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PsychoticxReaction's icon The Different Sides of Me
Newist Character December 04, 2013, 03:16:pm

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Mikael Jason Patrick
Shifter Wolf
Brown hair
Personality: Mikael is a bad boy, but can be nice.


Older brother named Darien
Powers/Abilities: Can change at will. Better senses. More flexible than human. Poison bite. Super strength.
Mikael has the body that everyone wants. He is fit and muscular.
No birth marks
No scars, but has tattoos
Mikael has a stunning look about him and the way he carries himself.


Mikael has OCD, but isn't afraid of dirt.
Counting his steps. Hates sticky things.

Being alone. Getting kicked out of the pack

Blonde girls. Parties. Drugs.

Party poopers. Cheaters. Thieves.

Strengths: Knowledge. Speed.

Weaknesses: Easy to trust. Falls in love quickly.

Skills: Good at cooking, swimming, and moving furniture.

Favored Weapons: Bowie Knife
Owns a bike:

Past History:
Mikael was born into a wolf pack. His parents were alpha until they were murdered by another pack. Darien took his place as the next leader and Mikael stood by his side. Mikael and Darien added more to their pack to make it stronger. They do a lot of underground fights even though it's illegal. Mikael loves his brother and being second in command, but he doesn't want to end up like their parents. Mikael stayed in school and graduated after his brother. He was sixteen when his parents were killed, but he still struggles with the issue every once in a while. Mikael picked up a job as a bouncer when he was eighteen, but he still wants to go to college. His goal is actually to be a construction worker like his brother, but he never went. He enjoys his job as a bouncer for obvious reasons. Mikael is just confused and hard headed so it's hard for him to decide on one thing. He got in his first fist fight at the age of ten and loved fighting ever since. He is the number one fighter in the underground club, but he longs for much more.

Mikael wants to have a wife and family someday, but he knows it will be hard to keep his life a secret. He always imagined marrying a human girl to get away from the pack. He wants to have his space without getting kicked out or killed. He hopes that one day he can raise children away from the fighting and bloodshed. He can only hope and pray that one day his dreams come true.


Mood: yay
Music: none yet
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