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This is a Trent Reznor Song March 26, 2014, 02:13:pm

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VF Video Poetry Contest March 25, 2014, 05:06:pm
VF Video Poetry Contest:
Submit a video of yourself, reciting your own poetry.

Must be your own original poetry (written by yourself)
Maximum video length: 6 minutes.
You MUST mention either mention 'VampireFreaks Video Contest' in your video or have a sign / text in your video that shows it is for the 'VampireFreaks Video Contest'

1st Place:
$200 gift certificate to the VF Store
VF Featured member for a day
Plus 2 years of VF Premium Membership

2nd Place:
$50 gift certificate to the VF Store
VF Tshirt of your choice
1 year VF Premium Membership

3rd Place:
VF Sticker pack
6 months VF Premium membership

April 7th
(you have less than 2 weeks!)

How To Enter:
Upload your video to youtube then post it in the comments below

The judging is not so much on the actual poetry as it is in the video presentation.
Don't just read! Put some emotion and feeling into it, and give us some damn entertainment.
Feel free to dress up, use props, or wear interesting makeup.
Finalists will be chosen by VF staff and the winners will be voted on by VF members.
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Free Ticket Giveaway to Mindless Self Indulgence in NYC March 23, 2014, 11:08:am
VampireFreaks is giving away 2 pairs of tickets to see Mindless Self Indulgence - March 25th in NYC.

How to win:::
RSVP on this thread
AND leave a comment on the
VampireFreaks MSI profile, telling us what your favorite MSI song is!

also check out the recent phone interview I did with Jimmy Urine VF Interview with MSI

Mindless Self Indulgence on VF

Remaining MSI Tour Dates below:
3/23 :: Philadelphia, PA
3/25 :: New York, NY
3/26 :: Clifton Park, NY
3/27 :: Pittsburgh, PA
3/28 :: Cincinnati, OH
3/29 :: Columbus, OH
3/30 :: Cleveland, OH
4/01 :: Toronto, ON
4/02 :: Detroit, MI
4/03 :: Chicago, IL
4/04 :: Milwaukee, WI
4/05 :: Minneapolis, MN
4/06 :: Lawrence, KS
4/07 :: Sauget, IL
4/09 :: Denver, CO
4/11 :: Seattle, WA
4/12 :: Portland, OR
4/13 :: San Francisco, CA
4/15 :: Los Angeles, CA

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cult updates / relationship updates March 22, 2014, 01:33:pm
you can now re-order your relationships. just go to the 'edit profile->edit relationships' page, and you can drag and drop them.

now when you 'disable cult updates' on a cult in your 'my cults' page, it will no longer show in your 'cult updates' page.
(previously it simply stopped you from getting notifications for updates in that cult)

also thanks to everyone that suggested new relationship options, we're still giving it some thought but should have an update soon.
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Cybertron vs Stimulate - One Week Away! March 21, 2014, 09:50:am

One week away in NYC: (Friday, March 28th)
Cybertron Vs Stimulate
The 2 biggest industrial parties in NYC go head-to-head in an epic orgy battle!
Featuring live performances by Nachtmahr and Ludovico Technique
RSVP and more Info
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