to avoid shame
to obliterate past humiliation by resumed action
to maintain self-respect
to repress fear
to overcome weakness
to belong
to be accepted
to draw close and enjoyably reciprocate with another
to converse in a friendly manner,
to tell stories, exchange sentiments, ideas, secrets
to communicate, to converse
to laugh and make jokes
to win affection of desired Other
to adhere and remain loyal to Other
to enjoy sensuous experiences with cathected Other
to feed, help, protect, comfort, console, support, nurse or heal
to be fed, helped, protected, comforted, consoled, supported, nursed or healed
to form mutually enjoyable, enduring, cooperating and reciprocating relationship with Other, with an equal
to be forgiven
to be loved
to be free

Being crafty, Tattoos, Schlumbergera, Black Jeans, Alcohol, Internet, Steam, Torrentz, Spotify, Breaking Bad, Numbers, Pickled Onion Monster Munch, Coffee, Studio Ghibli.


photo snuff_zps95fe2063.jpg photo sub_zpsd693731e.jpg photo vomitdolls_zps0d8ded69.jpg photo troubleeberyday_zps397aec6e.jpg photo sweetmovie_zpsbd738d1b.jpg photo trashhumpers_zpsba6f757f.jpg photo possession_zpsdcb511f4.jpg photo suicide_zps6df8dcc0.jpg photo schramm_zpsc1b79352.jpg photo murder_zps87a93abc.jpg photo singapore_zps6efa78d5.jpg photo passionofthechrist_zpsdb1d7f11.jpg photo hightension_zps1b60b7ec.jpg photo knife_zpsf36c298c.jpg photo littledeaths_zps0b6db391.jpg photo idrinkyourblood_zps7a3ac5dc.jpg photo inaglasscage_zpsd4de9c85.jpg photo islandofdeath_zpsadb1c2a4.jpg photo inside_zps735fdc13.jpg photo inmyskin_zpsf86279f8.jpg photo hostel_zps894de038.jpg photo hillshaveeyes_zps43d459d3.jpg photo frontiers_zps9d2d3f3e.jpg photo goldfish_zps045cf1fe.jpg photo feed_zps9be013ea.jpg photo ebola_zps4d1e310e.jpg photo gozu_zps0d129bc3.jpg photo fatgirl_zpscb2b4823.jpg photo cargo_zps26e569e9.jpg photo badboybubby_zps6550c3ef.jpg photo cannibalferox_zps648b58b8.jpg photo dogtooth_zpse5eb5d4e.jpg photo cleanshave_zps0506aa0c.jpg photo baisemoi_zps09c9434c.jpg photo 260full_zpsd652bb16.jpg photo B00006959P_zpsdc120cbf.jpg photo august_zpsddcfbbc5.jpg photo 260full95_zpsf8ee955e.jpg photo aftermath_zps7ea9ae74.jpg photo angst_zpsc3e712a7.jpg photo 260full99_zpse83a3c7c.jpg photo 260full94_zps29d5b06f.jpg photo 260full96_zpsb192cd9d.jpg photo 260full91_zps192841ae.jpg photo 260full98_zps128129ce.jpg photo 260full93_zps486ce0c4.jpg photo 260full89_zpse0c77c82.jpg photo 260full9_zps57c3e317.jpg photo 260full92_zps0e1693d9.jpg photo 260full90_zps6afad13d.jpg photo 260full87_zps41989617.jpg photo 260full82_zps967100ed.jpg photo 260full85_zpsf89a67e6.jpg photo 260full86_zpsbee7d82f.jpg photo 260full88_zps5015e189.jpg photo 260full84_zps6da09780.jpg photo 260full81_zpsd62f4cc4.jpg