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So Ready April 03, 2014, 03:46:am

I am so ready to be out of this shitty ass city and all of it's dumbass residents. I'm so ready to be back in the country.

I'm ready for my garden, my pit bull, my house, and most of all....for my Son to run wild in the back yard. To be able to be a boy and me not having to worry about someone snatching him from me. I'm ready for our life to finally begin the way we want it to be.

I'm ready for a home.

I haven't had a home in a long time. I needed this. WE needed this.


This weekend, we will begin moving into our HOME.

It sounds so simple. The word 'Home'. But it has such a strong meaning, one that has been severely lacking these past four years. But it is back, and I am so happy for it.

With all this mushy stuff said...internet is semi decent out there. So do not be surprised if I am on here even less....I do have a three month old after all. LOL!
Mood: So happy
Music: None

HOUSE! March 26, 2014, 02:57:am

Well, It's official now! April 1st (yes April Fool's Day) we will sign the papers for our HOUSE!


I'm so excited! Finally, we will be out of this crappy ass city and back in the country where we belong!

We will be able to get a pitty and my son will have a fenced in yard to run wild in! bounce


I will have a kitchen, a garden, a dog, a back porch to watch my Son play in the yard. It will be perfect. :-)
Mood: Happy
Music: The Pump....it's all I hear now a days. LOL
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Due Date December 16, 2013, 04:30:pm

Whelp, today is my due date and Nada.

I can't believe how many people are actually upset that I haven't given birth by now. I told them I wouldn't *rolls eyes* It seems like I am the only person who isn't bothered by the fact that I am still pregnant. If I can wait, they can wait their happy asses as well. Ugh. People.

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5 Days December 11, 2013, 04:56:pm
Yup, 5 days til my estimated due date.

Am I nervous? Nope.

Am I ready for it to be over? Nope, because it isn't something to rush or to hurry up. Lol. At least to me anyways. My comfort is nothing compared to the health of my child. :-)

I will find out Friday if I will be able to have my baby in an out of hospital facility. My platelet count has been steadily dropping for months now. As of 2 weeks ago it was at 109. It is supposed to be well over 150. The doctor will let us know if it is still safe for me and the baby to not be in the hospital. We are worried that my platelet count will affect my clotting abilities and I might bleed out. Even in the hospital there are still the chances that they will have issues stopping the bleeding. But there is also the chance that I will be perfectly fine. I have cut myself plenty of times (cooking. Lol) and had no issues clotting, so we will see.

I have had a pretty easy pregnancy, the only issues I have had were anemia (which is gone now) and now I have had severe Pelvic Girdle Pain the past month that makes it extremely hard to walk and get comfortable at night. Hell, I can't even roll over in bed with out yelping like a kicked dog.

I am seriously considering a prenatal massage this weekend. Lol!

Mood: kinda hurting
Music: SVU
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