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Last Month's Cybertron Video featuring Aesthetic Perfection! June 11, 2014, 02:11:pm
Video Below:

Music by AestheticPerfection
Also featuring live performances by PanicLift and Surgyn

Next Cybertron is this Saturday in NYC:

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New VF Tshirts and Bracelets! June 10, 2014, 08:18:pm
Yeah we already have VF bracelets in a few different colors, but we thought, we need more black bracelets.
they need to black like our souls, with maybe a little bit of color.
So we have a new batch of Black VF Bracelets - with different color VF logos!

Also we got a couple new VF ladies tshirts in stock!
Including our new 'marionette' tanktop, and the 'VF cross' v-neck top.
Check them out below:
Also - added VF rubber bracelets to the VF points system rewards.
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ouch that hurt June 09, 2014, 01:59:pm
New Skye of the Damned episode 5 teaser up
watch me get bitch-slapped lol
click here to view

Also tonight in NYC:::
Peter Murphy at Irving Plaza
See you guys there!
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Asylum Hair Dye Updates! June 04, 2014, 05:25:pm
If you contributed to the Asylum Hair Dye campaign you should have received an email asking to vote on which hair dye color you prefer. Based on your answers, and based on the poll we posted on VampireFreaks, we’ve decided to make ‘Frostbite’ one of the first 5 colors. This means that ‘Absinthe’ green got pushed back a bit to make room for ‘Frostbite’. We will still make a limited batch of 'Absinthe' exclusively for the campaign supporters who request it, and depending on the campaign results we'll make more colors. The complete set of the first colors which will be available is:

Frostbite (light blue)
Bloodlust (blood red)
Asphyxiation (royal blue)
VF Purple (royal purple)
Killer Candy (hot pink)
Absinthe (green) (only by request, available to our campaign funders)

Also we're now at 49% of our goal! Thanks to everyone who has contributed, we've gotten a great reaction so far and we're really excited about this new project!
We are currently planning on adding another perk to the campaign, so we are asking you:
What perk / reward would you like to see added to the Asylum Hair Dye Campaign?
View Our Campaign Details Here!
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VF Minions Recruitment Winners! June 04, 2014, 05:12:pm
Thanks to everyone who participated in our VF Minions Recruitment contest!
Here are the top winners / VF minion masters:
1st Place: NikkiNevermore
2nd Place: OverTheSoundwaves
3rd Place: Trista
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