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Cybertron Video from this past weekend February 03, 2015, 04:14:pm
Thanks to everyone came out and packed the house! Velvet Acid Christ and Mindless Faith rocked! See you next time! :-)
Video below:

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VampireFreaks Haiku Contest! January 21, 2015, 08:13:pm

Introducing the first ever VampireFreaks Haiku contest!

A Haiku is a poem that follows a very specific structure.
It consists of 3 lines.
First line: 5 syllables
Second line: 7 syllables
Third line: 5 syllables

Grand Prize Winner:
$50 Gift Certificate to the VampireFreaks Store
Plus 1 year premium membership.

Some example Haikus:
(please try not to explode from the lyrical genius)

vampirefreaks contests
are awesome and full of win
pass the bong you fuck

sometimes i like sluts
sometimes they bore me to death
because they are dumb

1) You can enter a maximum of 5 Haikus.
2) To enter, simply comment on this thread.
3) No fucking cursing. (just kidding)
4) You can optionally enter a video submission reciting the Haiku.
5) Deadline: January 30th (you have 9 days, young grasshopper)
6) Remember the Haiku structure! 3 lines. 5, 7, 5 syllables. We are mathematical. Dont fuck up teh maths.
7) Do or do not, there is no try.

Winner is the submission in this thread with the most props. Duplicate or fake votes will be revoked.

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VF Store - Winter Sale January 20, 2015, 07:02:am

VampireFreaks Store - Special Winter Sale!
Valentine's Day is coming up! Get a present for that special something. Or buy yourself a present to make you feel better and because you deserve it! We've got a bunch of great items on sale for up to 70% OFF!
Check out the Winter Sale Items on the VF Store

Also check out all the great new items we got in stock!
VampireFreaks Store

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VF Tshirt Winners Posted January 16, 2015, 03:33:pm
Note - it was brought to our attention that a few of the finalists were using stock images and artwork that was not their original artwork in their designs. The rules did state it must be your own original artwork and any votes for these finalists were not counted.
We do still have some great winners though! Congrats to our first place winner:
Click here to view the final winners!

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Cybertron: New Years Eve Video January 14, 2015, 05:06:pm
Check out the video from our most recent Cybertron - New Year's Eve with Assemblage23 and JustinSymbol :

Thanks to everyone that came out! We had a blast as always.

Next Cybertron Event:
Saturday, January 31st Featuring Velvet Acid Christ at Santos Party House in NYC

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