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Im sorry, Thats what she said.....
Status: Also why isnt Jesus called a bastard child or Jesus the Bastard of God? Hes mum and dad were not married....so surely thats a sin in the eyes of the church?
Sex: male
Age: 30
Location: Dudley, United Kingdom

Member since: October 20, 2012
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Orientation: Straight
Status: Single and looking
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UPDATE!!! Just moved to Dudley as of 20th of Sep, trying to kickstart my life again, making new friends, going out, getting a good job, finding love under some rock lol Ok profile 2.0 [old part is down bottem] Im jamie, im someone that at this minute doesnt know where or what hes doing, stuck in a rut i think, just come out of a long term relationship, and having problems with adjusting as we had broke up twice before but this time was different. I tend to cling on like a fly to poo. Well emotionally anyway, i also hold on to feelings for people for a long time too, im submissive, and will generally do anything for anyone. Ermmmm bad points? im abit like a 13 year old school boy in, sexual terms i wont say anymore, i can moan and moan for england yey like i said ill still do things for people. And i also tend to not think before acting on something, and i really have a body issue, but no unless i get up and actually do something ill have this not so nice body. Good points, i will always try and talk and be polite but sometimes my naughty side gets out, but its usaully just me being cheeky and silly. I can be loving, and kind and romantic, cuddley, but i can also be outgoiung, loud and fun to be around Im not working at the moment, i had a part time job in a bar but they didnt keep me on, i sort of got into thing where i felt like i needed to be at home for my ex as she had depression etc and i thought id need to be there for her. My dream job would be working in a theatre either front or bad of house, doing community theatre with kids from care [as i spent some time in care] or working in a really old cinema. At the moment my interests are not going out as i dont have the money [i pay for field rent for a horse i verbally own half of] id love to go out to clubs gigs but need to make friends first lol i did go to the horse yard alot and enjoyed it for a while but i am starting to go back and rebond with my horse. i like playing on my ps3, watching movies, listening to music Im pretty much a loner at the minute so if after all the waffle you still think "Hmmmm hes interesting strange" then message me ill will always message back, Jamie Im Jamie, What to say, youll find out i go on and on, i tend to say some stupid, random things and instead of just saying something quickly and with a few words ill say it as if im telling a story [just like now] My lifes rather confusing and complicated at the moment and most people would find it hard to understand it. Im a little over weight [ive got a little podge lol, and in need of exercise yet dont have the get up and go drive to do something about it, just over a year ago i shaved my hair off as i was balding and had long hair for many years which didnt help, still look at the mirror every now and then and think what id look like with hair lol. I can get stressed really easily and in my current living arrangments theres 8 dogs, 6 cats, 2 rats, and horses [but i havent been down to see since last year] and there no mine there my ex's before anyone thinks im neglecting them lol] I know ive dont some pretty stupid things and said some hurtful things to people and i would change them if i could. As i never think before or i over-think and confused myself. I dont drink or smoke, and i more than likely never will, my mum was an alcoholic and me and my sister went into care due to that [heence why i dont drink] and ive never had to urge to smoke, dont see the point and never will, i dont mind people who do smoke or drink or both its they choice at the end of the day, just dont force it on me lol Ill write some more interesting stuff soon, just wanted to get my profile up Ill do pretty much anything for anyone if they ask, i left my ex fiancee home just over a week ago and according to some councillor woman from the homeless charity im "Submissive and Emotionally Weak" and my ex, and 2 older friends agree, ill still do things for my ex but know over time i will have to stop, maybe ill get over her and ill find some friends from here or maybe not, im living in some house thing, pretty good just none around i know....... Also your random strangers might think im not alt at all but i am, im just inside at the moment, havent got the outfits, clothes, shoes to be all look at me im a rock god or metal masher. I have a huge thing with my hair or lack of it, shaved it for over a year but i just dont like it [i had long hair but never took my hat off due to the balding patches lol] maybe ill get a metal mowhawk like the guy from rammsteain lol Anyway if you ever want to chat about random things im happy to, i have way too much time on my hands which i wish i didnt have lol
Im going to waffle on here, wannabe gangsters, chavs who think becasue they live on some crappy estate where they have everything they are baddass like they live in the bronx. groups of young people who think its cool to doss on some corner and start fights and fuck around. People who see your carrying loads of shopping put walk right into you, drivers that dont slow down when your walking down a country lane and think "ill drive past as close as possible to that guy walking" Shops that have closing down slaes every week. When "so called" experts and professors tell you somethings not good for you or dont do this, and make it so......ill stop there
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Im pretty strange, mixture of old school with new age lol, Linking park, Limp bizkit, Muse, Disturbed, Marylin Manson, Queen, Metallica, Rob Zombie, Guns n Roses, 3 doors down, 3 days grace, Hinder etc, theres loads more bands but i tend to like one or two songs, just depends what mood im in.
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Jan 24, 2016, 09:25pm
Hey, how are you?
Oct 09, 2015, 06:25pm
Is he a sports horse? He's a really nice type. There's nothing more rewarding than breaking a horse, as far as I'm concerned anyway. To bond with such a powerful animal in such a manner where he accepts you onto his back and as a partner. They really are such wonderful creatures.


Sep 17, 2015, 12:31pm
10 for you~

~ No more dreaming of the dead as if death itself was undone...
No more calling like a crow for a boy, for a body in the garden ~
Florence Welch