* August 20, 2014 *
RIP Drew Bernstein, Founder of Lip Service
Drew Bernstein, the creator and founder of 'Lip Service' Clothing as well as their various other clothing lines, was found dead yesterday of an apparent suicide by gunshot.
Our thoughts go out to Drew, he started Lip Service in 1985 and he was a trendsetter for underground fashion.

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* August 18, 2014 *
Writhe and Shine #309 - Great Job
* August 18, 2014 *
New VF Model Sets!

Check out some new VF models sets from...

Psychara * DestinDern
VinobiaKnox * UndineLaVerve
StitchAsylum * NikyHearts

Click on the photo to view more of the same set!
* August 15, 2014 *
VF Swimwear Contest Winners!
VF Contest Winners Posted!
Congrats to our winner Psychara :

Click Here to view the winners!
* August 14, 2014 *
VF at Monster Mania This Weekend!
VF will be vending at Monster Mania this weekend!
In the Philly / New Jersey area, Monster Mania is a big horror-themed convention and it will be our first time there!
We'll have some of our favorite VF and horror-themed merch, and come hang out with some of the VF staff including jet , shadownightz , annabelevil , vasa_pixie
More info at http://www.monstermania.net/

And also don't forget to check out:
Saturday, August 30th in NYC:
Cybertron: Horror Edition
Featuring Gary Zon of Dismantled
* August 14, 2014 *
Casting Call For Specific Lifestyles For LA Area Singles
Are you single, living in the Los Angeles area, looking for that special someone who shares your specific interests?

If you or a friend hasn't had any luck in finding that very specific type of mate then RTV Shows may have your answer. Relativity Television has teamed up with a major cable network to produce a ground breaking dating show like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

If you are part of a very particular niche we want to help you find someone who shares your passion. We aren’t looking for your average Joe or typical bachelor or bachelorette. We’re focusing on people that are passionate about a particular subculture and want to date someone who really gets them.

We’re in search of guys and girls who are deeply immersed in the following subcultures:

Ghost Hunters
Psychic Mediums
UFO seekers
Renaissance Faire enthusiasts
Zombie Survivalists

If you or someone you know is looking to do some real niche dating, we want to hear from you. Drop us an email at NicheDating@RTVShows.com or apply here at https://kelvis92.wufoo.com/forms/mxh02g71g57t2g/

Don’t wait, your perfect match is out there and we want to help you find them.
* August 12, 2014 *
VF Swimwear Contest - Final Round
We selected the finalists with the most votes in each poll and put them together for one final round!
Thanks again to everyone that entered!

Click here to cast your vote and choose a winner!

Got any cool contest ideas / suggestions for us? Let us know!

also site update - 'friends pictures' previously showed blank spaces with [private] where pictures were set to private or you did not have permission to view them. now those pics simply dont show up at all.
* August 11, 2014 *
Writhe and Shine #308 - Show Me A Sigh
* August 10, 2014 *
Site updates
We did a bunch of server updates over the past few days, sorry that we had a bit of downtime and a few site errors.
The good news is that the site should be a lot faster now.
If you encounter any more bugs / issues let me know.

Also new site updates:
- unlimited pictures space! ya we decided to get rid of the picture space restrictions.
- picture upload improvements, you can now create a folder while uploading pictures, to save you an extra step.
- edit icons page - new improved layout
- left navigation updates - added a new 'control panel' link where you can find links to edit your profile / settings / pictures etc.
- some fixes for the emoji support
- additional code updates to make the site faster
* August 07, 2014 *
VF Swimwear Contest Finalists: Part 2!
Looks like I fucked up and somehow missed a bunch of the entries when selecting the Swimwear contest finalists.
Sorry about that guys, didnt mean to leave anyone out! Especially cuz we missed some sexy entries!
With that said, I've added a "Part 2" of the Contest Finalists, the winners from both polls will be combined for one final poll.
So the new finalists are here:
VF Swimwear Contest Finalists (Part 2)

