Daily Minute Plus - 2
Mar 08, 2018, 05:23pm

So, I couldnt sleep earlier, due to insomnia (which is caused by my ADD tbh) and my brain not shutting up, so I decided to do my video then (because it really wasnt that early. Like 5:30am and thats today sooo lol) and just post it a little later in the day!
I had thought about showing yall around one part of my work area but I was like, well, today ill be working on dreads so why not show kind of what im working on before I even start? Like my plans for them! lol
So heres todays minute + video! I hope yall enjoy!
Do any of you suffer from insomnia?
I was diagnosed at around 17 and have just kind of dealt with it, because I didnt like meds back then and didnt really NEED them super bad. Now I kind of do, on some rare days. xD
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Mar 08, 2018, 07:05pm
inktCode That stinks. Im sorry you deal with all of that.
I just have more mild issues like the ADD, insomnia and really really horrible memory issues...
Though I think that the last two are due to the ADD.. >__>