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SatansKitty36s's icon Brenn Din Egen Kirke!
Public View September 14, 2013, 03:30:am

This journal will be viewed Public so everyone can see my view. Whether you like it or not. Doesn't fucking matter to me.

I've been on this site since 2004. Years have gone by and VF hasn't changed. This website is full of highly egotistical individuals who think so broadly of themselves. The website isn't what bothers me. It is the people. Go into a chat room right now and tell me what happens.

Are you back yet? Did you see the ignorance? Those rooms are the main reason WHY I do not sign on like I use too. There will always be neanderthals, anywhere you go. In life. Online. It's only inevitable. I just don't understand how most of them particularly prey on others for their own pleasure. Most people become hurt. I stare into the face of troglodytes and prey for their own true happiness in the end. If you are not happy with yourself then automatically as most human beings we project that onto others to make ourselves feel better. I feel sorry for you. For some I hope you can one day come to the fact that not everyone views from your perspective. If you feel the need to try and hurt others for your own amusement that shows your character and the type of person you truly are. And that is not something to boast about.

Think on it? Maybe?
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