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Interview with Kirlian Camera September 10, 2014, 04:33:pm
In 1980 Angelo Bergamini created the band Kirlian Camera, a band that revolutionised the synthpop scene in a big way. They went on to become the first Italian band to be signed to Virgin Records. Through the late 80's and into the early 90's the music of Kirlian Camera became all the more darker. In 1999 the very sexy Elena joined Kirlian Camera which pathed the way for what would become the Kirlian Camera sound we love today. More recently they have collaborated with Covenant's Eskil Simonsson to which we await to hear the stunning results. In a rare interview Angelo and Elena speak to Vampire Freaks about all things Kirlian Camera.

Click Here for the interview with Kirlian Camera

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Cybertron Video September 09, 2014, 12:10:pm
Thanks to everyone that came out to Cybertron last month! Was a ton of fun =)
Check out last month's video:

Next Cybertron is this Saturday in NYC!
Special old-skool edition, featuring music from the 80s and 90s
Cybertron: Old Skool Edition - Saturday Sept 13th in NYC
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Asylum Hair Dye - Name the tagline! September 07, 2014, 04:04:pm

Update on VF's Asylum Hair Dye:
We were planning on having the hair dye released around now, but we did have a couple delays with the hair dye production process. I'll take the blame for it, as I've been a bit of a perfectionist about it and kept testing out the samples and requesting new dye updates to the lab to get it just right. The hair dye lab technicians probably hate me by now, as we've been making them adjust the formula for 2 years now. It's just really important that it lasts longer than the other hair dyes on the market and that the colors are the right shades, and extra vibrant. It's our first custom manufactured product ever and I just want to make sure we do it right, and give you a superior product.
Good news is we're in the final stages of the process and we'll have atleast 3-4 of the colors released in the next few weeks, with the remaining colors coming out shortly after. So it puts us at a late september / early october release. We're also coming up with some extra freebies for everyone who supported the campaign.
We're also finalizing the labels and packaging, and we need a tag line for our promotions!
Sooo, I'm asking the VF members to submit tag lines!
Such as:
"Asylum Hair Dye: Will drive you insane"
"Asylum Hair Dye: Because normal is boring"
"Asylum Hair Dye: Stand out from the crowd"

but, give us suggestions because frankly I'm drawing a blank on the tagline! lol

If we pick your tag line, we'll send you 3 bottles of the hair dye (color of your choice) once its ready!
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VF Red Contest Winner! September 06, 2014, 01:34:pm
Congrats to our Red Contest Winner:
GlitterDebris :

And to a close 2nd Place:

Thanks to everyone who entered, and everyone who participated in voting!
Next contest will be posted soon =)
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VF Pic Contest: Red Theme Finalists Posted! September 04, 2014, 02:59:pm
Thanks to everyone who entered!
CLICK HERE to view the finalists and vote on a winner!
Voting ends in 2 days! =)

We got more contests coming up so stay tuned! Also we're taking contest theme suggestions, so let us know what you want to see!
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