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Featured VF Model Pic - GlitterDebris June 10, 2015, 03:31:pm
GlitterDebris recently did a photoshoot featuring one of our VF shirt designs and she looks great!
Check it out:

Also we've got a bunch of new VampireFreaks tshirt designs up on the VampireFreaks Store!
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On Internet Etiquette June 09, 2015, 02:59:pm
It's no secret that people use VF for finding dates / hookups etc.
Our handy search feature allows you to find users in your area.
Or some people don't really care how far you live.
We're happy to bring you guys together as we often hear stories from people who have found their significant other on VampireFreaks.
However, I'd like to take the time to give you guys some tips to improve the VF user experience:
  1. It's not flattering to send someone an overly sexual comment as your first interaction.
    Try getting to know someone before you tell them you have fantasies about choking them with <inappropriate body part or object>

  2. Some people are in monogamous relationships and it says so in their profile. This usually means you shouldn't send them inappropriate comments. Some people just want friends.

  3. Nobody wants to see pictures of your dick. Especially if they barely know you. They will most likely laugh at you or be grossed out.

  4. While we take care of the VF community, the internet can be a scary place and it is full of 'catfish' / 'fakes' / people pretending to be someone else. Always be cautious with who you meet on the internet. Particularly if someone messages you on skype or another messenger and claims to be a VF administrator, it is not true. VF staff will never message you on a network that is not VF.

Anyway, we have working on monitoring vampirefreaks better to keep the creepers to a minimum.
Apologies if you've had to deal with inappropriate messages, as always you can report any users to our support system and we will handle it.

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Cybertron Circus Video June 04, 2015, 06:42:pm
Check out our sick video from Last Month's Cybertron: Circus Edition!
Featuring sword swallowers, fire dancers, burlesque dancers, stilt walkers and more!

Cybertron: Circus 05.09.15

View Cybertron Video on Youtube

Special Thanks to all of our amazing performers and everyone that made it out to party with us!!!
Next Cybertron is June 13th and is Ages 18+ in NYC featuring The Dreaming/ Stabbing Westward:

Cybertron June 13th with The Dreaming / Stabbing Westward

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VF Infiltration Contest Update June 03, 2015, 08:29:pm
VampireFreaks Infiltration Contest is going strong until the end of this month!

Over $500 worth of prizes, also just added a special promotion to the Infiltration Contest:
Refer atleast 8 people during the contest and get 1 year of premium membership!

Click Here for the VF Infiltration Contest
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Dope Stars Inc. - Dressed Inside Your Fear May 27, 2015, 02:56:pm
New Video Released by Dope Stars Inc, view below:

Dope Stars Inc on VampireFreaks
Starring: Victor Love ☠ Fabrice LaNuit ★ Darin Yevonde ☣ Ash Rexy ϟ Andreas DeLorean ☢
Written, directed & edited by Daniele Campea
Models: Aylar Violet & Frieda
MUAH: by Simona Sullii, Kristel Zevini , Federica Timperi
Director of Photography: Federico Deidda
Light designer: Mauro Neglia
Costumes: Sara e Luka Lavori In Corso, Gianni Colangelo Mad
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