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Subscribe! July 27, 2014, 02:40:am
I've had a YouTube channel for a little under 4 years now. I've deleted out a solid 150-200 videos over the course of time, due to people's disinterest in them or simply saying I posted something that was in poor taste, lol. I'm only human, I make mistakes. I use to post a lot of videos that were 10, 20, 30+ minutes... people don't like that. Gotta give the people what they want, right? *shrugs* I go through periods of time where I'll post many videos, almost one daily to times where I'll post a video every couple months. My channel is mostly about entertainment and comedy. I enjoy making people laugh and having fun. If you can get something out of that... GREAT! It's like free therapy for me, in a way.

I'm approaching 400 subscribers. It has taken me so long to get there because I'm not cute, hot, attractive, young or female. I'm just a 34 year old dude on the internet making silly-ass'd videos for the love of entertaining and having fun. My profession is oil painting. I paint nudes. It's not as fun as it would seem and yes, even the human form can get boring. YouTube is a nice escape for me to be creative in another way that I enjoy. In the future, I'll be doing film projects, but for now I'm just going with the flow and doing what I do.

I'm posting this journal because I was curious if people feel I should do something special for the subscribers when I hit 500. Should I and if so, what? I can't send 500 individual people a free gift... rather, I won't be doing that, heh. I'm not running a fucking ebay store, I don't have the will or time to award 500 people with a gift. What are your thoughts on giving out some really awesome prizes to maybe 3-10 subscribers though? I think that might be fun to do when I hit 500. Unless it's more customary to do that when you hit 1,000. But it's safe to say I'll not be hitting that number, ya know?

Anyway, leave me your thoughts on the topic, even if you don't know me or aren't subscribed to my channel. I like to make people smile. Video game consoles and big screen televisions make people smile. What kind of prizes/gifts make you smile?

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