life! (friends,interests,events,etc)
Nov 15, 2017, 07:59am
(sorry i posted this earlier)
today i had my spottily on shuffle and while getting stuff around for class. One of my favorite songs comes one korn fake and i remember meeting the lead singer jonathan davis back in 2014. the time i got to spend with him was amazing he is the most humble person i have ever meet and i told him how much his music has helped me. while i was telling him about what songs have helped me in life i started getting choked up and he just gives me this big hug and said how happy he is that the his music helped me etc. just that day and meeting one of my favorite singers of all time and having a conversation with him was the best thing ever. i really just want to say thank you to him and music in general for everything it has done for me! hearts
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