* October 05, 2014 *
New Songs posted by Velvet Acid Christ
New tracks posted by VelvetAcidChrist :
Bryan posted 2 unreleased songs from 1996 from his project 'Pain Konsept'
Plus all the remixes he's done including remixes for:
Wumpscut, MindlessSelfIndulgence, SuicideCommando, Emilie Autumn, FrontlineAssembly and more.
Check the new tracks on their VF Profile: VelvetAcidChrist

Look out for VAC's new release 'Subconscious Landscapes' coming out soon thanks to his successful Pledgemusic Campaign

Plus Velvet Acid Christ will be playing at VF's Cybertron on Saturday, January 31st in NYC!
* October 04, 2014 *
Anne Rice Celebrate's Her 73rd Birthday today.
The Author of Interview With a Vampire and other related novels, turns 73 today and continues to be true to the Vampire mythos. Much has been discussed about the changing tastes of Vampire enthusiasts, do they sparkle, are they monsters or hot Abercrombie & Fitch like models with six packs and tormented souls, etc... We have our opinions as do you, but for now, we're happy that she has added her writing skills and stories to the thousands of years of dark tales relating to one of our favorite monsters. Do you have a favorite, or do they all have a place in monster and horror culture?

* October 03, 2014 *
What you missed at the last cybertron
Last month's Cybertron was 'Retro Edition', meaning we dusted off all the classic 80s and 90s industrial rock and new wave songs, so it was quite the interesting musical experience. Thanks to everyone that came to our journey back in time, and we had a surprising number of compliments on the music changes, so we'll possibly do it again sometime. This cybertron we celebrated the birthday of annabelevil and also welcomed back our favorite vf londoner vanessavicious to come party it up with us. Also check out the clips of the awesome burlesque performance by Nina La Voix
Video below:

Video by Kevin Vonesper

Upcoming VF Promoted events:

Tuesday October 7th in Long Island, NY:
with support from:
William Control, Darksiderz, Davey Suicide

Saturday, October 11th in NYC:
VF and NYC Ravers Present Super Smashes Bros. -VS- Cybertron
NYC Comic-Con After Party
Both floors at Santos Party House

Friday, October 24th in NYC:
VF Presents Cybertron: Halloween Edition
Live Performance by FGFC820
Halloween Decorations, Free Candy, Costume Contest

Tuesday, October 28th in NYC:
Misfits at Irving Plaza
with support by:
Jasta of Hatebreed

Friday, October 31st in New Orleans:
The Bad Things Ball
Halloween Night! One of the biggest Halloween Events in New Orleans
Featuring DJ Jet

Saturday, November 1st in NYC:
VF Presents: Halloween Massacre
Featuring Decoded Feedback (first NYC show in 5 years)
$500 Costume Contest, Free Candy, Burlesque Performances

Tuesday, December 2nd in NYC:
Skinny Puppy at the Best Buy Theatre
With bands:
VNV Nation, Haujobb, Youth Code
* October 01, 2014 *
Why It Sucks To Be A Cosplayer On Halloween
by xXChiharuXx
So, it's getting really close to Halloween. I'm a cosplayer. Here it is, the greatest of all dress up holidays! And I'm always disappointed. Here are my top five reasons it sucks to be a cosplayer on Halloween.

1) Friends (including friends of friends) come out of nowhere to ask for costumes. They just ask for a little help on their giant full body masterpieces (that may include elaborate armor) the week before Halloween because they know you make costumes and it's easy for you. The price? Well, it's "for a friend" price. Which is always "free" or "I'll pay you $10-20." and they never actually pay you which boils down to "I'll get you a shot of Jack sometime."

2) Costumes in my closet cramped everywhere, but none specifically for Halloween. Yes, I have over 30 costumes, some that I've yet to wear. No, none of them will ever be recognized at a generic Halloween party. I remember one year I was dressed as Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew out on the town, which I thought would be somewhat popular since it was a cute children's show. How wrong I was. The only response all night: "ARE YOU A SEXY KITTY?"

3) Stains. Yes, stains. As in, I don't want to wear my precious costumes that I spent workweeks creating to a nightclub or bar where some jackass is going to puke on me or back into me and spill a beer/neon drink all over it and stain it forever. No, "sorry" doesn't pay the dry cleaners. (A free shot might pay the dry cleaners, depending on how many people I can convince spilled their drink on me.)

4) A general ennui for Halloween costume parties. Maybe it's like dudes who watch too much porn. I have been to so many insane costume gatherings and have seen so many awesome costumes that the run-o-the-mill mass-market store bought costume doesn't excite me. I've been overstimulated.

5) Losing costume contests to slut costumes and vaginas. It hasn't happened to me yet. But it could have. Spent hours of construction slavery, an afternoon getting into an uncomfortable costume, wasted only to lose to a gag costume. Not me. No thanks.

So what's the solution for a cosplayer on Halloween? Dress head-to-toe in full character and give props to the one person who recognizes you all evening? Or just mix-n-match pieces in your cosplay wardrobe to create something recognizable?
* October 01, 2014 *
W00t its October! Ratings Reset!
W00t its October, let the Halloween Countdown begin!
To celebrate our favorite month, our ratings database has been reset!
Now you can rate all your friends all over again!
(Note - you still keep your regular rating points, but you can now rate everyone again!)

ermahgerd rate me a 10 and ill be your bff, i need me some points circles

also been doing some site updates / tweaks such as:
fixed the top profiles banner uploader
fixed the 'rate and comment' form bug for proper output when you rate someone without leaving a comment
also a couple other minor bug fixes / tweaks.
* September 30, 2014 *
Asylum Hair Dye Progress Updates
Asylum Hair Dye Update:
We’ve been making great progress, even though it is a bit slower than we had hoped. Once we got all the formulas perfected we hit a couple delays with the product stability / shelf-life testing, and we also had to unexpectedly switch manufacturers since the other facility changed their terms and required a higher minimum order.

