Is there a Difference??? (TheVampirePrincess)
Sep 04, 2017, 12:20am
Jenson Donavin | Ghost Phoenix Age: 25 Eye Color | Hair Color Black Hair | Dark brown
Likes Riding his motor cycle, the performing arts center, going out to the movies, cooking dinner, woman who can handle themselves
Height | Weight6'1 | 210 (Muscular)
Species Human
Gender | Orientation Male | Straight
Spending his money in a greedy manner, Damsel in Distress (Doesn't find them to be attractive), staying put, obviously crime
About the Character

The Vigilante known as Ghost Phoenix is just as good as his equipment.
One of his many weapons is a custom made shotgun, and he calls it Phoenix Blaster What make this gun custom, is that fact he can switch it from normal to semi automatic.
Another set of weapons he has is his dual custom made desert eagles known as Phoenix Talons. The butt of these guns aren't normal, they have a weighted build much like a small hammer head.
Like every good hero/vigilante their uniform is part of their signature... and Ghost Phoenix isn't any different. His bullet proof vest is like all else custom made to take on heavy fire from heavy calibur guns, along with his armor like pants. Phoenix Vest. His symbol (in which you see to the right), is located on the steel center of the vest. Now how else to make himself look cool and intimadating an awesome line of his trench coat Oh yes almost forgot about his mode of transportation... the Pheonix Cycle.Biography: Jenson was born to Gregory and Joann Donavin, one of the few wealthy families in New York City. In the public, the Donavin's are known to be generous with their money, and will try to give back to the city. Yet the true face of the Donavin Family, is known in the criminal ring. During his youth, Jenson was raised by his loving mother Joann, who always was in the public's eye. Also during his youthful days, he was in a private school, and he was also enrolled in Mixed Martial Arts so he wouldn't ask so much about his father. By the time he was tweleve he was a black belt in his class, and he was a head of his own class. It was also at this age that he started to learn on how to socialize much like his mother, and father when he was indeed around. At the age of seventeen though was when he finally discovered the true face of his family, and the company known as Vin Corp. He accidentally walked in on his father during a meeting between other crime bosses, and learned how they were using Vin Corp assets to do what they have done for years. (Events after this will be learned during the rp)

After what is was called a horrible accident, when it came to his father's death, he was named successor to the company. Instead of doing what his father most likely had planned for him, he took a whole new route. He started to give back to the community, and spent actual time out in the Big Apple, trying to help, in hopes to cover the guilty knowledge of what his father truely was. (The events of him coming up with his super hero identity will be told through out the rp)

Plot: Crime in the Big Apple had taken a large hit since Ghost Phoenix has appeared helping out the police department as much as he can. Lately, Ghost Phoenix's target has been focused on the very same Crime Syndicate that Gregory Donavin was part of, with the help of the police and resources from "Jenson Donavin" he's been making head way though the filfhty crime underworld. What he doesn't know though is that this very syndicate has access to other like him in order to bring him down.
While the gears are turning in the underworld, New York's most eligable man Jenson is doing what he can to help out his home city. Which includes going to an exclusive dinner where he meets YC, a woman with style, body, and brains. At this chance meeting Jenson and YC hit it right off, talking about politics, the city, adventures, and much much more. In the end of the dinner, Jenson is taken with the woman. So before he leaves he decides to ask YC out on a date, in hopes that a relationship between these two can blossom.
That very night though, while patroling the streets as his night persona, Ghost Phoenix he meets someone who can give him a run for his money. A woman dressed in some kind of revealing, yet still disguising wear waiting for him while he's on route to stop a crime. It is during this first encounter that Ghost Phoenix finds himself a match and an enemy.
Through out some more encounters, he will soon start to feel more of a sexual appeal to her during and after each fight, and this starts to seep into his daily life as Jenson. Trying keep his mind focused on his current girl friend, and his personal mission as Ghost Phoenix.
Can he come up with a plan to do this? or will he fail at both and allow either his sexual desires to wreck him, and allow her to kill him?
What I am looking for in a character
* YC's Pic must be a real person. No Anime, Sketches, or Selfies or friends.
* YC's age must be between the ages of 21 - 26
* YC is Ghost Phoenix's new enemy/and girl friend
* Come up with a creative history of how she became this way
* Name, personality is all up to you
* You can base her off of other female super villans, but you cannot use any of them
What I am looking for in a partner
* Since this rp has the potential to become mature, My rp partner must be mature enough to do it.
* Use proper grammer and correct spelling please. The only time I will accept Text Talk is if YC is texting someone
* Be creative and detailed in your posts
* Posts must at least be a paragraph long
* If you have any ideas or questions that you want to run by me, the Inbox me
* Have Fun</font>
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Sep 04, 2017, 12:24am
This in the city of opportunity,

