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TONIGHT: Cybertron VS Stimulate in NYC May 23, 2014, 11:19:am
TONIGHT (Friday, May 23rd) in NYC:
Cybertron VS Stimulate
Featuring Aesthetic Perfection, Panic Lift and Surgyn

See you guys there! :-)
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Asylum Hair Dye Updates May 22, 2014, 04:45:pm
Asylum Hair Dye Update: Thanks to everyone who's supported us so far, we're at over 30% of our goal thanks to 137 funders!
As a special thank you, everyone who has donated $25 or more now gets one of our awesome new VampireFreaks Rubber Bracelets!

Also, we had a few people asking if Asylum Hair Dye is Vegan:
We double-checked all the hair dye ingredients with the lab and we're happy to report that there are no animal products in our Hair Dye and it is totally Vegan! In addition we do not conduct any animal testing.

We also have a website! You can check out more pictures and info on our Hair Dye. Check it out at AsylumHairDye.com

We've also had a number of questions asking how to pick your hair dye once you've placed your order! Once our crowdfunding campaign is over, we will be personally contacting all of our supporters to get your color choices and confirm your mailing address. Thanks for your support, we love you!

Check out the Asylum Hair Dye Indiegogo to pre-order your dye and get awesome perks

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New VF Rubber Bracelets May 22, 2014, 11:42:am
We just got a new shipment of VF Rubber Bracelets in New Colors with Black VF Logos and they look AWESOME!!!!
Each rubber bracelet is custom engraved / embossed with the VF logo and then filled with weatherproof ink.
Check em out:

For only three dolla, they make you holla!
Available in black, blue, purple, neon green, metallic silver, pink, teal, white, red, orange
VF Rubber bracelets
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VF Sponsored Event in California! May 21, 2014, 09:00:pm
Giving you guys some West Coast Love:
Check out Sanctum Santorium on May 31st in Orange County, close to Los Angeles, we'll have a bunch of VF giveways for you guys!

Click here for more info!

On another note, the malware warnings seem to be gone, let us know if you guys keep having issues!
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VF Gave me Computer AIDS May 21, 2014, 12:02:am
Sorry about the 'malware' warnings, but we want to assure you that VF does not have malware. It appears to be an issue with the one of our ad networks triggering some google filters. We are working on getting the issue resolved ASAP
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