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(Playlist #4) Industrial Revolution (2004)
January 28, 2015, 12:06:am
I know this is a bit later than it should have been posted, but here is the next installation in the Industrial Revolution series.

01. Gothminister: Gothic Anthem
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/Gothminister Website - http://www.gothminister.com

02. Kidneythieves: S+M (A Love Song)
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/kidneythieves Website - http://kidneythieves.com

03. Panzer AG: Battlefield
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/PanzerAG Website - https://www.facebook.com/panzerag

04. X Marks The Pedwalk: Missing Light (Re-edit)
VF - (none) Website - http://www.x-mtp.com

05. Decoded Feedback: Relic
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/defcode Website - http://www.decodedfeedback.com

06. Neuroticfish: No More Ghosts
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/Neuroticfish Website - http://www.neuroticfish.com

07. Front Line Assembly: Transmitter (Come Together)
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/FrontLineAssembly Website - http://www.mindphaser.com

08. Colony 5: Last Chance
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/colony5 Website - https://www.facebook.com/Colony5

09. Assemblage 23: Ground
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/assemblage23 Website - http://www.assemblage23.com

10. Android Lust: The Want (Existence-Nonexistence) (Remixed By Occultechnologies)
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/AndroidLust Website - http://www.androidlust.com

11. State Of The Union: Lights In The Abyss
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/StateOfTheUnion Website - https://www.facebook.com/StateOfTheUnionOfficial

12. Informatik: Oblivion V2
VF - (none) Website - http://www.informatik.com

13. XP8: She Says (Verbose Remix By Assemblage 23)
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/XP8 Website - http://www.xp8.org

14. System Syn: Everything She Wanted (no music link)
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/system_syn Website - http://www.systemsyn.com

15. Imperative Reaction: Giving Into The Change
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/imperativereaction Website - https://www.facebook.com/imperativereaction

16. Eisbrecher: Fanatica (Club Mix)
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/Icebreaker Website - http://www.eis-brecher.com

17. Zeromancer: Idiot Music
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/ZeromancerOfficial Website - http://www.zeromancer.com

18. Icon Of Coil: Shallow Nation (2004 Version)
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/IconOfCoil Website - https://www.facebook.com/IconOfCoilOfficial

19. Angels & Agony: Blind World
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/angelsandagony Website - https://www.facebook.com/AngelsAndAgony

20. Carfax Abbey: Cry Little Sister (G Tom Mac Cover)
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/CarfaxAbbey1 Website - http://www.carfaxabbey.com

21. Flesh Field: Where Angels Go To Die
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/fleshfield Website - http://www.flesh-field.com

22. Angel Theory: Ease The Pain
VF - (none) Website - http://www.angeltheory.com

FULL PLAYLIST: http://www.podsnack.com/strickensigh/a19a68sf

IR (2003): http://www.podsnack.com/strickensigh/a1n0zae0

IR (2002): http://www.podsnack.com/strickensigh/avh3gm53

IR (2001): http://www.podsnack.com/strickensigh/a1mszl0s

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i need prayers or thoughts please give me something anything
January 21, 2015, 10:48:pm
I know I tell my business too much to people and I have no filter but recently Aaron (my fiancé) unkillablescythe an di have been dealing with something potentially very devastating........ I may not be able to have children see I can make babies and he can make babies but i may be allergic to his ....stuff.... and i still need to talk to the doctor about it but i potentially could bare no children if im correct :-( please God i want children and please I know im young and im not asking for one now but i want to make a baby in the future. please we need your prayers and/or thoughts just anything please help us

Mood: beyond worried

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January 22, 2015, 12:34:am
[ Private ]


i need prayers or thoughts please give me something anything
January 22, 2015, 09:42:am
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I was never supposed to have children and I have two beautiful baby girls. I'm allergic to the father of my children's stuff as well but it happened. Keep calm. Miracles happen.


