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June 29, 2009, 08:43am

holy motha fuckin shit!!
first off RIP mj!! i never liked him much cuz to be honest he kinda freaked me out=/cuz of all the fuckin surgerysss but i dont hate him... never i swear i think im gunna go to this old mother fucking bastards house and kill him!!!!!!GRRRR!!!!!the fucker dont do shit around here and here it is fuck 7:33am and i havent slept cuz of the air wus being screwy!!!and now the fucker isnt working at all so i want sleep til later cuz my mom dont get off til 8:30am and wont get home til 9amish and they prolly wont get ne1 to fix this fucker so wut better way then to kill him?and jack his $$$$$!! this old fucker is fucking rish man!! i wander wut he does w/all the $$..wait he prolly screws hookers n shit
my dog bit my fuckin finger so now it hurts=/
no fuckin joke im like in basicly a tank top n shorts and my sis is in fuckin pj pants anda tank top
fuck this ill fuckin bust in where my dad lives muhaha!!! his air works!!hes workin tho..hmm?ehhh ill bust a window or climb in through his bedroom window like i did b4 thennn ill shoot the fucker who wont fix this damn air conditioner FUCK YOU OLD MAN!!!!!!!

OH n if u havent check out the uncut vid of 10 miles wide seriously theres like 23294839483924 fuckin boobs in it!!grrr n all other max n craig...

ps im still gunna go after this fucker muhaha

Mood: pissed,sleepy
Music: nothinggg


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