* January 31, 2016 *
VF Beta Updates!
VampireFreaks 3.0 Beta Updates!
  • Cult Admin functions fixed for modifying member status, user titles and deleting / banning cult members.
  • Search options - can now search for only online members.
  • Friends online now shows on mobile version.
  • Mobile navigation links improved / updated.
  • Premium purchase functions enabled.
  • Cult popup threads now disabled on mobile, and optional on desktop. You can disable the popup threads by editing your cult.
  • Cult forum layout fixed on mobile to show who created each entry as well as number of replies.
  • New beta messageboard currently being worked on and tested
Also - username change function now fixed and working on the beta. If you've been waiting on a username change you can inbox me about it. The username change feature is kind of a hidden feature we had which you can request for either 20,000 vf points or a $20 fee.

Still working on a few more updates such as broadcasts, power bombs, etc. Trying to actually switch to the new beta soon, so make sure you check out VampireFreaks 3.0 Beta and give me your feedback!
* January 30, 2016 *
A VF public service announcement
* January 30, 2016 *
This Weekend Only - Lunatik Hair Dye On Sale
This Weekend Only! Get our best-selling product - Lunatik Hair Dye for only $9.99!
Plus get FREE shipping on the Hair Dye within the US!

yeah its me on the flyer! XD
* January 30, 2016 *
Interview with Defeat
And as January is nearing an end how about another great interview?

Vampire Freaks talks to UK industrial duo DEFEAT
As you well know Phlis is a dab hand at writing some decent questions to ask bands, so what did he ask the lads from DEFEAT? Well this time he decided to ask about perverse things that can be done with cotton candy, and how did DEFEAT answer this question? Read the interview here to find out :-D Full Interview with DEFEAT

* January 29, 2016 *
Friendship Story Contest ends today!
Thanks to everyone that submitted their VF friendship story, describing someone they met on VF!
Reminder that the contest ends tonight! Only takes a few minutes to submit your story and enter! VF Admins will vote on the best story over the weekend. :-)
Click here for the VF Friendship story contest
* January 29, 2016 *
Get to know VF Model LivingDreadDoll!

Get to know VF Model LivingDreadDoll

Anja LivingDreadDoll was born and raised in a very small village in the Frisian part of the Netherlands. She was a real tomboy. Already at the age of 4 she loved rock music. She grew up with 1960's music and rock music like Metallica, Black Sabbath, Sepultura, Queen, the Offspring,... you name it. At the age of 11 she got her nose pierced.

As a teenager she was that girl your parents warned you about. Drinking, doing drugs, she was aggressive and loved to pick a fight when somebody tried to bully her or her friends. Even though there was a lot going on at that time, she had a great time as a punk.

When she turned 16 she had an “intervention”, her whole world changed. The aggressive girl turned insecure, cause she didn’t know who she was anymore. Two years later, in 2005, she discovered a website called VampireFreaks. She saw so many gorgeous people with a lot of beautiful styles, a whole new genre for her to explore and that music, industrial? She loved it!
Anja became a new person and gained confidence thanks to VampireFreaks and became addicted to the site. Through the years she developed her own style and it didn't go unnoticed. In 2006 a photographer asked her if she wanted to start modeling and after that more photographers asked her. In 2009 she even overcame stage fright with her first catwalk.

Now she is 28. She loves her geeky boyfriend and loves everything goth and fantasy related: From books, games, movies, series to events where she can dress up. She spends a lot of time making outfits for Post Apocalyptic LARP and working on steampunk, goth jewelry and accessories. Her photoshoots now matches these interests. She's very much into wasteland and tribal related things and it shows in her portfolio.

Random LivingDreadDoll facts
  • She is really afraid of monkeys.
  • She still plays vinyls, cassettes and listens to music on antique tube radios.
  • Anja has a small collection of curiosities and oddities, especially animal skulls.
  • Her first photoshoot picture ended up in a magazine called ‘Quest’.
  • She is naturally ambidextrous. This is very rare and it basically means that she is left and right handed. Most people can only use their right hand to write, she can use both.
  • Now she's got a total of 5 nose piercings, including the one she got at her 11th birthday.
  • Even though she discovered VF in 2005, it took her a year before she dared to make an account, afraid that people would make fun of her.
  • She has the worst case of dyscalculia, but is actually really good in games which involve numbers.
  • She loves rats and owns three of them.
  • Anja doesn’t have a smartphone. In fact, she doesn't use a phone at all.

