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"Grand, rich, high-class melancholia. Get Your Goth On."
Dave Kendall, creator of MTV’s “120 Minutes” and host on Sirius/XM’s "First Wave"
Status: The debut Album by Johnathan|Christian will be available globally on November 8th. Stay Tuned to this channel [View Updates]
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Label Type: indie
Location: Los Angeles & Stockholm, United States
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Album release date, October 2013 featuring bonus remixes by Bryin Dall of "Hirsute Pursuit" and Industrial Pioneer Martin Bowes of "Attrition"

the evolution is just beginning.....

the story will not be hidden....

all will be revealed....

"Grand, rich, high-class melancholia. Get Your Goth On."
Dave Kendall, creator of MTV’s “120 Minutes” and host on Sirius/XM’s "First Wave"

DJ Cruel Britannia of the Fadeout Weekly Dark Alternative says “Their sound is an accessible yet dark blend of well constructed tracks which would be just as at home in the closing credits of a film as they would by themselves on your MP3 player.”

Paul V of LA's Indie 103.1 & MoheakRadio Los Angeles and award winning blogger says "Definite Peter Murphy Vibe"

Jason Compton of "The Sadness" says about Johnathan|Christian "Truly some of the most original goth sounds I have heard in a long while, true to the genre without sounding like a parody or a carbon copy"

Piers Sixx of Nightbreed Radio,The widest range of dark alternative music in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. calls Johnathan|Christian "Epic"!

Cathedral 13 Goth Radio calls Johnathan|Christian "Intoxicating"!

“Lushly Dark…Epic…Beautiful….” Are how fans of Johnathan|Christian describe their sound, an exciting new collaborative between Johnathan Mooney and Christian Granquist with their debut album slated for release Winter 2012.

With music that’s being compared to classic Mission and The Cure and vocal’s that have evoked comparisons to Peter Murphy, David Bowie and even Peter Steele, Johnathan|Christian have been rapidly building their base and gaining the attention of bloggers and radio stations.

Although both Johnathan and Christian are no strangers to the dark rock scene, it was completely by fate that these two musicians’ paths would cross. Johnathan Mooney was the keyboardist for the acclaimed New York dark band “The New Creatures” now living in Orange County, California, and Christian Granquist is the vocalist/keyboardist for the Stockholm based band “The Atom".

Johnathan Mooney: “Being more of a composer then a lyrical writer, my music is all voxless. When I come up with an idea for a song, it’s not just a song, it’s a vision. I’m actually hearing a whole storyline in my head like someone who’s scoring to a film. When I heard one of his Atom tracks on Soundcloud, my mouth dropped. I was like “THAT’s the voice I’m looking for."

Christian Granquist: “Lyrically I seek inspiration in pretty dark themes: conflicts, separations anxiety and death. These require a certain type of quasi-cinematic ambiance which I’m not fully able to convey in my own music. Johnathan, on the other hand, had it already perfectly wrapped in a black little box. I directly saw that my voice structure and lyrics would be a perfect fit with his picturesque style of writing very emotional music.”

With The New Creatures, Johnathan Mooney played alongside well known dark heavies including Cellist Julia Kent (Rasputina and also a New Creature member), Faith & The Muse, Human Drama, The Wake, The Last Dance, Lestat, Sky Cries Mary, Voltaire, Empire Hideous, Christian Death's Rozz Williams and most notably earning the ire of Sister’s front man Andrew Eldritch whom after seeing The New Creatures mere days before they were scheduled to open for SOM decided they were “Too Goth”.

Singer Christian Granquist is a legend in the Stockholm post punk scene. Having played with members of the Swedish pop trio Day Behavior, he’s currently active in the Stockholm band “The Atom” on Swedish indie label Vesper Recordings, which recently released their new album, “First Deadly Steps”.

Johnathan|Christians' new album will be available on iTunes and Amazon, Early 2013.

All Music © 2012 Grand Moon Publishing/BMI

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Voices in my head.

Homepage: https://www.facebook.com/jchristianmusic

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