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Skull Head Swivel Desk Lamp
* July 15, 2014 *
Good Morning fellow VampireFreaks,

Today, we'll start you off with this awesome Skull head swivel desk lamp.
Very cool! Can you get away with this bit of morbidity where you work?
We can't think of anyone we know that wouldn't want this piece around their work space.

Luxury Cave?
* July 14, 2014 *
This is supposed to be one of the most romantic hotels in the world, but for the wrong reasons. The Minesuite Sala Hotel is actually an ideal spot for dark themed lovers or fans of artistic places, what with it's dark, black walls and matching furnishings.
We thought it was a pretty sweet spot for some romance ;-)
Have you been to this location or one similar to it?
What is your ideal romantic hotel around the world?

Writhe and Shine #304 - Something Positive
* July 14, 2014 *

Alter Der Ruine's new album dropped this week
* July 12, 2014 *
Check-out the new Alter Der Ruine album "I Will Remember it All Differently" and enter their contest with dark-Goth-Pin-up retailer Razorzedge to win tickets to their show, gift certificates and other merch!

Stone-Cast Sculpture Of Belial
* July 11, 2014 *
Check out this amazing stone-cast sculpture of Belial,
one of the four crown princes of Hell. A great piece for fans of hell's army.
We thought this was good work of art, how do you guys feel about?

New VF Models!
* July 09, 2014 *

New VF Models!
Please welcome...




All information on how to become a VF model is listed on the @Models profile.

Aspiring models should join our Hopefuls cult! http://vampirefreaks.com/cult/VFModelsHopefuls

Writhe and Shine #303 - The Difference III
* July 07, 2014 *

Featured VF Infiltration
* July 07, 2014 *
Now that it's summertime, our VF Infiltration Unit has been doing an extra good job at keeping active, you guys rock!
Check out this new custom car decal that @StrawberryRevenge put on her car:

We're always posting new infiltrations and mailing out VF promos to our awesome street team members. Let us know if you see any other awesome VF promo ideas! If you want to be a part of the VF street team / infiltration unit, check it out here:
VF Infiltration Unit

VF Store; 4th of July Sale!
* July 03, 2014 *

MURICA! Fuck Yeah!
Get 25% Off To Celebrate us kicking England's Ass! Muahahah
Check out the VF Store for 25% Off

The Gargoyle Car
* July 03, 2014 *
How about the creative mind behind this gargoyle evil car?
Make/Model: Volkswagen, made to look like a Bugatti Atlantic
Modification: Steel plating featuring gargoyle heads with glowing eyes.
Creator W.T. Burge calls it Phantoms.
Primary Drawback: Satan might want his car!

Can you dig it?

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