Germany Club Paradox Day 1
Sep 10, 2016, 03:42am
Well, 6 months passed since I was at our club in Germany.
It's always an adventure to go to Paradox but this time, it was such an stressfull one.

We departed at 9 in the morning direction Germany but after 30 minutes, I noticed a problem with my Back tire on the right side. There was a bump on it.
After calling the garage, they suggested to remove the wheel and replace it with the spare one.
As we were retrieving the spare tire, we noticed that the max speed on my spare tire was only 80km/h.
If I drove with that to germany, we would still be driving...

I decided to go back home and find the tire center and change the tires, so I did and bought 2 new tires.

While being delayed 1 hour as the tires were changed, we were back on the road in full spirit.
Until we hit Brussels... it seems fate saved us from what could have been a horrible accident.
There was a truck on it's side in the middle of the road, causing a traffic stall of 1.20 hours.
When we do the math, if I did not return to get my tires changed, we could have been extactly at the spot when the truck got on it's side... freaky...

After being stalled for 1.20 hours, traffic got moving again and we entered germany... for the next 7 hours....

There was an unusual amount of traffic in germany this time.
There were accidents, road stalls, delayments,... it was horrible BUT we made it.
After a 10 hour drive and a quick stop at burger king, we arrived at the hotel.

After a quick shower, we went to have some food with our friends and organisers from paradox and got back to the hotel for a nice, long, well deserved sleep... sleep.... sleep...