VampireFreaks - Friends Journals en-us AdoreKitty: Omg A sequal to finding Nemo is coming out soon and its about Dory. :hyper. MistressXX: No Subject Every Rose Has It's Thorns (Mature/Seme Needed) Real Name: Makoto Shinji Stage Name: Raysel Age: 23 Sex: Male Orientation: Bisexual Personality: On stage and in public Makoto is known as Raysel: his outgoing, confident, and bubbly... sweet-angel: you need a bad girl to blow your mind Sat, 13 Feb 2016 05:54:24 EST I have to train karate today...but all I want is to lay in my sofa and be lazy...Yes Im Im not proud over it... Im gonna try to dress more sexy....I like skirts more then shorts...I just love Walking around in cute Little dresses...bu... Alias: [WIP] Natalya Quote Here. Base NameLauren Calaway Full NameNatalya Pronunciation: nahTAHLyah GenderFemale Age | Birthdate Twenty Six | Eye ColourBrown Sexual OrientationHeterosexual Family Status Job Class Barcode I.D. Why di... Grimless: No Subject Facelaim List Below you find a list of all faceclaims that are already taken. Due to our loss of this list because VF fucked up immensely; we ask you to notify us in case of any missing faceclaim. Go here to tell us which ones are missing. ... heyxshelby: What do I do when work is slow? Listen to epic character "theme" songs and make gifs. Yes. Good. Grimless: No Subject Hwan Nam Kyu [Hwan Heir] Faceclaim: Kim Namjoon/Rap Monster Name: Hwan Nam Kyu Age: 17 Gender: Male Height: 5'11 Orientation: Heterosexual Social class: Hwan Law Group; Elite School: Cheongdam High Scho... AvangelineChartruese: A real Emo Day Sat, 13 Feb 2016 05:54:24 EST Theres so much left to do. But today I just want the suffering to end. I tried really hard. Some would say too hard. Im pushing on each day. I promise you all I am giving 110% But Somedays I feel like maybe it is the end. Suffering p... Mistyvixen: Its time.. To get rid of the rubbish in my life.. Starting with ppl that sit on my friends lists here and don't at anything at all. teamox: Welp Sat, 13 Feb 2016 05:54:24 EST Going to be dealing with the courts now.. and not for putting my hands on somebody (thank god) and no i didnt do anything illigal. It just sucks that im gonna have to drop over 5 grand now. -_- CarefulWithThatBus: That moment when You walk into a room and there's the smell of used condom and a fart lingering in the air and all you can think is "Who the fuck burned out in the bedroom?" Emo_Nightmare: Another little rant.... Sat, 13 Feb 2016 05:54:24 EST Just as I started to learn to accept myself for the way I am and started to be a bit self confident you had to just completely fucking destroy my piece of mind. Thankyou becca_zero: Early valentine's day! Sat, 13 Feb 2016 05:54:24 EST Hello my lovlies! I hope you're all doing wonderful <3 I'm doing amazing! Me and my babe did valentine's day early and he gave me the most beautiful bracelet, stuffed pink hippo, glass bear, candies, little heart eyed emoji, and a stone h... Lokisaurus_K: I believe, cats have 9 lives. But will I see their final fate? Sat, 13 Feb 2016 05:54:24 EST Walking back from community service today, saw a dead cat on the side of the road. I wasn't saddened by this, instead I coyly spoke out loud, "see you on the next life". Went about my business, thinking in so many words what I've come ... raining_blood95: No Subject Sat, 13 Feb 2016 05:54:24 EST Feeling like a freak on a leash.