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* January 31, 2015 *
Sanctum Sanctorum Tonight!

Calling all VampireFreaks in CA!
Sanctum Sanctorum is tonight with Band Aparte, Terminal A and Swampland!
* January 31, 2015 *

Calling all VampireFreaks in NYC, NJ, CT and PA!
Cybertron is tonight with Velvet Acid Christ and Mindless Faith!

Also, check out the VF Meetup before the show and meet local VF members in a safe public environment! The Underground will be shaken with our chaos! Bring the fun, Bring the noise!

VF Meet-Up:

Here's a preview from the last Cybertron on New Years Eve

Cybertron: New Year's Eve 12.31.14 featuring Assemblage 23 & Justin Sy
* January 29, 2015 *
Top Music Picks of 2014
END: the DJ’s Top Album & Songs 2014

It’s still January of this writing- and it was so very difficult to select top picks from the previous year yet it was finally narrowed down to these chosen few. Read on to see how these music picks highlighted the previous year, and maybe what to look forward for 2015. Track down these amazing artists and give your music library that extra boost:

Noisuf-X- Invasion
Any Noisuf-X album guarantees all feet to the club floor, but with “Invasion” Jan (producer) just seemed to REALLY cut loose. Knowing what you really want to hear from this project, he takes Noisuf-X’s strengths and amplifies them in every single track of this album.

Chainreactor- Mass Driver
“Mass Driver” sees an evolution of Chainreactor; while retaining that irreplaceable & distinctive sound that’s keep you stomping in the 2000’s, Jens Minor added vocalist Kay Schäfer and now presents some anthems that will grab you. Check out every single track on this release!

HarmJoy- Silver Lining of the Mushroom Cloud
This artistic project hit me unexpectedly at a time when distinctive melodic and textured synthpop was starting to become a bit too common, too bland- this album puts light on music with depth. I put this album right up there with the best Synthpop staples.

The People’s Republic of Europe- Course Oblivion
TRPOE’s output is always prolific- and this release is a MONSTER. Cranking up the hard & noisy to the limits, all tracks on this album will destroy your sound system!

Hearhere- Shadows of the Ones We Love
It’s been awhile since hearing such a great fusion of styles in electronic music- electro, synth, trip-hop, there is fantastic work in Hearhere’s album. It’s one of the most loveliest albums I’ve had on repeat play in recent years.

Top Songs:

E-Craft- Book of Anger V1.0
Damn, when I first this track, my instant reaction: “WTF. Hello E-Craft!” This is an anthem track of your year.

Noisuf-X- The Typical “Fuck You” Song
Stompy, aggressive, straightforward club track. This has made the rounds around North America & beyond during my last tour and radio mixes.

Iris- Phenom (Club Version)
I’ve enjoyed Iris’ early works so much, perhaps among the best in indie electronic/Synthpop productions & remixes (who hasn’t danced to Annie, Would I Lie to You?). Not hearing much from them for a few years, I had started thinking the worst. And then THIS track hit us. Mind blown! This is my personal best track of the past year and among the best Iris has ever created. Love the lyrics, love the club version’s melody!

Neuroticfish- Silence
Welcome back Neuroticfish- we missed you very much! From the Silence EP, this track is but a taste of what we’ll have from the project in 2015. Check out the EP with some awesome remixes!

HarmJoy- Pain Decay (Ashbury Heights Remix)
A wonderful remix of one of Harmjoy’s many well-done tracks from the latest album. Hunt down any version of this track.

Look for more new music news here on VampireFreaks!
END: the DJ on VF
* January 29, 2015 *
NEW Vampires vs Humans Game in Beta Phase
Look out Legacy of Kain fans, there is a new follow up to the series. Nosgoth, the team based Vampires vs Humans game has just hit Beta phase last week and it looks pretty promising. It's the first game in the Legacy of Kain series to be released in over ten years since the release of Legacy of Kain: Defiance back in 2003.

Although this new installment is not originally what the developers were going for with Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun, the game still looks great so far.

Players have the option to choose either humans or vampires and will then be teamed up with other players of the same side to face of in a 2 round deathmatch. Check out the video review down below by Kataku UK.

Did we mention that its FREE to play? That's right, the beta is currently available on Steam to download for FREE!

Nosgoth Beta Review by Kotaku UK

Review of the New Nosgoth Game in Beta by Kotaku UK
* January 28, 2015 *
Steal of the Week!


Normally $127.99!
Now on sale for $102.39!
Offer expires Feb 3rd, get yours today!

Buy Now

More Items on Sale | VampireFreaks Store

* January 28, 2015 *
New VF Models!

New VF Models!
Please welcome...

