Rozz Williams documentary: Rikk Agnew- Breaking boundaries [Featured Site Content]
Jul 11, 2018, 05:37am

Hi guys, I don’t have an interview for you all because I have been backed up. I will soon. But in place, to make it up to you. I’m sharing with you another released clip by “Lethal Amounts” Documentary being made for Rozz Williams called spiritual cramp. Rikk Agnew is a former “Christian Death” member. He was also in “The Adolescents,” and played in many other bands like “D.I”, “45 Grave,” and “Social Distortion.” He’s a great guitarist, and a great human. Anyhow, he sat down and spoke about how “Christian Death” broke boundaries. A simple and short sentence he says is “It doesn’t matter, just express yourself.” Don’t let people tell you how you should be guys, love you, love who you are and be you!
Who is/was Rozz Williams? He was an artist of many forms, a multi instrument talented person, his music has helped many people get through a lot (just like other bands), he is someone that was who he was, he was just Rozz. He shared music, and committed suicide April 4th, 1998. Anyways this documentary being made by Lethal Amounts is part of history, and I’m excited to show you another sneak peek of the documentary. If you like seeing these, I’ll continue sharing sneak peeks.

The campaign for this is still up, and we still have tons of goodies to give out. If you make a pledge to help make history by supporting the documentary and you send us proof of purchase to this email we will send you free stuff. And we have a lot of stuff to give out.
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