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VF Minions Recruitment Contest
* April 18, 2014 *
Recruit new members to VF to be your minions!

Everytime you recruit someone to VF, they are listed as your VF minion and you get VF points good for prizes. In addition to the regular VF points and prizes, we are offering extra prizes for this limited-time contest.

How to recruit minions:
1) Get your VF Referral links. Post your referral link on status updates, blogs, bulletins, forum entries, and on any other social networking profiles you are on. Also personally send the link to your friends via email or instant message.
2) Use the VF Email address importer (new improved version just posted). This will search through your email contacts and will display all VF members who are in your contacts, allowing you to add them on VF. It will also display all email contacts that are not on VF, and you can select contacts to send an invite to, which will include your referral link.
3) You can also use word-of-mouth, by telling people to make sure they note they were referred by you - make sure you provide them with your username. When a member signs up, they simply have to enter your username into the 'referred by' field. Get a bunch of free stickers and flyers by Joining the VF Infiltration Unit.

Every member you recruit gives you VF points! The members with the most recruits for this contest will win the following grand prizes:

1st Place
$200 Cash Prize
$200 Gift Certificate to the VF Store
VF Featured member for a day
30 minute skype chat with jet
2 years VF premium membership
VF Promos Goodie Box

2nd Place
$100 Cash Prize
$100 Gift Certificate to the VF Store
VF Mug
VF Hoodie
Choose the featured VF Cult or Band for a week.
1 year VF premium membership
VF Promos Goodie Box

3rd Place
$100 Gift Certificate to the VF Store
VF Tshirt
VF Button Pack
10 VF Syringe pens
6 months premium membership

Everyone that refers atleat 10 members
1 month premium membership

How to Enter:
You will be automatically entered once you start recruiting members by spreading the word and your VF Referral links:
Click here for VF Points info
Click here for your referral codes
Click here to invite your email contacts

Contest Details:
Deadline: May 30th
All referred members must be valid, active accounts. We will be checking to make sure they are unique and real members.

VF Poetry Contest Winners!
* April 14, 2014 *
Thanks to everyone that entered! Click Here to view the winners

Congrats to our 1st Place Winner Just_An_Effigy :

Avoiding Bourbon
* April 14, 2014 *
Posting this early for all of you on VF.
Second strip with Guest Appearance by VoltaireNYC

VF Video Poetry Contest Finalists!
* April 12, 2014 *
Thanks to everyone that entered! This contest was a bit different than our usual contests, so it was entertaining going through the entries.
Note - we received a couple songs / music entries, which while they were really cool, did not really count as 'poetry'. We'll try to do a song / music competition in the future though. Also if you did not have 'vampirefreaks' credited in your video, it did not qualify.
So without further ado,
Check out the finalists and cast your vote!

VF Store Sale - 30% OFF Entire Site!
* April 11, 2014 *

This weekend only - get 30% OFF Everything at the VF Store
Click Here go to shopping!

Cybertron Video
* April 11, 2014 *
Here's the video from last month's Cybertron vs Stimulate event here in NYC:

Video Features Nachtmahr and Ludovico Technique

Next Cybertron is TOMORROW! With Hanzel Und Gretyl, in queens, NYC. And by popular demand this event is ages 18+

Cybertron Info Here

VF Asylum Hair Dye: Pick the color names
* April 10, 2014 *

Thanks to everyone that submitted color name suggestions for our upcoming hair dye line! We finally went through the hundreds of suggestions and narrowed it down to just a few. So check out the finalists and help us pick the color names!

Poll links below, Cast your vote on each poll!
Blue Hair Dye
Green Hair Dye
Red Hair Dye
Purple Hair Dye
Pink Hair Dye
Orange Hair Dye

VF models sets
* April 08, 2014 *

Check out some VF models sets from...

NiKKiNeVeRMORe * DeadlyNightshade13 * KittyNyu
Mortemia * Mechanical_Skull * Immortal_Reign

Click on any photo to view all the sets!

VF Video Poetry Contest
* April 07, 2014 *
We had some requests for an extension on the VF Video Poetry Contest, so you guys get 2 extra days.
Entries are due April 9th, so lets see those entries!

That's New Orleans For You
* April 07, 2014 *
Thanks to VoltaireNYC for letting me have him in my comic!


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