Good news is that the hair dye production is in progress. We are now looking at a late October / Halloween release date. A fitting time of year for us indeed. We also currently have the packaging and label printing due to be done soon. For anyone that ordered tshirts / hoodies, these are also underway! Really sorry for the delay guys! We are doing the best we can, and you can rest assured that we will deliver the product, even if we have had some delays.

VampireFreaks has been around for almost 15 years, we’re not going anywhere and we will make sure we deliver! =) For now, check out our awesome label design, courtesy of Mike Saga!
Each label will feature our logo and artwork on a clear squeezable vertical tube, making it easy to apply and so that you can see the hair dye color showing through.
In the meantime we’ve also been doing lots of testing on the hair dye formulas and coming up with some new colors for the second batch of colors, we’ll keep you posted!
More info at AsylumHairDye.com
* September 29, 2014 *
Writhe and Shine #315 - Gimme A Break
* September 28, 2014 *
Vampire Coffee in China: Simply a gimmick or mainstreaming monsters
The recent opening of a Vampire themed restaurant and cafe in China, suggests that rather than a simple gimmick, this and others like it (Vampire Cafe in Japan), are making the monsters of myth around the world more of a mainstreaming effort than an opportunity to make money from television and movie franchise popularity (True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Being Human, "the three movie franchise that shall remain nameless",etc...). Do you see this happening in your city and country, or is it just someone trying to make a buck off of the success of popular cultures acceptance of vampires as entertainment?

* September 28, 2014 *
VF at New York Comic-con! Plus After-party

VampireFreaks will have a booth again at New York Comiccon in 2 weeks!
Come find us in the same spot as last year - Booth 2380!
Plus Saturday, October 11th:
VampireFreaks and NYC Ravers present
Super Smashed Bros. -VS- CYBERTRON
We join forces to take over both floors of Santos Party House in NYC, for one Epic Comic-con After Party!
DJ's on both Floors
Burlesque Dancers
Comic-con cosplay contest
Go-go dancers
Decorations, video projections, and more!
Click Here for more info!
* September 27, 2014 *
Extraordinary Eye Make-up That You Can Do
We've seen all kinds of efforts to turn the eye area into a work of art, but very few get it right. One make-up artist with a fine hand and great imagination is Lucinda Kerner, who has a catalog of pieces that shouldn't be missed. You can view them here at http://tinyurl.com/n7njltx and don't hesitate in contacting her. A great lady who loves to work with others without the pretense. Do you have a favorite dark eye work artist?

VF Model Anniversary (One Year) >3Kyris wrote:
I've offically been a VF model for over a year. :3 :kitty :3 Last year I got accepted right before my birthday (which is today). Honestly... I really didn't expect to have the experience I've had as one of the models. I actually wanted to be one of the Vampirefreak models several years ago. Back when I was first trying out modeling I noticed the VampireFreaks models but I actually never got any response when I tried to apply. Of course, to an extent I did feel one of my first rejections with modeling and that would be FARRRRRRR from the last... (keep in mind too this was years ago, and my experience and portolio were limited and I'm pretty sure the VF models was managed by a completely different person as well). Regardless I kept modeling because it was simply something I wanted to do and wanted to put my effort into. I modeled for years and eventually I came to a point where I really began to push myself to get very serious about it. It's difficult for me to describe what modeling is to me... it's not really a hobby and it's not quite an actual career for me but it is very much a major part of my life that I live and breathe. Anyway, last year in one of the model groups I was part of, someone had posted a link about Vampirefreaks seeking new models... and I saw the link and thought, Sure, I'll give it another try... I already had an account and had been using the site since I was 16 or so. But truthfully, with my last encounter of being ignored I assumed it would probably be the same case so I didn't take it too seriously. But, it was different this time, I got accepted... and since that day I've gotten to know so many new people from interacting with the other models (and also the other members on the site in general). I've seen new models join and former models leave... and I've seen some models whom have been actively participating since the first day I joined. Although my current connection to the VF models is very postive I initially had my reservations. Most model groups I've been part of are generally exploitative and I rarely get along with the members as they typically just ignore me or it's filled with 16 year old girl aspiring models who spend more time taking selfies and bitching about their home life than modeling. Furthermore I had been really let down by the model agency I had joined that year. And, most of all... I really don't have too many pleasant experiences with other models locally. Although I have even gone out of my way to assist some models, most have proven to be extremely self-serving and for whatever the hell reason the photographers (most) here don't mind working with their stupid asses and typically snub me. So, yes I admit I've become a bit jaded being around other models... males or females most generally have a selfish cut-throat attitude that I want nothing to do with. The first photos I ever shared for VF was an androgynous fashion shoot. And I was shocked to see how accepting and nice the other models were toward me. When I saw that, it was pretty much when I decided I wanted to be a serious member because I realized the models really were a diverse selection of individuals that I felt I could be part of. I had just become so accustomed to be a type of outcast even in "alternative" communities or groups that I never expected many of them to be so accepting. I won't pretend that I know each and every model for VF (I don't) and there even might be a few whom I don't see eye to eye with or a couple may even not care for me XD but... all of that is pretty minor. I actually have really enjoyed learning more about my fellow models and seeing many of them continuously working and doing photoshoots encourages me to always try. And most importantly I have actually gained a few wonderful friends that I mostly likely would have never made or become as close to had I never joined with Vampirefreaks. I'm very grateful for that and I just hope I can make my experience(s) with VF in the future as valuable as it has been for me so far.

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