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To Do List For Today
February 11, 2016, 11:14:am
City By The Sea replies:

Samantha and Maeve- Private Para
Max and Elliott- Private Para
Samantha and Charolette- Private para
Precious and Elliott- The Moose
Max and Yimir- Masters House
Jacob's Welcome- Master Mason
Samantha and Marlena- Mistress Home

Character Sheets:
Night of the Timid (Journal)
Alexis and Justine (CBTS)

Journal replies:

Me and Sloth
Me and Vixen
Me and Luna (2 of them as of right now)
Me and Syd (About 4 I believe together am I right Syd?)
Me and Ravean

House of Gaia replies:

Devin and Artemesia (sp?)- Mistresses house
Devin and Anatolia- (Mistresses house)

So far that's all I have to do. Please if I have missed you, please tell me.


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February 07, 2016, 11:32:pm
I love this ball of sun shine and energy

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To Do List
January 26, 2016, 08:43:am
Character Sheets:

+ Darius

+ Darius



Max and Elaina || IC Chat RP || Skullz and Luna
Jacob and Catrin || IC Chat RP || Skullz and Luna
Max and Elliott || IC Para RP || Skullz and Dani
Tammy and Casey || Garden Area || Master Oakley's Manor || Skullz and Nina
Precioius and Elliott || The Moose || Skullz and Dani
Samantha and Charolette || IC Para RP || Skullz and Mollie
Samantha and Maeve|| IC Para Rp || Skullz and Shelby
Precious, Tammy, Kael and Grayson|| IC Para Rp || Skullz and Autumn
Jacob and Ilaria || IC Para Rp || Skullz and Josh

Devin and Anatolia || The Creek || Skullz and Syd


James and Zippora || Helping Those In Need || Skullz and Luna
Tyler and Philomena || Going once, Going twice... || Skullz and Luna
Landon and Raylen || Reunited || Skullz and Syd
Steven and Kaya|| Bump In The Night || Skullz and Syd
Jeremy and Sapphira|| Welcome To The College Life || Skullz and Syd
Sarah and Sinclaire|| RP || Skullz and Vixen
Jinx and Claire || The Experiment || Skullz and Revan
College Bash || Skullz and Sloth

If I have missed anything, please someone send me the link and the names of the characters, the cult or journal and your name so I can add them in. Thank you :-)

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To Do List
January 26, 2016, 06:29:pm
I was finally able to post to our Para rp I just cant use a tag

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