Julia Maroni
Birth Place:
Current location:
Marital status:
Italian American
Physical description:
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair: light brown/blonde
Eye color: Blue/Grey
Skin color: Slightly pale
Scars: None
Tattoos: None
Piercings: Just her ears

Julia is a very sweet but vindictive girl. She is very seductive but that's only because if any man touches out looks at her wrong daddy will have them taken care of. She is a huge daddy's girl and does her best to please him. Just like her father she has an in insatiable desire for power.

Religious Views: Christian
Political Views: She doesn't care about politics, that's her father's business.
Favorite Color: Deep reds and pinks
Favorite Food: Lasagna
Favorite Candy: Chocolate, especially over fruit
Favorite Movie: Rose Red
Favorite Book: Gathering Blue
Favorite Quote: "You can't have organized crime without law and order."
Favorite Song:"What goes around comes around" - Justin Timberlake
Theme Song:"Who run the world" - Beyonce
High heel shoes or pumps
☥Dresses that complement her body
☥Fast cars
☥Hot guys
Cats and dogs

☥Raw food
☥Being bossed around
☥Getting dirty
People that act like something they aren't
People that only come around for daddy's money
Girls with no self respect
•Losing her money
•Losing hey job
•Falcone getting an upper hand on her family
•Boats not to be confused with ships though, she loves those
•Gaining weight
Julia wants to be there best model of her time. She tries herself on her looks and makes sure she is flawless every time she goes out. Julia makes sure that she has the best agent money can buy and books photoshoots all over the place.

Quirks, habits, and oddities:
•She often plays in her hair when talking to people.
•She exaggerates some of her movements for show.
•When bored she will play around with facial expressions.
•She is always brushing out doing her hair.
•Looks at herself in any reflective surface constantly.
•Bites her lip when she knows she is lying.
•circles her fingers around each other when nervous.

•Taking pictures
•Spending time with her father

Julia's family consist only if her father. She never knew her mother and never cared to. She is an only child (the only one being cared for by her father anyways). Other than that she sees the Maroni crime family as her own. They all look out for her and she is practically the princess. What ever she wants they will get or do for her.
Julia was a product of a one night stand. Her mother was a whore that Maroni had taken for a night. When it was found out the woman was pregnant he didn't care at first. It wasn't until he first laid eyes on the baby girl that he decided to care for her. He paid the woman off and took Julia into his home. Julia was taken care of by a nanny hired and background checked. Growing up was fun for her. She got everything she wanted and more. Although she didn't know her mother, Julia was close to get farther. She cherished every moment with him and did her best to make him proud. She was always a beautiful girl and was very brigh. Being homeschooled was the only way Maroni could keep Julia safe. Living a life of crime made it risky for him to trust anyone but his closest members with Julia.

During her highschool days, Julia begged to go to a real school. Comprising Maroni sent her to a private school that was heavily guarded. She couldn't go no where without two of his henchmen at her side. No one dared to mess with her because of the name she carried. When Jule finally graduated she was above average thanks to the high paid tutors she had. Julia started to make a name for herself just months after graduation. She not only helped out with her father but she became a model as well. A big deal came in for her when she turned 19 and she left overseas to Italy. There her modeling career took off and she became well known. It wasn't until she turned 22 that she finally decided to come back home to Gotham. Although her father asked her to stay away she just couldn't. The city wasn't the same anymore. With the Wayne's dread the city seemed to be turned up side down. When her father took on Cobblepot, Julia formed a bond with the boy becoming best friends.

