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Happy Singles Awareness Day! February 14, 2015, 12:26:pm
Happy Valentines Day / Singles Awareness Day!
Yeah OK I kinda hate valentine's day but I still love my VF peeps.
So to all the couples out there - hope you have a good time. Don't be too expectant of your significant other, its what you do throughout the year that matters, not this one holiday.
To all the singles out there - extra hugs to you, love hurts and sometimes we're better off alone.
What do you guys think of Valentine's Day? I wanna know.

P.S. Go get some chocolate tomorrow when it's all on sale! XD

In music news:
New album released from LifeCried
The new album "If I Don't Wake Up" is out now. (CD + Digital)
3 new songs now up on the Life Cried VF Page
All CD purchases come with a free digital download. So go get it!
CD Info below:
CD: http://www.copint.com/ddtonline.asp?searchstring=COPCD141
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/If-I-Dont-Wake-Up/dp/B00PIKRV54
Digital: https://copinternational.bandcamp.com/album/if-i-dont-wake-up

For orders in Europe/Canada -
EU: http://www.infrarot.de/life-cried/if-i-dont-wake-up/9945284
CA: http://www.stormingthebase.com/life-cried-if-i-dont-wake-up-cd/

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Happy Friday the 13th! February 13, 2015, 03:23:pm
Got some new band interviews for you guys:

Dope Stars Inc:
Victor Love from Dope Stars Inc. talks to Vampire Freaks about their new album TeraPunk. Victor takes us on a high energy, in your face, from synth’n’roll to electro-pop, industrial rock & synthesized decay ride into TeraPunk telling us about the music and the Ramones punky tribute on the album. Victor describes the warm welcome they receive in cold Russia and how they are like Italians. Also what is on the cards in 2015 for Dope Stars Inc.?
Read our interview with Victor to find out, here on Vampire Freaks.
You can also now listen to their entire new album for FREE on their soundcloud:
Listen to TeraPunk on soundcloud

London, UK based EBM outfit Eisencode talk exclusively to Vampire Freaks about their soon to be released album 'Tales From A Nightmare'. In this exclusive interview Eisencode talk BDSM, 50 Shades Of Grey, perversion and talk about their up and coming collaboration with model Furexa. Also Vampire Freaks is proud to present to you a never before released Eisencode track Sadistic Pleasure and can only be heard here on Vampire Freaks.
Listen to the new track on VampireFreaks
Read our interview with Eisencode, here on Vampire Freaks.

Event Updates:
Tomorrow (Saturday the 14th) in NYC:
VF Sponsors Stimulate: Anti Valentine's Ball
Featuring Voltaire, Bella Morte and Noir
at Drom NYC
Click Here for event info

Saturday, March 14th NYC:
VF Presents: Cybertron
Kigurumi / Pajama Party
Featuring VF DJ's, Live performance from Interface, and Burlesque performers
Reduced admission if you're wearing pajamas or a Kigurumi
(limited supplies of Kigurumi in stock at the VF Store!)
Click Here for event info
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Interviews: Gothsicles, Xperiment, Psyborg Corp February 08, 2015, 02:51:pm
New Band Interviews on VampireFreaks:

The Gothsicles:
New in our music interviews we have an interview with The Gothsicles. In this thrilling interview we ask all about the new Squid Icarus album, collaborations, gaming, gaming, gaming and we ask if Brian ever did Save Dat Mermaid. We at Vampire Freaks like to be daring, yes we dared to ask Brian the Kurt Russell question. What was his answer?
Read the interview with The Gothsicles here on Vampire Freaks.


Hailing from Spain Xperiment have been pioneering the EBM sound with their own special blending to give our ears the delight that can only be Xperiment. Vampire Freaks caught up with Xperiment's Ashes, Ashes tells us about a little bit about their new album which they are currently recording, his likes of the current music scene, lessons learned from signing to a previous label, thoughts on religion and what happened when they nearly lost their first EP through computer failure.
Read the Xperiment interview here on Vampire Freaks.

Psyborg Corp:

When you think Columbia you don't think immense harsh EBM, well you should. And why should you? Psyborg Corps is why you should. They were known for their harsh EBM sounds but their latest album was a concept album of which they produced perfectly. The Frozen Shrines of Obsÿdÿana is a wonderful tale of a far of world set to the signature Psyborg Corps sound. In this immense interview Psyborg Corps tell us all about the people of Obsÿdÿana and also they speak out against those people who chose to label them in such a perfect way.
Read the Psyborg Corp Interview here on Vampire Freaks.

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VF Valentine Sale February 06, 2015, 11:31:pm

VampireFreaks Store - Special Valentine Sale!
We selected some of our favorite items and put them on sale for up to 20-50% OFF our regular low prices!

Sale Ends on Monday!

Check out the Valentine Sale Items on the VF Store

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Asylum Hair Dye- Rename Poll February 06, 2015, 04:42:pm
Asylum Hair Dye Update:
Good news is:
We should have the first batch very soon, as we sorted out the delays we had and it is currently in the final stages of production. It's being produced here in the US so we should have it in shortly.
Check out a picture of our first batch of packaging!

Bad news is:
We've been having legal issues with a certain competitor who is apparently panicking about our new brand of hair dye and
we may have to change the name to avoid being in extensive legal battles.

With that said, we want you guys to help us come out with a potential new name for 'Asylum' hair dye.

Below are the names we like best. Feel free to vote on one of these names, or you can also submit a new one! If you think you have a better name then we are open to suggestions, but we do want it to match our logo with the straightjacket dude. :-)


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