i need prayers or thoughts please give me something anything
January 22, 2015, 07:13:pm
I was very sick as a child and spent 3 months in the hospital with unimaginable fevers and as a result I was never supposed to be able to have children. It killed me because I have always wanted a family. It took years but it happened! Keep your head up and think happy thoughts, I bet things will work out!


i need prayers or thoughts please give me something anything
January 22, 2015, 07:14:pm
thank you hun :3


i need prayers or thoughts please give me something anything
January 23, 2015, 10:19:pm
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Just take the whole down-theresy system out with a melon baller and scrap the baby idea altogether. No point in it, really. Creating something just so it can be destroyed later on is sadistic even by my standards. Aheeheehehehe


January 21, 2015, 04:53:pm
Holy shit! We've reached 459 fans!!! Thank you all so much for your support! Spread the word and as soon as we reach 500 fans I'll post a new song from the upcoming album!


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Just a thought.
January 21, 2015, 12:40:am
Sometimes I wonder how a memory can hold on to so much anger and stress. Have you ever had that moment where you spot a picture or hear a song where all the dark times in your life flashback at once? I find it irritating. I made a promise to myself years ago that I'd make the best effort to never look back but only to remember where I don't want to be. Every once in a while I get that trigger that reminds me why I made that promise. It just begs the question of why the human condition is made like that. We all remember good times sure, unfortunately there is a mass amount of people who remember the good times in such a way that it registers as a pain of loss. The human mind is built on pain and growing to avoid it. The byproduct of this is that we never seem to forget it. In evolution, it was originally a tactic for survival; I step on rock, ouch that hurts, I won't step on rock again. The world is not necessarily about that type of survival anymore. Now that instinct has translated to our mental and social experiences. Our memory is built to hang on to things like that so that we don't get stupid and make that mistake twice. But this means we are stuck with those memories whether we want them or not and even if you don't give a shit to the point where you won't give it the time of day, somewhere in you there is an ache. It's not your fault, it doesn't make you stupid, it doesn't make you dramatic, it makes you human. Just a thought.

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Just a thought.
January 21, 2015, 12:41:am
Sometimes, the more you're irritated, the more you become oblivious to it. But yeah, I can relate.


Just a thought.
January 21, 2015, 12:43:am
People either gain a tolerance to something uncomfortable or just let that annoyance make them weaker.


Just a thought.
January 21, 2015, 01:14:am
To err is human, to forgive is divine.


(Playlist #3) Industrial Revolution (2003)
January 19, 2015, 01:05:pm
Here is the 3rd installment in the "Industrial Revolution" series. The final playlist is missing 3 tracks because I wasn't able to find them on youtube (which is how the playlist is generated), sorry about that.

01. Ayria: Dos
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/Ayria website - http://www.ayria.com

02. Angels & Agony: Salvation (Club Mix by Angels & Agony) (no music link)
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/angelsandagony website - https://www.facebook.com/AngelsAndAgony

03. Colony 5: Black
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/colony5 website - https://www.facebook.com/Colony5

04. Decoded Feedback: The Fruits Of Wisdom
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/defcode website - http://www.decodedfeedback.com

05. Funker Vogt: Second World
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/FunkerVogt website - http://www.funkervogt.de

06. Android Lust: Stained
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/AndroidLust website - http://www.androidlust.com

07. Diary Of Dreams: Ex-ile (Upgrade 03)
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/DiaryOfDreams website - http://www.diaryofdreams.de/en

08. SITD: Venom (no music link)
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/sitd website - http://www.sitd.de/en

09. Rotersand: Lifelight
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/Rotersand website - http://rotersand.net

10. Razed In Black: Sin (Nine Inch Nails Cover)
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/razedinblack website - http://www.razedinblack.net

11. Front Line Assembly: Comatose (Ketamin 45 mg)
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/FrontLineAssembly website - http://www.mindphaser.com

12. Cruxshadows: Flame
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/thecruxshadows website - http://www.cruxshadows.com

13. Combichrist: Play Dead
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/combichrist website - http://www.combichrist.com

14. Apoptygma Berzerk: Unicorn (Video Version)
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/apoptygmaberzerk website - http://www.theapboffice.com

