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Heroes Animal Rescue & Shelter
July 27, 2015, 07:29:pm

A very good friend of mine has a sad story, and because of this we are asking for everyone’s help. She worked at her aunt’s rescue farm since she was a little girl and when her aunt died she decided she was going to take over and continue this wonderful thing that her aunt was doing down in Georgia. However, in her aunts will, she left the property to an associate and not her niece. That associate turned his back on the farm and sold the land to a big time corporation, who is planning to build businesses or condos on the land, therefore making the animals on the farm lose their shelter. Very upset by this, Stephanie, my friend, decided to move to PA to restart the whole organization up here where she can do what she always wanted. Unfortunately, she is unable to get the bank loan she needs to purchase a farm/land in order to start her rescue shelter and bring those animals from Georgia up north; where they will be taken care of and loved…so I’m helping her out by trying to raise $1000 for that down payment on the loan. I’m asking for your help, and any donation is greatly appreciated! Help us to help the animals. They love us unconditionally so let’s return the favor!

Our pets are our best friends, and sometimes our only friend, without them we would be nothing. They give us joy, laughter and above all else unconditional love. They help us day to day, even when we don't realize it. I love all of my pets; past, present and any future pets I may have. I do my best to be a good person to my loved ones and strangers, despite my assholish desposition on life. Animal rights has always been something I am passionate about and I know most of you love animals just as much as I do. Please help me so I can help them. Any donations will help. I would really like to reach $1000 by the end of summer. I know it seems like a lot but I know it can be done.

For personal donations please contact me via messaging or texting id you already havemy number. Thank you all for taking the time to read this! Also, if any of you could share this so that more people can see this, I would greatly appreciate it!

In due time with donations, we will get your information so that we can send you t-shirt!


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~New Plot Ideas~
July 26, 2015, 08:20:pm
Here i will be writing a list of plot ideas i am wanting to play out, if you would like to play one of them out please inbox me and we can work out the details.


1. Brotherly Love

YC & MC are birth brother and sister but a separated at birth when MC is snatched when he a young boy. Years later they meet not knowing that they are brother and sister they form a relationship and are soon deep in love..

[I want to play from there and see how it works out, along the way they can find out there brother and sister though they don't want to end there relationship]

2. Texas Flame

YC is a young female outlaw, though she is trying to get out the life of crime. Having ridden with her brother gang she is wanted in 5 states and after a hold up gone wrong and a young woman killed she takes the woman identity and finds the young woman was travelling to a new job as a young school teacher. Seeing this her way of getting out she takes one the woman identity and travels to her new life.

MC is a undercover law man, a ranger but most know him as a notorious gunslinger who is the fastest drawer in the west. After his family are killed by who he believes is the Kingston gang he vows to track them down and take revenge on the people that had taken his loved ones. On his way to take care of some business he meets YC and finds himself wanting to protect her. Not knowing she from the very gang that he is hunting down he starts to have feelings for her.

3. Vampire Prince

YC is a young girl growing up in a city controlled by vampire's and being the first born on the family at the age of 15 is forced to serve a vampire master. Having been chosen to serve the youngest of the vampire princes.

Mc is a moody vampire prince who finds himself with a slave that he doesn't want. He cares for nothing and no one but slowly he finds himself softening to the young woman.

[I know this isnt much information as i want to see how this would play out]

4. Soaring High [Dragon Riders]

5. Boy Next Door [M/M]

6. Hide beyond the valley [Shifter]

7. Can you love me? [Vampire]

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