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These selections are the ones which have been played out in clubs and broadcast on radio worldwide and have garnered the most acclaim directly from music lovers and fans everywhere, from the dance floor to online social media. Ranging in a wide array of alternative electronic dance genres from Synthpop to Synthwave, Industrial Club music, Electropop to EBM. These are the top picks of 2016!

Best Music Labels of 2016:

Negative Gain Productions
What a fantastic year for NGP and an amazing roster of artists that have been highlighted this year- with Kanga, Strvngers, The Rain Within and more, this label has become the one whose releases I highly anticipate for the upcoming year!

This RU label has shown tremendous growth and development in 2016, both with their current and developing roster.

Blind Mice Productions
Pete Crane’s [of Shiv-r] digital label from Australia, with a musically & artistic diverse roster from around the globe. Can’t wait to see what BMP does for the new year!

Best Music Albums of 2016:

Diorama- Zero Soldier Army
The return of Diorama in such a major way. This release is a monster, each track given such meticulous work & care in every level of production, each track is amazing.

Kanga- Kanga
Best premiere of a new artist I’ve heard in quite some time, with well polished mixing & mastering work by Rhys Fulber & Greg Reely (Front Line Assembly) and one of the stellar releases mentioned on the Negative Gain Productions label. If you haven’t taken a listen to this entire album yet I highly suggest you don’t wait!

Schuber- The Me I See
The keyboardist of Project Pitchfork’s solo album and it’s one of the strong releases that snuck up on me, it’s amazing how strong, thoughtful and catchy this entire album is even after repeat. This seems to be a very autobiographical album somehow, the chords struck seem personal and very meaningful.

Terrolokaust- Dissensions
With each new release Terrolokaust’s sound & production work are honed & sharpened to such a degree it’s astounding. The latest project album Dissensions hits like the equivalent of a major label’s flagship release, showcasing the best of todays alternative electronic, Electro-Rock and EBM mixture. Love this one!

Best Songs of 2016:

I couldn’t be more in awe of how much great new music was released this year. Normally I have no problem with narrowing the best selections down to a top 20 or 25 but this year, try as I might- and believe me, I really wanted to narrow this list down- So here they all are: ALL of the top Industrial Club music tracks of 2016 (in order from artists A-Z)!

Arctic Sunrise- 200 Souls (Micheletto Remix)
Army Of The Universe- Nobody 2.0
Assemblage 23- Barren
Beborn Beton- She Cried (Extended Club Remix)
Covenant- If I Give My Soul
DaGeist- Demons Time
De/Vision- Where’s the Light
Delorra- Lost
Diorama- Amnesia Club
Dismantled- The Hero (Noonattac Club Mix)
Diversant:13- Man Made God
Eisfabrik- Hell Is Made Of Ice
Ghostfeeder- Let the Wolves Inside
Hunger- Save Your Mind
IIOIOIOII- One Moment (Nature of Wires Remix)
KANGA- Going Red
Le Matos- Like Faith Or Some Shit
Lights Of Euphoria- Stripped (Featuring Soman)
Liquid Newt- Walk With Scars (Remix)
Loewenhertz- Irgendwann (Album Version)
Me The Tiger- Pocked Sized Edition Ending (Second System Remix)
Mesh- Kill Your Darlings (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
Neuroticfish- Agony (Aesthetische Remix)
NOISUF-X- I Kick Your Fucking Teeth In
The Rain Within- Innocent
Raydar- Elation
Reaper- Farewell
RIOTLEGION- The Revolution Will Not Be Synthesized (Benjamin'sPlague Remix)
Rotersand- Hey You
Ruined Conflict- Freedom
Schuber- Lover’s Breath
Sirus- Full Scale Revolt
Sono- Cupid
Stilz- Meant To Be
STOPPENBERG- Radioactive
Strvngers- Tension
The Sweetest Condition- Vices
Terrolokaust- One Day
Vore Aurora- In, Out and Thru
Wait and See- Drive (feat. Ferocity Kills)
Worsaw- Raise Your Fists
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