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wrote on
May 02, 2011, 08:06pm

i connot stop thinking. i keep telling you it's done and it'll stop, but im sorry, i cant. somthing like that dosent get out of my head. im just still so speachless, so hurt, so destroyed. and i have no one. i dont even know for sure if i can call you mine anymore. because of the fact , when ever i called you mine before, it was a sad lie that i was unaware of. everyone says they know what its like to be broken, pushed to the edge, well i truly know how that feels. unfortunatlly. and i cant say i like it. i feel it everyday, i try to put on a happy little smile so tht they dont ask me whats wrng, are you okay. it getts so annoying. you just havent the slightest clue. its empy and cold . i thught i had it all. i tohught i had alot, i just dont know what to do anymore. im trying and trying, and now, its like im being forced and guilt-ed into things, ughhh. just wanna be okay agian.
and sadly, i dont think it's fixable this time. ugh....... /;


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