photo 260full79_zpse556f538.jpg photo 260full80_zps784218bb.jpg photo 260full83_zps40ba7634.jpg photo 260full78_zps45febc5a.jpg photo 260full8_zps29d33fcb.jpg photo 260full76_zpsb139f52d.jpg photo 260full77_zpsf9155fd3.jpg photo 260full74_zps097f61fd.jpg photo 260full71_zps4052575c.jpg photo 260full75_zps17075add.jpg photo 260full7_zpsc29f8c32.jpg photo 260full73_zps62e903a7.jpg photo 260full69_zps9922f0c7.jpg photo 260full72_zps80d492a3.jpg photo 260full70_zps331c3191.jpg photo 260full68_zps09592c26.jpg photo 260full65_zps790395a7.jpg photo 260full67_zpsb30d6d65.jpg photo 260full64_zps52ba7442.jpg photo 260full66_zpsd595ea2f.jpg photo 260full61_zpsd493de5b.jpg photo 260full63_zpsd6d7cdf9.jpg photo 260full6_zpsb8a89596.jpg photo 260full60_zps2a7b4912.jpg photo 260full62_zpsf36e0a5f.jpg photo 260full55_zpsc3880bf0.jpg photo 260full59_zpscda7cf36.jpg photo 260full56_zpsc3f0f82c.jpg photo 260full58_zpsa3f408ed.jpg photo 260full57_zps7e5f0fc8.jpg photo 260full49_zps7de1ee18.jpg photo 260full54_zpsbe7bb0d9.jpg photo 260full52_zps906b4c70.jpg photo 260full53_zps7acfb700.jpg photo 260full51_zps0d62b505.jpg photo 260full50_zps420c7924.jpg photo 260full47_zpsf2438b89.jpg photo 260full48_zpsbbb5b428.jpg photo 260full5_zpsb027bd9e.jpg photo 260full44_zps38ea29c8.jpg photo 260full46_zps03b07c54.jpg photo 260full43_zps923f0d1e.jpg photo 260full41_zps43a92f27.jpg photo 260full42_zps6707d87d.jpg photo 260full45_zpsac17779c.jpg photo 260full40_zps431bbd1c.jpg photo 260full4_zps0f0582f1.jpg photo 260full35_zps958d1cb6.jpg photo 260full37_zps394a2517.jpg photo 260full39_zps6f4e422b.jpg photo 260full38_zps629c0354.jpg photo 260full36_zps1481b5c2.jpg photo 260full32_zps9a725999.jpg photo 260full34_zps91352c95.jpg photo 260full3_zps3a1bf051.jpg photo 260full33_zpsf0286965.jpg photo 260full30_zps49bff90f.jpg photo 260full31_zpsc67c2983.jpg photo 260full29_zpsd1c2e71f.jpg photo 260full26_zps815fe44e.jpg photo 260full27_zpsca22f269.jpg photo 260full25_zpsd1f00ee8.jpg photo 260full28_zpsab04ddc6.jpg photo 260full24_zps936901b8.jpg photo 260full23_zps3cd6557b.jpg photo 260full15_zpsada1997e.jpg photo 260full20_zps2190ff09.jpg photo 260full22_zpsb8852930.jpg photo 260full18_zps2bb5a62d.jpg photo 260full21_zps59e549a1.jpg photo 260full19_zps0d67bab5.jpg photo 260full14_zps9e5393aa.jpg photo 260full2_zps894a84bb.jpg photo 260full16_zpsfc0db566.jpg photo 260full13_zps0f5816e2.jpg photo 260full17_zps3ee98e46.jpg photo 260full11_zpsa1085657.jpg photo 260full100_zpsbc73a88d.jpg photo 1900_zpsa7ea0c7a.jpg photo 260full12_zps398cd469.jpg photo 260full1_zps9e5fb76b.jpg photo 260full10_zps129722e7.jpg photo MV5BOTQwOTA4MTA0OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNzQ5MTk2MQ_V1_SY317_CR30214317__zps272770af.jpg

