TBT VF Edition
Dec 17, 2015, 11:51pm
One of my fondest memories (Yeah, I know it isn't that far back) were all the opportunites and chances I had rocking out with the VF Crew ( Jet, JC, Vasa, and many many others)

I was able to attend my very first COMIC CON in Boston nonetheless thanks to Jet and the VF staff.
I was able to work, enjoy and just be around amazing people.

Not long after, NYCC (New York Comic Con) happened and I was again invited to help out the VF booth.

I was taken to many FUCKING AMAZING events and partied the night away with the lovelies. We all had some crazy times at these events. Weather we walked out tired or stumbled out singing 80's hits.

All these memories I will cherish as long as I roam this world. Thank you for all the wonderful times, the funny times and all those times we did cocaine and banged hookers.

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