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Welcome to my Nightmare

Hi, my name is Suzanne! I am 17 years old and live in cold cold Norway. I use alot of time on vf and the cult Feardotcom. I don't have many friends but the ones I have is really close to me. I like to take it easy and chill out most of the time, but I do not consider myself lazy because of that. I also like to do things both physical things like taking walks, shopping, doing hair ( I'm studying hairdressing), and so on... And I like the more "peace and quiet" activites like reading, playing playstation or chess, and spend time online and cuddle my bunny (which isn't always peace and quiet). I really enjoy playing Silent Hill on my playstation 2 and 3, but recently I've been taking a break since the last Silent Hill game I ordered online doesn't seem to get here. -_- I'm a kind of person who doesn't really say much, I'm kinda shy and stay mostly by myself, but I will answer if you leave me a comment! (unless it's too stupid). That where a little about me, I don't suppose alot of the people in this site really thinks about reading the profiles... but rather look at the pictures in the gallery. That's okey with me, I wouldn't put pictures on my profile if I didn't want people to see them, so by all means take a look!


Playstation, Silent Hill, Movies, Art, Music, Books, Chess, Phone, TV, Poems, The Simpsons, Theatre, Hair, Make-up, History, VF, Games, Nails, HORROR!


Reality, Cold coffee, Stupid people who think they are so much bether than everyone else; Perverts, Cold and wet weather, Too much sun, People who easy gets upset and quickly blame other people for it.


HIM, Korn, Guns and Roses, Chiodos, Evanescence, Marilyn Manson, Nightwish, Leonard Cohen, Rob Zombie, Within Temptation, The Misfits, ALSO, Rammstein, Flowing Tears

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