15. Collide: Crushed
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/Collide website - http://www.collide.net

16. Absurd Minds: Herzlos (Ionic Mix By Accesory)
VF - (none) website - http://www.absurdminds.de

17. Blutengel: Angels Of The Dark
VF - (none) website - http://blutengel.de

18. KMFDM: From Here On Out
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/KMFDM webite - http://www.kmfdm.net

19. Accessory: Live Saver (no music link)
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/Accessory website - https://www.facebook.com/accessorymusic

20. Pride & Fall: Extinction Means Forever
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/prideandfall website - www.prideandfall.com

FULL PLAYLIST: http://www.podsnack.com/strickensigh/a1n0zae0

Industrial Revolution (2002): http://www.podsnack.com/strickensigh/avh3gm53

Industrial Revolution (2001): http://www.podsnack.com/strickensigh/a1mszl0s


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(Playlist #2) Industrial Revolution (2002)
January 16, 2015, 03:03:pm
Here is the second installment in the Industrial Revolution series. While the last playlist only had 18 tracks, this one has 21. Enjoy!

01. Kidneythieves: Before I'm Dead
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/kidneythieves website - http://kidneythieves.com

02. Gothminister - Devil (Icon Of Coil Remix)
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/Gothminister website - http://www.gothminister.com

03. Covenant - Call The Ships To Port (Club Version)
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/covenant website - http://www.covenant.se

04. Diary Of Dreams: Sin Skinner
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/DiaryOfDreams website - http://www.diaryofdreams.de/en

05. Assemblage 23: Document
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/assemblage23 website - http://www.assemblage23.com

06. VNV Nation: Carbon
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/VNVnation website - http://www.anachronsounds.de

07. Icon Of Coil: Love As Blood
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/IconOfCoil website - https://www.facebook.com/IconOfCoilOfficial

08. Mesh: What Does It Cost You (no music link)
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/MeshOfficial website - http://www.mesh.co.uk/band

09. Imperative Reaction: Never Tomorrow
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/imperativereaction website - https://www.facebook.com/imperativereaction

10. Neuroticfish: It's Not Me
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/Neuroticfish website - http://www.neuroticfish.com

11. Zeromancer: Doctor Online (Rico Remix)
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/ZeromancerOfficial website - http://www.zeromancer.com

12. The Birthday Massacre: Horror Show
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/thebirthdaymassacre website - http://www.thebirthdaymassacre.com

13. Dismantled: Dystopia
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/dismantled website - https://www.facebook.com/dismantled

14. Apoptygma Berzerk: Until The End Of The World
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/apoptygmaberzerk website - http://www.theapboffice.com

15. Funker Vogt: Traumatic Event
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/FunkerVogt website - http://www.funkervogt.de

16. Decoded Feedback: Phoenix (Imperative Reaction Ressurection Remix) (no music link)
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/defcode website - http://www.decodedfeedback.com

17. [:SITD:] : Hurt (Club Version)
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/sitd website - http://www.sitd.de/en

18. Angels & Agony: Stormhead
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/angelsandagony website - https://www.facebook.com/AngelsAndAgony

19. KMFDM: Save Me
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/KMFDM website - http://www.kmfdm.net

20. Grendel: Contorted Angel
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/Grendel website - https://www.facebook.com/grendel.music

21. In Strict Confidence: When the Heart Starts to Bleed
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/instrictconfidence website - http://www.instrictconfidence.com/?lang=en

FULL PLAYLIST: http://www.podsnack.com/strickensigh/avh3gm53

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(Playlist #2) Industrial Revolution (2002)
January 17, 2015, 03:55:am
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Good stuff!

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January 15, 2015, 01:06:pm
What did you like and what didn't you like about the Industrial Revolution - 2001 post?




January 15, 2015, 02:33:pm
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Child labor bad...Rise of unions good. Good unions not like the crap we have now.

