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Skype January 20, 2016, 01:37:am
Does anyone even still use skype? I need new skype friends all mine are never on anymore and its boring asf. any takers?

-No being pervy on cam/asking me to be
-must speak atleast some english
-no one over like 28

Mood: Meh bored asf
Music: Social Repose

religious rant November 19, 2015, 11:04:pm
Please tell me how a wiccan star and pentacle is anymore offensive than a cross?

so. ....... October 21, 2015, 12:00:am
Anyone wanna talk/listen to me bitch/vent like a fucking bitch? Otherwise I'll bottle it up or punch something hard and cry.
Mood: fuck it all
Music: rolling stone-falling in reverse

boredd March 26, 2015, 01:27:pm
Anyone wanna snapchat? Nikki149644

rant February 23, 2015, 02:03:am
excuse me while i rant..

FUCK YOU like seriously, you said we were cool now your coming back with this shit again? act your goddamn age your in fucking college for crying out loud. your just mad that you look like a fucking horse. thats actually the only reason i havent hit you well that and i dont want to be kicked from the college. but seriously id be afraid if i hit you that animal control would be called and told im abusing an animal LOL thats kind of what your acting like. im surprised he gave you another chance like if i were him i wouldve told your psycho self to hit the fucking road. besides hes a grown man if he doesnt want me as a friend HE can tell me NOT you okay? we are adults we can talk to one another. actually YOU cant youd rather yell and threaten people. so back to the main point, GROW THE FUCK UP i really hope you have a vf and see this because im so fucking done with you and ya know what? im done with him as well until y'all get your shit together im focusing on bettering myself because guess what ill be making money and y'all will still be living with mommy and daddy so fuck you,fuck him and fuck anyone else that decides to side with your psycho self. guess what by the way im not the only one that thinks you look like a horse. everyone in the lounge? they all think you do. also they talk shit about you ALL THE TIME you think your loved by them but you arent. kevin even said hes only giving you another chance because hes a nice person but he doesnt trust you bitch but then again i wouldnt trust someone who left him then fucked someone THEN came back. ill be surprised if y'all last i really will.
Mood: pissed the fuck off
Music: brokencyde
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