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* May 01, 2015 *
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* April 28, 2015 *
This Weeks VF Store Sale!

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* April 26, 2015 *
Writhe and Shine #333 - Favor
* April 23, 2015 *
Interview with Dr Death And Mr Vile
Vampire Freaks's latest music interview

Interview with Dr Death And Mr Vile
One of America's finest unsigned EDM acts is Dr Death And Mr Vile. Many of you may know of them as they are very active here on Vampire Freaks, so here is your chance to see a little bit more about their immense dark and devious sound. What is Mr Vile's favourite mask and why do they let everyone download their music for free? Read on and you shall find out Interview with Dr Death And Mr Vile
* April 22, 2015 *
VF Photoshop contest 2015
Photoshop 'vampirefreaks' onto other pictures / logos to portray a world of VF world domination.

Some examples from the last photoshop contest:


1st Place:
:: $100 gift certificate to the VampireFreaks Store
:: VampireFreaks logo hoodie
:: one year VF premium membership
:: featured member for a day

2nd Place:
:: $50 gift certificate to the VampireFreaks Store
:: 3-color hair dye pack from Lunatik Hair Dye
:: 6 month VF premium membership
:: choose the featured cult for a week

3rd Place:
:: VampireFreaks Ryoji Messenger bag
:: 2-color hair dye pack from Lunatik Hair Dye
:: 3 months VF premium membership.

4th & 5th Place:
:: 3 months premium membership
:: featured member for a day

Additional Info:
:: Should be an image or logo that would not normally say 'vampirefreaks', that has been edited to say 'vampirefreaks'. Such as a modified picture of an object or scene or logo. Extra points for using images / logos that are recognizable.
:: To enter, post your image as a comment on this thread.

View all the entries from our last photoshop contest
Deadline:May 10th 2015
* April 21, 2015 *
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* April 21, 2015 *
Happy Birthday Robert Smith!
Happy Birthday to
Robert Smith of The Cure!
He's my heeeeeroooo *dreamy eyes*

in other news:
some mobile bug fixes.
fixed the issue where users were getting logged out of VF mobile.

here's some robert smith for ya:
* April 20, 2015 *
Writhe and Shine #332 - Take Over
* April 20, 2015 *
Happy 4/20!!!
Today we celebrate the slow de-criminalization of marijuana. Whether you support the use of weed or not, the fact is that it is a natural plant that has medicinal properties and is less dangerous than alcohol, cigarettes, and legal pharmaceuticals. Just like alcohol prohibition didn't work out, I support giving adults the freedom to make educated choices with their own bodies. A large percentage of prison inmates are incarcerated for this harmless 'crime' and the amount of money the government has wasted on fighting it is ridiculous. In the past couple years we've had a lot of progress in the US, with a number of states changing their laws to support this reform.
To celebrate the occasion, we're offering FREE Shipping on all US orders on the VF Store
* April 15, 2015 *
Spikes and Stripes Contest Winners!
Thanks to everyone that voted on our Spikes and Stripes Contest!
Click HERE to view our winners!

Congrats to SatanicaMorr for winning 1st Place!

Joker Style!! Bipolar Mania: A Firsthand Experience.MrAnthropy wrote:
Hello Hello Hello Welcome to the Madhouse! HAHAHA! Well here I am in full blown Mania and I thought I'd take this opportunity to try and slow down my thoughts and tell all you beautiful people about what it's like to experience mania firsthand! I'll do it this way, the first list will be the upsides of mania and the second will be the downsides. Okay ready? No seriously are you ready? Hands? Can I see a show of hands? Oh yeah haha well here we go. Upsides!! XD 1. Can I just take a moment to tell you how fucking amazing I feel right now? Oh my god there's a word for it. Euphoria. But that doesn't do it justice. Fuck me it feels so good. I feel like I've done a key of coke and smoked a pound of weed and fucked a goth girl and drank myself into a coma and holy shit it feels wonderful. The words to describe this just don't exist. I feel invincible. Nothing could go wrong right now. I feel so happy. So fucking happy. Nothing is ever gonna bring me down! 2. SO MUCH ENERGY!! Ha ha I don't need sleep. This started yesterday and when I finally drank enough to knock me out I only slept an hour and you know what? I feel great. People in Mania have a decreased need for sleep. Dunno why but there it is. 3. Increased productivity! I'm getting so much shit done right now. Ties into: 4. Increased creativity! I write in my spare time and I've completed 3 short stories, 4 poems and typed out a significant portion of this story I've been working on. The ideas just flow like blood from an artery! HA HA! 5. People love me!! I'm such fun to be around. I've got jokes for days and I laugh often and the loudest. Everyone is my friend! God I love everyone! Especially you! You're my favorite! Okay now for the downsides. There aren't many but here they are. 1. My thoughts are racing so fast I can barely keep up. It's really more like static for the most part. 2. I abuse the shit out of my vices... I smoke about a pack a day normally. I've smoked a whole pack In 4 hours tonight. That's gonna suck tomorrow. I also enjoy spending money! I mean who doesn't? But in all honesty I'm terrified to look at my bank account right now. I also enjoy sex. Again who doesn't? But tonight I hooked up with a chick I met in a bar. I can't remember why looking back on it. She had black lipstick on so that was probably it. I'll spare you the details but I will say it was part fun/ part terrifying. She was one scary chick. I used protection but I'm pretty sure I'll regret that when I come down. Now when I'm in a relationship I'm a good loyal boyfriend. A good loyal boyfriend that makes sexual advances when I'm manic but a loyal boyfriend. 3. The crash is gonna be a bitch. Let's compare me to a computer. An overclocked computer to be exact. Now everyone knows you can leave a computer in that state for too long. That's where I am right now. I running at maximum overdrive right now. My mind, my body all running at high speed (and it feels great) but I know that when I crash I will be drained, dead on my feet, burnt out, hollow. 4. The brighter the light, the darker the shadow. Bipolar Disorder is a cyclic disease. Always runs in cycles. Mania always precedes the depression. The better I feel when I'm manic, the shittier I'll feel when I come down. And I will come down. Down into the cold, dark, bloody mire of depression. But that's for next time! I wrote this wile I'm Manic so I figure I'll write the second part when I crash ass first into the darkness. Stay tuned for part two! Stay beautiful! Rob

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