I did it!!
Mar 08, 2016, 05:20am
I interviewed the band. It was so hard sitting next to Chrisand asking him questions while he looked at me though. I froze up and forgot to move my mic back and forth bbut I still got good audio. Half way through the interview, fans came outside and found us. They were watching me. It was so crazy! I'm just glad I got my first interview knocked the fuck out! I just have some editing to do now. I have never felt so happy and accomplished before! I mean.. Yeah it wasn't a popular band or anything but it was a start.
I met so many people and handed out so many businesses cards that I am hoping that I gain a few more followers and subscribers.
Brokencyde gave me a poster, Challenger gave me a badass shirt, and this really nice rapper gave me his CD for free and I ran out of business cards so he wrote my name on his tube of deodorant lol #thestruggle.
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