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depression. dont read if your only gonna give me shit November 26, 2014, 04:12:am
Whats the point? In anything? Life,love,etc it all ends.. theres always pain in the end.. your born live life then die whats the point? Im curious.. if i died how many people would miss me? 2-3? Maybe.. even if i was missed they would get over me.. even my girlfriend would get over me eventually.. i just want to die but im scared if death.. maybe ill just bottle it up and make things seem okay.. i dont even cry anymore.. my emotions are falling apart and i cant even talk to my girlfriend because it stresses her.. im all on my own and i fucking hate it! Everyone has irl friends to go to right? I dont i spend 90% of the day inside and the other 10% outside cleaning chicken coops.. i have no friends or atleast friends that ive close.. even my girlfriend lives far away.. like seriously i think this is life telling me to give up and stop trying...
Mood: ^ the fuck you think?
Music: twenty one pilots-house of gold

fuck love. November 02, 2014, 08:06:pm
i give up like seriously. all that ever happens is i get used and hurt, im done i really am... no more love, no more happiness.. nothing i just give up... in turn i feel like just giving up on life all i do is fuck things up... everyone would be better off without me..
Mood: depressed
Music: amityville horror movie

September 13, 2014, 03:02:am
Hush little baby, Dont you cry, Dont cut your arms, Dont say goodbye. Put down that razor, Put down that light, It maybe hard but, You'll win this fight.

if anyone ever needs a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen i am always here. dont be scared to message me even if you arent on my friend list.
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:/ March 25, 2014, 01:46:pm
God this is why i dont like being home.
i get yelled at and bitched at for no reason,told that my job isnt important,and that my social life isnt important and i should just stay home. like wtf? :-( i dont wanna be here

funny joke February 14, 2014, 05:37:pm
There is a guy that lives in the city and decides he wants to own a Farm.... So he finds one he likes and buys it. A neighbor stop for a visit and convinces the new owner that he needs to by an ass/donkey to help on the farm and to ride him to and from town. So he agrees. As the neighbor leaves he says "oh by the way, when your riding him, to make him turn left scratch him behind the left ear, to turn right scratch him behind the right ear." Okay no problem say the new farm owner. So the next week its time to go to town for supplies. He heads in to town and is riding down the streets. He comes across someone selling chickens. He thinks good I can have eggs and some meat when I want it too. So he tells the lady he wants to by her chicken. She says okay, but around here we call them a Pullet.... Okay. So he heads off down the road again and here is a guy that is selling a roster. So he thinks great he can help breed my new chicken. So he buys the roster from the guy but the guy tells him that we don't call them rosters we call them cocks. Huh okay then. The new farmer gets on his donkey and heads home. Well half way there he comes to a fork in the road and the donkey stops. He wonders why the donkey wont move then he remembers that to make him turn left he must scratch him behind his left ear. Well with his hands full he wonders what to do, he puts both birds under each arm, but now he cant reach the donkeys ears. So as he sat there trying to figure out what to do, a stranger approached from down the road. So the farmer hollers over to the stranger to come here a minute. The stranger steps up and says yes ?? The farmer says" Here hold my Cock and Pullet while I scratch my Ass.
Mood: happy
Music: jerry springer


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