Ever hear the one of the Witch who loved the Werewolf?...
Nov 12, 2017, 02:29am
Have I ever told you about the witch who fell in love with the werewolf? She was often enough a mess; physically and mentally. But his passion and empathic powers held her close. Made her laugh. Made her feel loved and be in love. Made her more honest. Made her feel this high she has never felt before. No matter how crazy her life can be, no matter how much she screws up her life, he's there for her to rescue her, to listen to her. The witch wondered how she came to deserve this amazing, handsome, adorable, passionate, talented, dorky man. This man she loves and adores. She hopes she will never know what it's like to never have him in her life and heart.

There's no point to this. Just that I adore my Remy. He's this amazing person who supports me, listens to me, makes me laugh, and pushes me the right amount to be me and live my life. Even when our dates are interrupted by a killer headache; he's there with tea and a head massage. And when the movie we were going to see for a re-do of the date is sold out, he brings over some silly films for us to watch and cuddle to. And even when either one of us have something to say that's awkward or serious, we have a real discussion. This witch who often fell for 'bad-boy' vampires or normal humans, have found a soul-mate in an empathic werewolf (who says he's part demon, LOL)..
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