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Feb 03, 2017, 05:29pm

Following the success of his first single, artist & DJ RAY NOIR from Norway - now residing in London- has released his new single and accompanying video 'ALL ALONE', a dark pop hymn about a break-up and the anger that comes with it. Now available February 3 on iTunes and Spotify

For those new to the sound of Ray Noir, would you say this new “All Alone” single release would be a great introduction?
Yeah I would say so, even though my debut single was a bit harder and more industrial a mix between Marilyn Manson and The Prodigy, they both have a club feel to them.

“All Alone” has a wonderfully catchy rhythmic style to it, a very anthemic club sound. Is the single aimed at those in club culture?
I've been in the club culture for many years now, so I do take a lot of inspiration from there for my music, but also the 80's synth-pop bands, industrial scene and even pop music.

The Phaszed Remix is very well done- How did you select which remixes were going to work for the “All Alone” single?
For Phaszed I found an unofficial remix he has done of 'This Is The New Shit' by Marilyn Manson on Soundcloud and I absolutely loved it! I sent him a message there and asked if he would be interested in doing a remix for 'All Alone' which he was :-) For the Vive La Fete remix I met them at a one of their concerts years ago in Oslo in Norway. I've been a long time fan of the band and for the single I thought they would be perfect to do a remix. Parnix has been working with me on co-remixing Jack Strify and Mariann Rosa with me before as well as he did a remix of 'Double Trouble' which I loved.

The video to “All Alone” looks amazing. How did you start working with director Kassandra Powell?
We met at parties in London, I've been a fan of her style since I saw it and we share a lot of the same inspiration when it comes to the creative work. I'm definitly working with her again for another video.

The “All Alone” video also features a number of supporting characters. Are they also from the London area?
Yeah most of them are well known London people like the Drag Queens and performance artists Virgin Extravaganzah and Lewis G Burton and Burlesque/Circus artist Bambi Blue. The Austrian internet sensation and rapper Candy Ken happened to be in London when we shot the video.

Will there by any more fantastic upcoming works in 2017?
I've made some more music with Frankmusik who produced 'Double Trouble'. I just need to make a music video for it should come out later this year. I've also been in touch with other producer I wanna work with, so hopefully I will have an EP out later this year.

What is your opinion of the overall culture of dark alternative music and its genres?
That's where I come from, I haven't been much in the scene for the last years though, but when I do go to parties like Slime Light in London I have so much fun though. Here in London you don't really see people from the dark scene anymore, which is a shame as I believe sub-cultures is important. It gets a bit boring if everyone listen and likes the same things.

Grab a copy of Ray Noir’s new “All Alone” now on iTunes and Spotify!

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