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This Weekend - VF at the Steampunk Worlds Fair May 14, 2014, 11:42:am
This Weekend - VampireFreaks has a booth at the SteamPunk Worlds Fair!
Join us and check out the largest Steampunk event in the world, brought to you by the same people who brought you 'Wicked Faire' and 'Voltaires Necrocomiccon'! In New Jersey, just a few minutes away from NYC!

A word from Jeff Mach about the Steampunk Worlds Fair:
The largest Steampunk event in the world is also one of the friendliest and most welcoming!

At The Steampunk World's Fair you’ll find more performers and shows than just about anywhere in the Steampunk nation. We are NOT a convention - we're a rambunctious and uncontainable Festival!

Whether you’re a curious new-comer or a time-travelling veteran, we look forward to seeing you!

Steampunk World's Fair on VampireFreaks

More Info at:
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RIP H.R. Giger May 13, 2014, 12:45:pm

"(Reuters) - Swiss surrealist artist H.R. Giger who designed the monster and revolutionary sci-fi sets for the film "Alien" has died, his museum said on Tuesday. He was 74.

Giger, who was born Hans Rudolf in the eastern Swiss town of Chur in 1940, died on Monday in Zurich from injuries he obtained after suffering a fall, an employee of the H.R. Giger Museum said, confirming reports in Swiss media."

Our love goes out to this amazing artist. H.R. Giger has had such a huge influence on artists everywhere, his bio-mechanical art tells a tale of a dark future where the lines are blurred between machines and humans. Best known for designing the aliens in the 'Alien' movies, H.R. Giger is a favorite among tattoo enthusiasts and dark art fans worldwide. We heart you.
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Happy Mothers Day! May 11, 2014, 04:12:am
Happy Mothers Day to all the VF Moms out there! We love you. heart
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Fuck Facebook. May 10, 2014, 11:43:pm
My FB account was recently deleted. Apparently they asked for my photo id, saying i violated their terms of service of having my correct private info.
Ironically this account had my real name. I have to say though, I'm glad to not be on Facebook anymore. People use facebook at the expense of their privacy. You are forced to use your real birth name on facebook, failure to do so will get your account deleted if someone reports you as having an invalid real name. This makes it insanely easy for anyone to google you and find your info, your pictures, your activity. Most people don't want to be network connected to potential employers and peers, members of their family, ex-girlfriends, etc. Even if you do manage to not use your real name, after a while your time has been sucked into the nothingness that is cat pictures, memes, top lists and food updates. Sure VF is not nearly as popular as Facebook, but if we were, EVERYONE would be on here, and we don't think we want everyone.

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VF Store - New Items! May 08, 2014, 02:04:pm
We've got a bunch of new stuff in stock, including a new Housewares Section!
Check out some of our new items here:

Nightmare On Elm Street Toaster

$69.99  $59.99

Zombie Survival Cocktail Bar Set

$46.99  $39.99

Cthulhu Bottle Opener

$10.99  $6.99

Tripp Safety Pin Eyelet Armwarmers

$26.99  $21.99

TOL PVC Gloss Mens Zipper Pants

$78.99  $69.99

Day Of The Dead Jack Skellington Vinyl Pop Figure

$16.99  $9.99

Day Of The Dead Sally Vinyl Pop Figure

$16.99  $9.99

Walking Dead Daryl Dixon w/Chopper by McFarlane

$52.99  $45.99

Toxic Laundry Hamper

$29.99  $24.99

Bloody Mess Splash Chopping Board

$29.99  $22.99

Where The Wild Things Are Vinyl Figure - Carol

$18.99  $9.99

Where The Wild Things Are Vinyl Figure -Max

$18.99  $9.99

Chloe Tanktop - Tattoo Kitty

$29.99  $24.99

Schwing PJ Set - Occult Bones

$45.99  $38.99

Annabel Bow Top - Cameo Skull

$35.99  $28.99

Burlesque Blood Bath Shock Top

$36.99  $29.99

Annabel Bow Top - Brain Kitty

$35.99  $28.99

Skeleton Bowie Spiked Muscle Top

$36.99  $29.99

White Rabbit Pinstripe Flare Dress

$82.99  $74.99

Akumu Bear Trapped Tanktop

$29.99  $24.99

Akumu Painless Ladies T-Shirt

$29.99  $24.99

Akumu Temptation Of Alice Ladies T-Shirt

$29.99  $24.99

Akumu No Escape T-Shirt

$29.99  $24.99

Strip Poker Mens T-Shirt

$26.99  $21.99

Leatherface Slashback T-Shirt

$32.99  $27.99

Liberty Mens T-Shirt

$26.99  $21.99

Siamese Skeleton Rolled Knee Socks

$18.99  $12.99

Check out Lots More items at The VampireFreaks Store
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