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Utsukushii_Shi's icon So yea...this is my journal O.o
Harley Quinn August 31, 2014, 12:35:pm
So I was working on my Harley Quinn costume last night, aaaand my sewing machine broke. I think I overworked it after sewing 5 hours a day 5 days in a row haha (was also working on Juri Han)

But the pants are done, corset is ready, and the bra has been layered in black and red. Now I just need the tank top and a blond wig (although I'm considering just putting my red hair in pigtails. I'm tan now, probably not good for blond).

HOLY SHIT corsets are rough to stay in. How the hell did Victorian women stand this day in and day out? It's a good thing my boyfriend is gonna be there because 1) there is major cleavage and 2) I'm going to need help picking stuff up because there's no way I can bend over in this costume haha.
Mood: graaa
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