It wasn't shortly after that her father decided it was time for her to take part in the family business. He taught her everything he knew and told her how to maintain her status. Not long after her training, Julia was sent off to a new state. Her father already had deep roots there and she was already set to take over. Armed with several bodyguards and her own people to command, Julia was ready to take up the life she was born for. She was determined to make great things happen for them.

That is, if you make the right choice.
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Sep 08, 2017, 06:03pm
It was the declining motion of the plane was what woke up Jenson from his nap, while he was waking up he looked out the window to see the city of Gotham. 'What a reason to come see the Gotham Branch of my company....' he thought to himself, 'the gang that has been causing my city so much grief had moved here in order to be hidden by the Maroni Family.'. As the wheels made contact of the concrete, Jenson stood up and walked over to the door.
Once it stopped the door opened and Jenson walked down and greeted those who were in charge of the Gotham Branch. "Mister Davis, how are you today?" Jenson said as he held out his hand.
Mr Davis indeed took his hand and shook it, "I am doing well thank you, I am glad to see you here... though I may say it's a surprise."
"Yeah, well I needed to see how things are here." he admitted and looked around, "So for now I will let you guys do what you need today without interruptions as I go settle in my company penthouse." He said and nodded.

Hours went by before Jenson was out on the town, at this moment he was completely ready for anything that would call upon his Alter Ego's prescense. The city itself was just as entertaining as New York, but he wasn't really looking for entertainment. He was looking for something to eat, when he found a resturant that was in the italian style. He walked in and took a seat waited for the waitress.
Sep 09, 2017, 10:06pm
(photo bucket ruined all my pics for every character I made so sorry about that)

Julia spent the morning wrapped in her pink silk blankets. In reality she was supposed to be away 2 hours prior to go with her father to a meeting with Fish Moony. Julia pulled the sheet from her face and looked out at the blinding sun beaming through her window. A small yawn escaped her lips as she slowly pulled herself up from her bed and grabbed her phone. "Shit...he is going to kill me." she said as she rushed to get dressed.

Julia pulled on a pair of dark blue jeans and a red ruffled shirt. Her long hair rested at her shoulders and she put on very little make up to hide the sleepy look that plagued her. Another yawn escaped as she slipped into her red pumps before leaving. "You're father is going to kill you" sang Penguin as he walked over to Julia who was leaving her room. She rolled her eyes and just smirked. "Not before he kills you," she teased as they started to walk down the main hall.

"How did the meeting go? Was he really upset I didn't show?" she asked looking over at her friend. Penguin shrugged and shook his head. "He was not that upset but he might want a few words with you. Good luck," he replied giving Julia a light nudge. Julia sighed and nodded. She pushed open the brass double doors to the dining her. Her father sat at the head of the table and motions for her to sit down.

The table was covered in food for the dinner party he was setting up for tonight. He was getting ready to make the announcement of Julia's involvement in the business and introducing some new people from out of town. Julia took a seat next to her father and looked down. "I kno-" before she could even finish he cut her off.

"Julia I asked you to take part in all of this because our legacy needs to continue. You are my only child and the only person who can carry on the family name." he began to say. After a long history lesson and a brief scolding, Julia was allowed to leave. She said nothing and quietly slipped through the doors.