Awkward silence, rain on cold windy weather, having short attention span, running out of Mana.

Favorite Music:

I dont restrict myself with music. If its good, i like it ;P

To name some from my playlist.

• 3 Inches of Blood • A Day To Remember • A Perfect Circle • A Tribe Called Quest • Adept • Adult. • AFI • Against Me! • A-Ha • Alabama Shakes • Alesana • Alice In Chains • Alkaline Trio • Alphaville • Alt J • Alt Track • Annihilator • Aphex Twin • Arch Enemy • Arctic Monkeys • Arrested Development • Asking Alexandria • Atreyu • Audio Bullys • Audioslave • Awolnation • Band Of Horses • Band of Skulls • Basement Jaxx • Beach House • Beardyman • Beastie Boys • Bee Gees • Behemoth • Beirut • Ben Harper • Ben Howard • Billy Idol • Billy Talent • Black Flag • Black Label Society • Black Stone Cherry • Blink 182 • Bloodhound Gang • Blur • Boney M. • Bonobo • Bring Me The Horizon • Calvin Harris • Camo & Crooked • Chelsea Grin • Children of Bodom • Chimaira • Coal Chamber • Common • Congo Natty • Corrosion Of Conformity • Cut Copy • Cypress Hill • Daft Punk • Death In Vegas • Deftones • Depeche Mode • Descendents • Devildriver • Devin Townsend • Digitalism • Dillinja • Disturbed • Dizzee Rascal • DJ Fresh • Django Django • Duran Duran • Dying Fetus • Eagles Of Death Metal • Electric Guest • Electric Six • Emilie Simon • Eminem • Empire Of The Sun • Erik Satie • Escape The Fate • Everlast • Faith No More • Faithless • Falling In Reverse • Fatboy Slim • Fear Factory • Finntroll • Fitz and The Tantrums • Florence + The Machine • Flux Pavilion • Foo Fighters • Foreign Beggar • Franz Ferdinand • Gang Starr • Genesis • Givers • Gnarls Barkley • Gold Panda • Goldie • Gorillaz • Gossip • Gotan Project • Green Day • Gym Class Heroes • Hard-FI • Hellyeah • Hole • Ida Maria • Incubus • Infected Mushroom • INXS • Iron Maiden • Jack Off Jill • Jack White <3 • Jai Paul • James Blake • Jane’s Addiction • Jet • Jimmy Eat World • Joan Osborne • Jurassic 5 • Justice • Kaiser Chiefs • Kalmah • Kalxons • Kasabian • Kataklysm • Kelis • Killswitch Engage • Kings Of Leon • Knife Party • Korn • Krinjah • Laid Blak • Lamb Of God • Less Than Jake • Lily Allen • Limp Bizkit • Linkin Park • Little Dragon • Live • Lou Reed • Lykke Li • M.I.A. • Mampi Swift • Marilyn Manson • Mark Ronson • Massive Attack • Mastodon • Megadeth • Mesuggah • Metallica • MGMT • Miss May I • Moby • Modern Talking ^^ • Modestep • Mos Def • Motorhead • Mumford & Sons • Municipal Waste • Muse • My Morning Jacket • Nas • Natty • Nero • Netsky • Nickelback • Nicolas Jaar • Nile • Nine Inch Nails • Nirvana • NOFX • Of Monsters And Men • OK GO • Opeth • Osunlade • Outkast • Overkill • Pantera • Paolo Nutini • Papa Roach • Peaches • Pearl Jam • Pete Rock • Pitchshifter • Porcupine Tree • Portishead • Pretenders • Primal Fear • Prince • Puddle Of Mudd • Pulp • Queen • Radiohead • Rage Against The Machine • Rammstein • Rancid • Red Hot Chili Peppers • Rise Against • Roadrunner United • Rob Zombie • Robots In Disguise • Roni Size • Royksopp • Rudimental • Rusko • Saosin • Satyricon • Scary Kids Scaring Kids • Seal • Seasick Steve • Seether • Sepultura • Serial Killaz • Shpongle • Shy FX • Simian Mobile Disco • Skindred • Slayer • Sleeping With Sirens • Sleigh Bells • Slipknot • Soft Cell • Soulwax • Soundgarden • Spandau Ballet • Spineshank • Stained • Static-X • Stone Sour • Stone Temple Pilots • Story Of The Year • Strapping Young Lad • Sub Focus • Suicide Silence • Swashbuckle • System Of A Down • Taking Back Sunday • Tame Impala • Ted Nugent • Temple Of The Dog • Tenacious D • Testament • The Asteroid Galaxy Tour • The Avett Brothers • The Black Keys • The Boomtown Rat • The Chemical Brothers • The Clash • The Cranberries • The Cure • The Devil Wears Prada • The Distillers • The Fratellis • The Gaslight Anthem • The Kinks • The Kooks • The Libertines • The Offspring • The Police • The Presets • The Prodigy • Queens Of The Stone Age • The Ragga Twins • The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus • The Rolling Stones • The Roots • The Scorpions • The Smashing Pumpkins • The Smiths • The Specials • The Stooges • The Streets • The Ting Tings • The Used • The Vaccines • The Verve • The White Stripes • The Wombats • The XX • Tiga • Tool • Top Cat • Trivium • Two Door Cinema Club • Ugly Duckling • Ugly Kid Joe • Velvet Revolver • Volbeat • Weezer • Wheatus • Wolfmother • Yann Tiersen • Yashin • Yazoo • Yeah Yeah Yeahs • Yellowcard • You Me At Six • Young The Giant

Knife Party - 'Bonfire'

Link 2: http://youtu.be/312Sb-2PovA

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