    You can get to know more about LivingDreadDoll on her VF profile!
  • * January 28, 2016 *
    Cult Interview : Lumos
    VampireFreaks Presents our first Cult Interview:
    Lumos is one of the more popular VF Cults, and one of the few 'VF Sponsored Cults', which are cults we select each month based on their activity.
    It is a role-playing cult that brings you into the fantasy world based around the Harry Potter books, where members post stories and encourage creativity.
    It has provided an escape from reality for its members and it has been described as a family community.
    We present to you a peek at this cult here:
    Click Here for the VF Interview with Lumos
    * January 27, 2016 *
    VF Models Sets!

    Check out the newest work from our VF Models!

    UndineLaVerve * NaTyMeTaL

    Click on the photo to view more of the same set!
    * January 26, 2016 *
    VF Book Review On Wytches
    Hey VF readers,
    Here's GigiRose with this week's VF book review on the graphic novel entitled "Wytches"

    Check out the review and let us know if you've read this book. Feel free to add your own review or even give some recommendations on what the VF members should read next.

    Recommended for fans of: HP Lovecraft, Stephen King, The Walking Dead, Sandman

    The Rooks family think they can start over. The Rooks family think they can be happy. The Rooks family think moving to a new town, to a new place will give them a chance to escape. They think the past won't follow them.

    The Rooks family is wrong.

    Wytches is the creepy, eerie, and deeply unsettling story of a family, a town, and a pledge. Trying to recover from a disturbing accident, the Rooks move to a new town, hoping to give their teenage daughter Sailor a chance at a normal life. Unfortunately, normal seems out of the question. Plagued by anxiety, Sailor is convinced that someone, or some THING is calling to her from the woods outside their new home.

    Her mother seems detached while her father grows more and more convinced she's descending into madness. But when Sailor wakes up with a mysterious bump on her neck things start spiraling out of control. You can run from the past, but you can't hide forever.

    The beautiful and haunting illustrations set the stage for a story that will make your skin crawl. Scott Snyder has created something memorable and magical and the next issue can't come quickly enough.

    Forget everything you think you know about witches. Wytches is something else entirely. Frighteningly fresh, dark, and at times disgusting; I can't recommend it enough.

    Writer: Scott Snyder
    Illustrator: Jock

    Written by Gigirose
    * January 25, 2016 *
    Writhe and Shine #360 - Give and Take
    VF Book Review on IlluminaeVampireFreaks wrote:
    Hey VF readers, Here's GigiRose with this week's VF book review on the book entitled "Illuminae" Check out the review and let us know if you've read this book. Feel free to add your own review or even give some recommendations on what the VF members should read next. Recommended for fans of: Battlestar Galactica, The Walking Dead, 2001 A Space Odyssey Conspiracy theorists, amateur detectives, sci fi fanatics, and computer geeks alike will find this bizarre and haunting novel impossible to put down. The first installment in a new trilogy, Illuminae is something special. Written as a case file, the pages twist and turn with riveting layouts designed to make you feel as though you're digging through compiled papers and reports. Words are scratched out, circled, and highlighted. There are pages of schematics and illustrations, none of which should be skimmed over. The story jumps from recovered psych files to video surveillance to medical documents, slowly unraveling a series of terrifying events. Out in the remote regions of space, a small mining colony on the planet Kerenza finds itself under attack by a rival corporation. Bombed, shot down, and hit with biological weapons, only three ships of refugees manage to escape. With only one military ship between them, the small fleet realizes their best chance is to make a run for it. Unfortunately their attacker, BeiTech Industries, doesn't want any witnesses left alive. The fleet has few advantages other than a head start. The ships are manned mostly by civilians and research scientists, they have few supplies, and their artificial intelligence system may be damaged beyond repair. The odds are stacked against them. The true magic of this story is its protagonists. Kady and Ezra are two teenage refugees with nothing left in the world except for each other. Stranded on different ships they begin sending one another messages. It's through these recovered messages, dug up and added to the case file, that we begin to piece together the tragic fate of the Kerenza refugees. I highly recommend buying the hardcover of this book because it is beautifully made. If you can only go for the ebook version, don't worry, it's still fantastic. Written by Gigirose

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