you can also check out the first batch:
VF Swimwear Contest Finalists (Part 1)
Drama, attention whores, restraining orders and vf;VanessaVicious wrote:
Story time. Last February, (2013) I met a man from vf called Ryan. Ryan, was a vf administrator, and at first glance, a pretty normal, decent guy. We started talking, and it became pretty clear, that Ryan was a man, of very high intelligence, but very little compassion. He was a bit of a loner, and dedicated most of his time to his computer. Nothing wrong with that, eh? How wrong I was. You see, me and Ryan met, no more than three times face to face. His determination and clear spite, of someone I care about very dearly,(lets call him D for now) led me to believe that I was being used as a pawn, in order to get information on said person. I'm no idiot. I know a dangerous person when I see one. So, after meeting him a couple of times, I soon distinguished that Ryan was not a safe person to know. And that continuing to see him, was going to cause a whole heap of trouble. So after a night of talking, and me telling him, that I actually wanted a relationship, and that I did not think Ryan was suitable at all ,I ran away with my tail between my legs, and not long after started my relationship full time with my now ex, Mark. Me and mark had been seeing eachother for a matter of weeks, and had not had any sexual relations as thus far. That should of been the last I heard about Ryan, no? Cue a night out about 2/3 months after my relationship with Mark started, and I am confronted by a mutual acquaintance, Who asked me who Ryan was, and why i was cheating on mark with him. I went ballistic. I confronted the source of the rumour, a girl, who too this day is still feeding Ryan information about me, and she flat out told me, that she had said nothing, and the only thing she'd ever said, was that she was jealous of ryan, because she wanted to be the first person from the vf london crowd, to sleep with me. Pathetic, right? Over the last year, there have been rumours, that Ryan was threatening to take down Vampirefreaks. Considering his level of intelligence, and his mental disposition, this was not a rumour to be taken lightly. BUT, i chose to have no involvement in it, what so ever. As far as I am concerned, it would not be the first time a bully boy with nothing else to do with his spare time has made threats like that. Anyway, lets fast forward a year or so later. A few significant events are bought to light, me and Mark are no longer in a relationship, and I had pretty much forgotten all about Ryan's existence. Until a girl on here provided me with screenshots, and proof that Ryan was again, up to his old tricks, instead now using her as the pawn, instead of me. I advised admin that Ryan should be taken off the site as an admin, and that he was, truly, someone to be careful with. That coupled with a few other people sharing with admin exactly what Ryan had been saying, led to him being demoted (as far as I am aware) Here's where everything kicks off again. Ryan believes that I hold some magic power over admin, and that I was the sole reason that he was removed as an admin, failing to acknowledge that more than one person actually proved he was doing things, as an admin, he shouldn't of been doing. But that didn't matter to him. He is so wrapped up in his psychotic ways that he once again, took to slandering me, instead of choosing to walk away, like an adult. A few months ago, I had a conversation with two of my closest friends in the world. One of which, is D. ryan has been trying to manipulate him over the last year, and it is revealed that Ryan has still very much working his way around, to use me, and my name, in order to take out both the friends that bought Ryan's actions to my knowledge. He is still using his minions, to spy and make notes on everything I do, in order to attempt to cause me harm, and causing a good friend of mine no end of hassle and upset, by bombarding her with abuse, in hopes that she will eventually crack. The girl in question, is none other than my dear friend Simmy. What kind of person actually does that? Manipulates someone, and abuses someone to try and get personal information about me, so it can be used against me? A psychopath. Well, Ryan, congratulations. I am in the process of producing legal documentation in order to keep you, and your misery, out of my, and my friends lives. I refuse to be bullied, by someone I have met 3 times in my life. I also refuse to allow any of my friends to come to harm, because a psychopath has his sights set on me. If you want to take me out, go ahead. I'll fight. But don't involve those closest to me. All that's doing is providing the evidence I need to prove that you are as dangerous as I have highlighted here. So there you go. Some of you wanted to know why I chose to leave vf as Nyxa Nightmare? For reasons like this. I am quite tired of petty things, from online, interrupting my day to day life. I'm very tired of people actually assuming that I live for drama. I actually hate it. Anyone who has met me in person, will tell you, while I am very much an outspoken person, I don't require the events of someone elses life in order for me to need a reason to get up in the morning. Ryan made remarks to Nyxa Nightmare wanting to be queen of vf? Well, I don't. I don't need a popularity contest, and attention from strangers online. What I wanted, is what I have always gotten from vf. Like minded individuals, and a distraction from my day to day life. I am not here to please anyone. And after 6 years of being here, I certainly do not need to be "popular" in order to feel like my life has any purpose. Fuck you. Moral of the story kids? Never allow anyone to walk all over you. You are in control of your own happiness, and your own life. Nobody, has any damn right to use you as a source of someone else's misery, or tell you what you can, or cannot do. Noone has the right to infiltrate your life, and question your morals and decisions as a person. And above all else, noone has the right to use you as a puppet. And for the love of all things holy, if you think you are getting close to a psycho, get out of there as fast as you can. No good ever came from keeping such people around, trust me on this.
"Talk to me...LittleSpinne wrote:
...but only if you're a solid 8-10, even though I'm barely a 3." This is the basic gist of every skeevy dude/chick I've ever met. Seriously. I went into a chat room a while ago here on VF, and I was a little drunk. I was talking to some friends, when this guy starts creeping my cam. Then, he's like, "Stand up and turn around." Of course, I asked why he wanted me to, even though I knew he just wanted to body check me because, well, my boobs are kind of big, and he probably wanted to get a better look. His "reason" was, "I want to see your legs." Riiiiiiight. This dude had no alibi whatsoever. U-g-l-fucking-y, but he wanted to check me out to see what I look like. As if it were somehow my duty to show him whether or not my legs are as bodacious as my tits. As if I owed him the right to judge me. Fucking no. I've stood up on cam plenty of times for stupid shit, but I'm not going to stand at attention for some perverted fuck. I'm not going to let someone size me up like a fucking steak, whether it's a guy, girl, whatever. I'm not saying that I'm an 8-10 by a long shot, but still, this motherfucker wanted to make sure my body is banging before he continued a conversation with me. Hell the fuck no. I see it all the time. Dudes talk to big girls and girls that aren't model-pretty like they're undeserving of their attention, even though they're pockmarked, scrawny little shitbags. Yeah, because you can really afford to be choosy anywhere besides the Internet. That's right, you can only talk to hot chicks, because it would be totally downgrading if you were to be a decent human being to someone, regardless of their appearance. I don't give a fuck what people look like, and I wouldn't call someone out for the way they look unless they basically did the same thing to me. I wouldn't treat someone like shit when they didn't deserve it, but I guess that's how someone acts when they actually had parents that loved them. I've seen girls do it too, so don't think I'm hating on dudes. I've seen girls that make fun of the way guys look, even though they're in the same category looks-wise, and then they only make friends with hot guys, as if they're in some way deserving of only the best. Uh, no you don't, because you're a shitty fucking person and you're going to die alone and your cats will eat you before anyone notices.

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