My love for the alternative world! And a bit about myself.
Aug 24, 2017, 10:00am
Hi there! I'm not really one for small talk, just to get started, but in case you want to know a little bit about myself, perhaps you can start any conversations with me in knowing a bit about myself! I have actually been a part of vampire freaks for about seven years- when I was only 14 years old, yes! But what brought me here?
I first discovered that I was in love with gothic subcultures when I was only a little girl- I didn't even realize what alternative fashion was. But I did see movies and people who were all dressed in dark attire and I would stare at these women all starry eyed. Having a daddy for a preacher, I was always suppressed to express my fashion and love for this dark world. Instead, I would express this through my art.
At the age of seven, my twin sister drew a picture (of all the things she could have drawn) of pikachu! For a seven year old never having even attempted drawing before, she drew what seemed like an identical picture in my eyes. So, I too picked up a pencil and together we began drawing all of our days away. In time, we became quite the impressive artists! Her moreso than myself. I had a finer ear for music than I did brushes. Anyways, I would draw characters of a woman who looks very much like myself today- just without the giant scythe! Haha. She wore black dresses, fishnets and had long black hair with winged eyeliner (before winged eyeliner was much of a thing). I made an entire story of her for years. I stopped writing her story somewhere around mid highschool, when my brain could no longer comprehend how to interpret a seven year old girls imagination with a woman's mind.

I did manage to live with my mother for a bit where I was gifted a short period of expression. Which was really the only benefit of living with mother, which is entirely too personal a story to share, haha. I obtained all kinds of things! Learned a lot of hard things living there too. But overall, this is when my knowledge of the alternative world became greater. While there are many alternative fashions, I always loved the gothic culture most. My favorites were industrial, romantic and traditional goth which kind of formed my look today. Hate me, but I could never get into the tradition music! The look is great but the music... It isn't awful, but I just prefer more melodic pieces. :-)

From this point, I had my first photoshoot at the age of 14. It was extremely awkward. It was with a dude and his wife from church who took me to the back of some rich guys yard that was filled with trees. My makeup skills were absolutely horrendous back then, but we managed to get a few good shots (and I will create an album with a few of these to show just what I mean). I didn't have another photoshoot up until senior pictures (if you want to call that a photoshoot)... That was also horrendous. Not only because of my makeup this time! But because I was living with my father the second time around again and he changed his rules to 'You can't wear more than one black item at a time'. I had on this typical maroon colored t-shirt with black pants and platform boots. Which was kind of hilarious. I also had braces and cut my own 'v fringe'. Which turned out awful because no one in that small town could cut it any better than I could. Hahaha. I will have to post a picture of this! It was just miserable, I swear.

Finally, when I got to the point of modeling again, I was just finishing my first year of college. I never started a second because of how my life decided to fall into place, but I was living with an ex at the time and my twin sister would often come over and take photos of me -using the ex's camera- in my dresses and outfits I obtained through working a short term job down there. I was about 18 years old. This was on and off up until I became pregnant with my first child. I had decided after I got my prepregnancy body back a few weeks after having him that I would begin taking modeling seriously. I contacted my first photographer, Luke Guinn Photography, and we modeled an outfit I put together using very affordable websites. You can actually make art out of something very cheap if you look in the right places! If you have any questions for affordable gothic material, feel free to ask! As a stay at home mother, I don't have a dime and I've manage to score some deals. Anyways, this photoshoot is what brought me on the map. The entire shoot did so well on my social platforms and helped gain over 5K followers along on Instagram. (Not trying to brag! It just did that well!) There, I did a couple more shoots with Luke again until I got pregnant with my second child.

After I had her, my first company contacted me for collaboration (Dark In Love) and I decided that I would model their work. This is the point that I began having company after company contact me and I would contact many other in return and proceed to create a career out of this. I worked for years to finally become a vampirefreaks model, and was declined a few times (using senior pictures and crappy goth makeup pictures just wouldn't cut it, I am afraid! Haha). I am beyond honored finally to have been accepted into these vampy beauties.

So a little bit about myself? I play the flute, sing between operatic and power tones (I am fond of symphonic/black metal!) and I also love to play the piano. I used to be one of the very best flute players in the state, landing in third while in college competitions, however, I decided to take on modeling instead and give up my abilities for my recreational music, being as a mother I do not have time for both. You can find a little bit of my music on youtube and I am sure I will upload a video from time to time on here as well!
I'm not a married woman, but I am with the man of my dreams- I often refer to him as my husband to emphasize the seriousness of our relationship. Haha. I'm sure many women in my position do so as well. We have two children together- Vincent and Lillian. I believe that is all that we will have, honestly.
I don't have hardly a friend where I live. Not for the lack of gothic folk around here- There aren't many!- but simply that I don't have the time outside of my home and family. That is alright too! But I'm always open to talking with others online.
I dislike speaking on religious, political and controversial matters because they only bring walls between people. I don't enjoy discussing strong opinions with others- it makes me uncomfortable and prying will really only make me dislike the consistent effort and shut off communication. No offense! It just isn't my thing. Deep conversation only ever goes well if the other person isn't taking anything personally- typically 9/10 times. I don't like to take that risk! Haha.
I love video games! Skyrim is extremely fun, of course. But some of my favorites are Zelda OOT, GTA 5, Sims (all of them!), Dark Cloud, Shadow Hearts 1/2, Final Fantasy 10, 4, 15, Gauntlet, Fable 2, Tekken 6, Zelda Twilight Princess, Star Ocean: The Second Story, Guitar Hero 3 (better than I should have been at that game), Silent Hill 2, Jak and Daxter, Kingdom Hearts 2, Bully, Devil May Cry, Dragon Age Inquisition, Shadow of Mordor, The Last Guardian and Super Smash Bros.
Some of my favorite bands (even though I could list hundreds) are:
Alrakis, Mechina, Beyond Creation, Raphumets Well, Craft, Epica, Kamelot (Roy Khan preferably), Iced Earth (Matt Barlow as well), Morbid Angel, Eternal Tears of Sorrow, Tristania, Nighwish, Symphony X, Divine Disorder, Sonata Arctica, Carach Angren, Emperor, COF, Behemoth, early Satyricon, King Diamond, Xasthur, Carpathian Forest, Nile (depending on the album), Obituary, Obscura, gosh. Way too many to list.

I hope you have enjoyed reading a little bit about me! Take care for now and have a batty day. Xxx
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Aug 24, 2017, 10:12am
I'm glad that we are buds.
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