* July 16, 2015 *
VF Models Sets!

Check out the newest work from our VF Models!

Schok_p0p * Psychara

Click on the photo to view more of the same set!
* July 14, 2015 *
New Video from Victor Love of Dope Stars Inc
The new video "Doom Trap" is out now on www.victorlove.com
It's apparently filmed on a smartphone so its pretty DIY and a nice change from the usual Dope Stars Inc sound.
Check it out below:

* July 13, 2015 *
Suicide Squad Trailer
Official Suicide Squad Trailer, featuring Tattooed-up Jared Leto as the Joker, and Harley Quinn.
Man I really do hate that new joker look, and he does kinda look like a manson clone / hot topic reject, but I'd still watch it!
* July 12, 2015 *
Writhe and Shine #344 - Deep Feelings
* July 12, 2015 *
July's New Music Interviews
What's New In Our Music Interviews For July?

Angelspit Vs. Vampire Freaks
Fancy a bit of Hardcore Pong? Well you can find it in our immense interview with Angelspit's Zoog Van Rock. In our interview Zoog tells us just what he would like to say to a few the censors in Australia and also all about the horror hawk. Read the interview here Full Interview with Angelspit

Interview number two is with husband and wife duo Ego Likeness. We gain a little bit of insight into their latest release When Wolves Return as well as a bit about Steven's editing and film maing work. Read our interview here on Vampire Freaks Interview with Ego Likeness

Third on the list is an interview with Ben from Juno Reactor. Without realizing you will have heard Juno Reactor's music as it has appeared on a few big name films. In this interview Ben talks The Matrix and also Ben's thoughts on why zombies eat brains. Read this interview here Interview with Juno Reactor

* July 11, 2015 *
New Comic-Con trailers
Some new trailers released at San Diego Comic-Con:

Batman Vs Superman featuring Batfleck:

Star Wars - The Force Awakens:
* July 11, 2015 *
Cybertron Tonight!

Yep its that time of the month again! When we all get wasted and party and have sex with eachother! Or something like that.
Tonight in NYC: VampireFreaks Presents Cybertron!
Only $5 before midnight, and the first 30 people get some free Lunatik Hair Dye!
click here for more info
* July 11, 2015 *
Ash vs Evil Dead Trailer
Check out the trailer for the upcoming tv series 'Ash vs Evil Dead', featuring the original Ash actor, Bruce Campbell!

Series Premiere on Halloween
Whatcha guys think? I've been a huge fair of the Evil Dead / Army of Darkness films, and the musical play was pretty hilarious as well.
* July 09, 2015 *
The Walking Dead gets a Spin Off

Good News walking dead fans, the hit show about what life is like in a zombie apocalypse world is getting a spin off sometime in the next few months. This companion release set in LA is said to be a sort of prequel to the original show, giving fans some more insight on the events that led up to the world going to hell.
Check out the video below and tell us what you think about this new addition to the Walking Dead saga.

Greeting From Set: Fear the Walking Dead
* July 08, 2015 *
AfterMath 2015: Dark Electronic Music Festival

Are you guys ready for this years Aftermath Festival!
Filled with bands, DJ's and vendors, this huge event based in Toronto Canada is sure to get your lifeless blood flowing! Live acts such as MightyMikeSaga, HAUJOBB, VelvetAcidChrist and TheDreaming just to name a few! it all goes down August 27th, 28th, 29th and the 30th at the Phoenix Concert Theatre!

For Tickets and Inquires visit: www.DarkerSideofLight.com

Aftermath Festival 2015 Video Flier

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