She needed to get away from everything. Julia left the house giving her guards the slip and headed out to an old Italian restaurant that her old teacher once owned. It was the only place she could go undetected. It took Julia nearly 20 minutes to get there because she had to take back roads and wait for her fathers goons to leave some areas. Parking a block away, Julia walked the rest to the restaurant and walked in to find herself a table.
Dec 27, 2017, 09:17pm
Just after the Julia walked into the restaurant Jenson walked in soon after her, he honestly was in the mood for Italian foods. He couldn't help but admire the woman in front of him. With a light chuckle he walked up to her and lightly tapped her shoulder, "I am sorry for being so forward, would you mind sharing a table with me? That is you don't have a boyfriend that would try to punch my lights out?"
Dec 28, 2017, 08:53am
Julia was in her own little world as she tried to sort out everything around her. Her mind was lost and her heart confused. She knew what she had to do but could she actually do it? Her father's shoes were big to fill and Julia wanted to make him proud. A small sigh slipped past her lips and her thoughts quickly interrupted when she felt a tap on her shoulder. Jumping, Julia was startled by the action and turned around. Honestly, she was expecting to see one of her father's lackeys but it turned out to be a random man. She was taken back by how attractive he was and couldn't help and crack a slightly seductive smirk.

"Sure, I could use the company." she said in a soft voice. When the waiter came to seat her, she informed him that the man would be joining her at her table. The waiter gave a nod and walked them over to a round booth with red velvet seats. The light was slightly dim and there was gold trimming around the table itself. Sliding into the seat, Julia crossed one leg over the other and picked up her menu.

The water pulled out his notepad and pen once they were seated and looked at them. "Shall we start with drinks?" he asked looking at the man and then to Julia. Taking a moment to look at her options, Julia then looked to the waiter. "I will have a glass of Kai Carmenère and might as well bring the whole bottle as well on ice." she said before looking back to her menu but this time for food. The waiter wrote down the order and then turned to the man. "And you sir?" he asked.
Dec 28, 2017, 11:19pm
Once they were in the booth, and the woman ordered he smiled. "Actually make that two." he said with a knowing tone in his voice. Once the waiter was gone, Jenson leaned against the back and looked at his new companion. "My name is Jenson Donavin, of Vin Industries." he said with a slight bow.
Dec 29, 2017, 08:40am
Julia looked to the man as he introduced himself and flashed another light smile. "My name is Julia." she said as she got comfortable in her seat. Tucking a few loose hairs behind her ear, Julia grew curious. "So what brings you to Gotham? I've lived here my whole life and don't recall ever seeing you." she said as she leaned forward, resting her elbows on the table.
Dec 29, 2017, 08:46am
"Business Matters, and pleasure." he said with a small smile, "my company has a sister branch here that I am here to make sure it starts on the right foot" Jenson added as he watched her take interest, "originally I am from New York."
Dec 29, 2017, 08:42pm
"New York huh?" she said as she shifted in her seat. "I had a small vacation there once. It's a very lively place." she added. Julia recalled how active the city was and how beautiful the tall buildings were. She always appreciated good architecture. The water finally returned and set two glasses down before opening the bottle of wine. He pour each of them one before setting it in the bucket of ice. "Would you like to order now or did you need more time?" he asked both of them.
Apr 27, 2018, 08:25am
Jenson smiled as he watched the wine get poured and looked at the waiter and ordered his dish, he then returned his attention to the woman in front of him. She indeed was someone to admire, just wondered what was her secret was, for everyone had secrets, may not be the whole alter ego thing but there is always a secret. "Oh? Then I suppose you heard of the big apple's Ghost Phoenix huh?" he said as he took a small sip from his glass.
May 22, 2018, 01:01pm
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May 22, 2018, 01:13pm
Julia raised her glass to her lips and took a sip before setting it back down at the table. As Jenson ordered his food, she looked over the menu once more before finally placing her order. The waiter wrote everything down before taking their menus and walking off. Her attention turned back to the man in front of her and tilted her head at his question. "No, I can't say I have heard," she said intrigued. Julia shifted her position in her seat and leaned forward a little so her arms rested on the table. As they sat there, she couldn't help but look over him. There was something so interesting and mysterious about this man. She found herself wanting to know more about this new face.
May 26, 2018, 05:35pm
He smiled and leaned back for a moment or two, "Thank God, I am always asked about the crazy guy." he said just before he took a sip of his wine, "I mean just because I live in the same city as him doesn't mean I know anything about him other than his is breaking the law." he added to his little explanation.
"Anyways, tell me a little about you gorgeous.... I would like to know more."