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June 18, 2014, 11:41:pm

Have You Or Did You

Have you ever truly been by yourself all alone
Have you ever been left 3 months by yourself in a home
Have you ever have to fend for yourself as a kid
Have you ever had a parent leave their child like mine did
Have you ever had someone close die in the past year
Have you ever had it happen so often that you ran out of tears
Have you ever hated god for turning his back on you
Have you ever cried till your eyes were red and sore too

Did you ever have to walk two miles during a snow storm
Having to do it while wearing nothing to keep you warm
Did you ever live in a home without hot water or power
You ever washed yourself in the winter body's going numb in the shower
Did you ever try to commit suicide but then decided not to do it
Knowing it would kill your siblings and you couldn't put them through it

Then don't ever judge me and think that this is all for show
Because you don't know half the things that you think you know
Thinking that I was beat as a child was all an act
The proof of abuse are written in the scars on my back
I've told you everything but you still think I'm lying
I only smiled at school to hide the fact that I was crying

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