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from MARCO VISCONTI: the fourteenth Trump
May 01, 2015, 03:03:pm
On this very May Day, 14 years ago, three guys who met just slightly more than twelve months before in the dark recesses of Rome’s dirties goth clubs decided to forego the celebrations of the day (May 1st is a national holiday in Italy, and a huge concert is organised in one of Rome’s biggest squares, Piazza San Giovanni) and instead hid in one of their homes, playing with samples, synths and drum machines - yes, 2001 was still the year of hardware electronics.

In the Crowley-Harris Thoth deck, the fourteenth Trump is called “Art”, and the Master Therion writes about it: “Transmute all wholly into the image of thy will, bringing each to its true token of perfection. “…Combination of forces, realization, action based on accurate calculation; the way of escape, success after elaborate manoeuvres…” 
Fourteen years later, this seems to me the best way to depict my own personal experience with XP8.

I won’t bother you all again with the reasons why we are stopping now: not only I already voiced my thoughts many times in the past year, and you can still read them here or here, but I also keep reading comments like “oh, I’ve heard more from this band now that they quit than ever before”, or “man, that was the longest goodbye ever”.

It was meant to be like this: if I learned something over this years is that unless you are in the business of making pre-canned pop music (which is absolutely a good business, mind you!), you need to create more than “just” music. You need to create a narrative, a myth that people can relate with in every possible way, you need to become an icon for them to both love AND hate. 
Only by doing so you can leave a mark.

I think we did leave that mark, among very few others. 
No matter what you think of our music or of us personally, you have one opinion about us: and that means we exist in your noosphere, and that is more than 99% of other bands out there. That is our revenge. 

Fourteen years ago, XP8 started as a (rather crappy at first) amateurish musical project, and it evolved into a complex hypersigil that will keep on reverberating its message for years to come.

Thank you all for the ride.

- Marco Visconti

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from MARCO VISCONTI: the fourteenth Trump
May 01, 2015, 06:07:pm
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The Art of Revenge. :-)

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from MARKO RESURRECCION: farewell and goodbye (at least for now)
May 01, 2015, 03:02:pm
Dear listeners,

as some of you may know, or may have somehow noticed, I am not a great communicator.
Never been.
Plague of my life.
But on a watershed moment like this, even I feel the urge to put fingers to keys and commit some pixels to your screens and - oh how much I hate the word now - “share”…

For many years now, writing and singing for XP8 has been my means of expressing my feelings, my views and a lot of my grudges.
Unfortunately for you listeners this has meant that you were not at the forefront of my mind when the music happened, when decisions were taken.
Unfortunately for XP8 this has meant that we have lost just as many listeners as we have gained.
I can’t shake the feeling that most of XP8’s perceived success is more rooted in Marco’s undeniable web talent than the quality of our musical output.

But grown we have.
And better we did become

But too late.
And I think it’s only right to close this project now.
Now that we can be proud of what we are, if not of what we have achieved, and before we become caricatures of our former selves.
I’ve learned so much through XP8: about music, about myself, about others, about love.

it’s been great.
At times downright frustrating.
Always worth it.

I will probably bother your ears some more soon.

Until then, farewell and goodbye

- Marko Resurreccion



from MARKO RESURRECCION: farewell and goodbye (at least for now)
May 01, 2015, 06:03:pm
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Farewell Marko and XP8 Thanks for the amazing tunes. Always supported you guys. Best of luck with your future endeavors.


from MARKO RESURRECCION: farewell and goodbye (at least for now)
May 01, 2015, 06:06:pm
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Thank you as well for including the fans in this. We're learning from you as well. XP8 is dead was a sad tune man. However I definitely understand the reasoning behind it. I will be following your crew to see what they do next. Thank you.


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