Obsidian Kerttu


Lilith Vanderstorme


All information on how to become a VF model is listed on the Models profile.

Aspiring models should join our Hopefuls cult!
* January 26, 2015 *
"Tonight Only" Page 11
* January 25, 2015 *
Happy Belated Birthday Chris Corner (IAMX)
English record producer and singer-songwriter Chris Corner aka IAMX AND former founding member of the band "Sneaker Pimps" had a birthday yesterday. We just wanted to take the time to give him a huge shout out! Happy Belated Birthday!

IAMX was founded by Corner in 2004 in London and is one of the most successful bands to ever grace the underground with hits like "Spit It Out", "The Unified Field" and "My Secret Friend".
Be sure that when one of his songs go on in the clubs, a make out session somewhere is sure to follow.

IAMX has released 5 full albums with a sixth set to be released in the fall of 2015, so look out for that and show your support.

Thanks for your contributions, we hope you had a Great Birthday! celebrate

Here's one of our absolute favorites,
feel free to share yours!

IAMX - Spit it out
* January 21, 2015 *
VampireFreaks Haiku Contest!

Introducing the first ever VampireFreaks Haiku contest!

A Haiku is a poem that follows a very specific structure.
It consists of 3 lines.
First line: 5 syllables
Second line: 7 syllables
Third line: 5 syllables

Grand Prize Winner:
$50 Gift Certificate to the VampireFreaks Store
Plus 1 year premium membership.

Some example Haikus:
(please try not to explode from the lyrical genius)

vampirefreaks contests
are awesome and full of win
pass the bong you fuck

sometimes i like sluts
sometimes they bore me to death
because they are dumb

1) You can enter a maximum of 5 Haikus.
2) To enter, simply comment on this thread.
3) No fucking cursing. (just kidding)
4) You can optionally enter a video submission reciting the Haiku.
5) Deadline: January 30th (you have 9 days, young grasshopper)
6) Remember the Haiku structure! 3 lines. 5, 7, 5 syllables. We are mathematical. Dont fuck up teh maths.
7) Do or do not, there is no try.

Winner is the submission in this thread with the most props. Duplicate or fake votes will be revoked.

* January 21, 2015 *
"IT" Remake in the Works!
That's right, the classic movie starring Tim Curry that most of you were terrified of as children is getting a remake. Producer Seth Grahme-Smith has confirmed the project in an interview with Entertainment Weekly and has also confirmed that Cary [Fukunaga] will be directing the film.

Smith believes that the new remake will be even more scary then the first release due to less limitations / rules that need to be followed on the project. The first project was originally made for TV, therefore, they could not add certain material and had to cut out gruesome deaths that they had in mind for the characters.

According to Smith, the script is currently in the works and filming should begin sometime this summer.

Have you seen the classic "It" film?

What was the scariest moment for you in the film?

Are you looking forward to the remake?

Now if only they could get Tim Curry to replay the character that would be awesome.

A foundling alastoroncrack wrote:
Today, as I was leaving the university after the orchestra rehearsal was over, me and a couple of friends run into a small kitten that was standing there looking for some sun rays. It was around 6 pm so even if the sun was still up it was rather cold. I picked up the kitty and noticed she was trembling, had blurry eyes and was looking really miserable and scared. Looking around and asking the security staff about it, they told us it seemed the young cat had been found soaked in water and put to dry under the little sun there was still available. Soaked? Probably it had fallen on some water tank or something, clear water tank probably (as there wasn't any funny smell coming from the cat) :XD No one wanted to/could take the kitten home , so I said: "meh, whatever, I will take it home, otherwise tomorrow there won't be any life left in that little furry body" :meow I grabbed the piece of flannel/fabric I use to clean my violin and put it around the kitten, placed her against my chest, got on the subway and went home. :D I remembered my mother was entertaining the idea of getting a cat, but she wanted a small one, a kitten, and even if it seemed she still wasn't really sure about finally getting a pet I thought I could convince her of keeping this new friend. At first my mother was shocked and less than fascinated with the idea of keeping the kitty but just one look at those tiny blue eyes was enough to melt her heart and she said "lets's go to the vet right now!" Hehe, now she loves the cat, she even improvised a small bed with a box, has already feed her with a small spoon and things like that, hehe. It seems this small furry ball has fallen in good hands :) The kitten looked almost sick at first. :( Now it seems she's feeling a lot better, I will take some more pics tomorrow once she has recovered her strength. :D At the moment she weighs only 345 grams! :circles In other news: The conductor has put me on the third row of the 2nd violins. I'm officially (even if temporarily) the 6th 2nd violin, awesome spot after just 2 months of rehearsals! :smug Hehe, now, I need to work even harder! :D

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