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(Playlist #1) Industrial Revolution (2001)
January 14, 2015, 12:02:pm
This is the first "playlist" in the Industrial Revolution series. I will be posting one of these every couple of days until I have reached the last one (Industrial Revolution: 15 Years of Revolution). Included is the "cover art" I put together, the track artist and title, link to their VF (if they have one), official website (if they have one), and a link to listen to the song. There is also a link at the very bottom to listen to the playlist in it's entirety. If you have any other info you'd like to see then let me know so I can add them to the future posts.


photo IR2001.png

01. Razed In Black: Oh My Goth!
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/razedinblack
website - http://www.razedinblack.net/

02. Apoptygma Berzerk: Starsign
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/apoptygmaberzerk
website - http://www.theapboffice.com/

03. Diary Of Dreams: Chemicals
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/DiaryOfDreams
website - http://www.diaryofdreams.de/en/

04. Rhea's Obsession: Dreaming Blade
VF - (none)
website - (none)

05. Icon Of Coil: Former Self
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/IconOfCoil
website - https://www.facebook.com/IconOfCoilOfficial

06. Gary Numan: Walking With Shadows
VF - (none)
website - http://www.numan.co.uk/

07. Kidneythieves: Zerospace
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/kidneythieves
website - http://kidneythieves.com/

08. Angels & Agony: Forever
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/angelsandagony
website - https://www.facebook.com/AngelsAndAgony

09. Neuroticfish: Wake Me Up (Club Edit)
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/Neuroticfish
website - http://www.neuroticfish.com/

10. Blutengel: Bloody Pleasures
VF - (none)
website - http://blutengel.de/

11. Switchblade Symphony: Naked Birthday (Gothtastic Mix)
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/Tina-Root
website - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Switchblade-Symphony/49695988580

12. Zeromancer: Clone Your Lover (Project Pitchfork Remix)
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/ZeromancerOfficial
website - http://www.zeromancer.com/

13. Funker Vogt: A Dream
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/FunkerVogt
website - http://www.funkervogt.de/

14. Absurd Minds: Silence (Can Be Fateful)
VF - (none)
website - http://www.absurdminds.de/

15. Front Line Assembly: Backlash
youtube - VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/FrontLineAssembly
website - http://www.mindphaser.com/

16. VNV Nation: Genesis (Icon Of Coil Version)
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/VNVnation
website - http://www.anachronsounds.de/

17. Assemblage 23: House On Fire
VF - http://vampirefreaks.com/assemblage23
website - http://www.assemblage23.com/

18. Snake Rive Conspiracy: Vulcan
VF - (none)
website - (none)

FULL PLAYLIST: http://www.podsnack.com/strickensigh/a1mszl0s

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January 13, 2015, 10:46:pm
Since the early 2000s I've made a yearly playlist I called "Industrial Revolution". Recently I've gone back and started reviewing the playlists of anywhere from 19 - 22 songs each, re-doing some "album covers" for them, and reminiscing. I was wondering (since these playlists go all the way from 2000 to 2014) who would be interested in me posting one of these playlists in my journal every couple of days so you can see what I was listening to at the time to inspire me and maybe find some new bands/artists you may like? Take the poll and let me know!!!


VERY interested     3 / 75.0%
Could be interesting but not sure...     1 / 25.0%
Not interested, but thanks anyway     0 / 0.0%

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Just an update
January 12, 2015, 11:16:pm
Just wanted to let everyone know, despite it being quiet on here I am still very much working on the new album... that's why it's been so quiet. LoL I'm actually in the process of writing a few more songs and then seeing how I feel about what I've got. Depending on how I feel about the songs so far I may write a couple more songs or just start finalizing the album. I'll keep everyone posted as the process continues.

Also, I'd like to take a moment to welcome all the new fans. Thank you all so much for your support. Remember, if you add one of my songs to your player then let me know so I can add you to my "kick-ass fans" section.


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Just an update
January 13, 2015, 12:59:am
:P I'll be sure to add one of your songs then. i can be rather kick ass


Just an update
January 13, 2015, 02:16:am
I will check it out.



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