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October 27, 2011, 07:39pm

"A Serbian Film" [WARNING]
I love my horror movies and suspense thrillers and rarely do I come across a movie that makes me uncomfortable watching it. I've sat through The Hills Have Eyes, Cannibal Holocaust, Ichi the Killer and (though it took me 4 attempts to get through the rape scene) I Spit on Your Grave.

All of these have since been trumped by A Serbian Film.

And watching this movie, you start to wonder just how mentally healthy you are as you sit through the scenes of pseudo-pedophilia, rape and repeated beatings, excessive drug use and eventual child rape.

Yes, you read that right. The child rape includes a scene with a newborn baby, which you have to constantly remind yourself "This shit isnt real, it's not fucking real."

I know the "WARNING" might have caught your attention but are you regretting it yet?

This film disturbed me in a way that none of the above mentioned movies have.

So a man is a former porn star and not a lot of money is coming in for this now-married (to a gorgeous wife) and now-father (which the movie opens up with his five-year-old son watching one of daddies porno flicks). Okay, we've all had our stints with porn as children (playboy, penthouse, hustler, or maybe stumbling across one of big brother's really hardcore magazines). But when you're watching your own dad act in a porn flick, I dont think that's something any of us want to witness. Thankfully, the son is a tad too young to really grasp that yes, that's dad fucking a bunch of chicks.

Anyway, the father is contacted by one of his old pornstar buddies about a project that some renowned director is creating. The catch is that the father cant know what the entire project will entail, and even his porn buddy cant divulge much. It leaves him shaky but his wife encourages him. She, in truth, does love him and isnt with him for the money, but both of them acknowledge that they need the cash. So the man signs the contract.

On a daily basis, he's picked up in a silver car and wheeled to the shoot, though the first snippet of shooting takes place at an orphanage. And while the guy's getting his dick sucked by a woman who was previously emotionally abusing her child, that same child is dressed as Alice (in Wonderland) and is sitting primly in a chair, watching.

Anyone thinking that's a tad fucked up yet?

Not to mention that later in the movie, the man (in a heavy drug-induced fit) beats this same woman, chops her head off with a machete and continues fucking her headless, lifeless corpse. But that's after numerous other screwed up scenes.

Things eventually get to be too much for the man to handle and he tries to flee, to escape the director's stranglehold. When he approaches the director (after having his cop brother do some research on the director), the director shows him a film of a woman giving birth. There's a man there helping her deliver and then promptly drops his drawers. Again, it isnt real. It isnt real. If the images dont get you (there's no visible penetration but it doesnt take a rocket scientist), the baby's crying sure as hell will.

It isnt real.

The man flees but as he drives away, something overcomes him. A random hot chick dressed a nurse appears to the man at a 4-way stop and she gets in his car and tries to seduce him. The next time we see the man, he's at his house, beaten and bloodied something fierce. He tries to piece things back together at the mansion where shooting was taking place and finds numerous videotapes.

The director had drugged him, mixed with some whiskey prior to him fleeing, and while he was drugged-up and blacked-out, he's forced unconscious where he's sodomized, another shoot is of him beheading the one chick, and another tape is of his porn buddy berating the director... with a follow-up film of her bound and toothless, being gagged with a masked guy's dick. He plugs her nose and suffocates her. Also in this 3-day span, his wife and son have been kidnapped and raped by the man and his cop brother, everyone's screwed up in some drugged-up stupor.

Something snaps. Wife regains consciousness and bludgeons her brother-in-law with a statue. The son is in shock of sorts, but still drugged up. The man unleashes his fury on one of the director's bodyguards and skull-fucks him in his empty eye socket, and then rages on the director himself.

Arriving home, the man shoves his wife and son in the basement and goes to sleep... which is when he eventually wakes up and tries to piece everything together. Once he realizes the depth of the things he's done, he goes into the basement to try and approach his wife. She's apprehensive and the next day or two are of the man debating suicide. The wife places her hand over his and with the look in her eye, convinces him of a mass-suicide.

Their final scene is the three of them lying in bed together with their son between them. She looks in his eyes and he wraps his arm around her, aiming the gun at her back. The bullet goes through the three of them.

And then three random men walk into their house, one guy directing one of the others to 'start with the little one.'

Movie ends.

Again I say, this movie made me truly uncomfortable sitting through it. I even waited nearly a week to finish the last 15 minutes of the film. I have to give the movie's director, Srđan Spasojević, credit for delving into serious taboo. It's one of those rare movies we come across where we find ourselves seriously debating just how sane we are that we're actually sitting through and watching this.

The film is certainly not boring but you have to still weigh the pros and cons of sitting through every act the movie has. This film is disturbing and I would not recommend it for the faint of heart or stomach. I dont normally lose my appetite but eating wasnt on my immediate agenda. And every time my mind recalled the baby crying, I had to try and think of something better, because scenes from this movie wont leave you for weeks, at the earliest.

I still have the flick but I would rather sit through reruns of American Idol than watch this movie again.

I wont down rate it because of it's disturbing nature, but damn is it tempting.

7.2/10 for epic mindfuckery and heavy realism.


"A Serbian Film" [WARNING]
October 27, 2011, 07:44:pm
Damn I dont know if I want to see it or not.
"A Serbian Film" [WARNING]
November 03, 2011, 01:48:am
Come on farril, don't you see it? ITS THE NEW GENRE! NEWBORN PORN! you might want to check out mordum if you want to see something as disturbing, but for different reasons.

"A Serbian Film" [WARNING]
November 10, 2011, 01:56:pm
thats fucked up... but i have yet to see this one and Cannibal Holocaus. i will put them on the list of "maybe you shouldn't watch this...." but you know thats just going to compell people to look at it... its like the two girl one cup or pain olympics thing, every one says don't watch, so people try to find it... (i never watched them...)

"A Serbian Film" [WARNING]
August 16, 2013, 11:25:pm
| (1)
I've seen these all and Cannibal Holocaust is by far the worst. It has real animal violence, torture and killing. The director tries to claim that he was showing natives in their natural environments so the animal killing was left in. However this is bullshit since the actors also participated in the torture and killing of the animals. Sadly the actors at the end of this movie are not "really" being eaten by cannibals. Due to this fact, it would have been nice if all of their babies had been in fact raped by a bunch of Serbian child pornographers. That would have been sufficient payback for the animal violence.

"A Serbian Film" [WARNING]
July 13, 2014, 10:56:pm
Thanks for the description, I did watch the whole movie, with no problem except for some parts.. the ending did confuse me, but this explanation cleared it up, and it makes sense now, in a seriously fucked up way. I do think it was a good film, just not something I'd watch again.

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