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Welcome To The Sinful Nation...
Status: Welcome to the Sinful Nation
Label: Holy Records
Label Type: indie
Location: Athens, Greece

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Inactive Messiah was formed back in 2004, their first album that was the self titled one was released December of the same year by Black Lotus Records. Two thousand and six was the year that “Inactive Messiah” took its shape by expanding in a much more active level. After some line up changes and a lot of mental consideration “Inactive Messiah” entered the studio again for their second studio album. The recordings took place at the Devilworx studios (Athens/Greece) and they also headed north to Finnvox Studios (Helsinki/Finland). The new material sound more melodic, aggressive and dark while the Hellenic national ERT choir and the Symphonic Orchestra of Slovakia (80 musicians) participate. The choir and Orchestra parts arranged by Chris A. (Chaostar/Septic Flesh/The Devilworx). The album was mixed by Mikko Karmila and mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios (Helsinki/Finland). In this new album Inactive Messiah invited some guest musicians to record some parts. JP Lepp?luoto (Charon/ex-Poisonblack) sings in the song “Be My Drug” which is also the name of the album, Emppu Vuorinen (Nightwish) has recorded the guitar solo part of the cover song “Beat It” from Michael Jackson and Arto Tuunela (Major Label) do some Finnish vocals on song “Before The End”.

Inactive Messiah signed a deal with Holy Records on the summer of 2006, the release of their latest till then album entitled “bE mY dRug” came on December of the same year and two videoclips for the selftited “bE mY dRug” and the song “Sing” followed. “bE mY dRug” album got some great reviews as 6/6 (Album Of The Trimester) on Metallian Magazine (FR). The band after a two central/west European tours (32 shows in “Blitzkrieg 4” and “The Domination Tour 2007”), a Balkan Tour (13 shows in “Balkans Assassination Tour 2007”) and some fests and extra performances in Greece and Romania got ready to enter studio again for their third studio album.

The recordings took place at Devasoundz studios January/February 2008 and the album released once again by Holy Records on April of the same year under the name “Sinful Nation”. More aggressive this time yet dark, atmospheric and majestic again. Right after the release the band hitted the road again on “XXV Anniversary Tour” with Vader, Septic Flesh and Devian for 42 shows in most of the European countries. After that tour Thanos takes all the guitar work on himself since the band continues as a 3 piece combo combo having session members for the drum parts...

Inactive Messiah keeps setting the stage on fire with shows in Greece and abroad with smaller tours. In the meanwhile composing their fourth full length piece that will be their first concept album inspired by the movie “The Devil’s Advocade” in more fast and dark paths.

Welcome to the Sinful Nation

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Inactive Messiah - Sing
.... ..

Inactive Messiah - bE mY dRug
.... ..


GREEK TOUR FALL 2009 (w/ Omen)

18.09 Volos (Greece) "Metheksis Club"
19.09 Larisa (Greece) "Stae Club"
20.09 Thessaloniki (Greece) "Harley Bar"
21.09 Katerini (Greece) "Sin City Club"
22.09 Karditsa (Greece) "T.B.A."
23.09 Arinio (Greece) "En Plo Bar"
24.09 Kalamata (Greece) "T.B.A."


29.06 - Malakasa (Greece) "Rockwave Festival (Cruefest Day)"
31.07 - Ancient Olympia (Greece) "Alfios Eco River Festival"


SepticFlesh, Inactive Messiah, Web, Dimight

03.06 - Sofia (Bulgaria) "Hristo Botev"
04.06 - Bucharest (Romania) "Live Metal Club"
06.06 - Iljichevsk (Ukraine) "Golden Lion"(*)
07.06 - Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine) "Rock Cafe"(*)
09.06 - Kishinev (Moldavia) "Faraon"
*without SepticFlesh

French Tour 2009

SepticFlesh, Arkan, Inactive Messiah

02.05.2009 FR Paris @ Le Nouveau Casino
03.05.2009 NL Rotterdam @ Baroeg
05.05.2009 FR Dijon @ Vapeur
07.05.2009 FR Nancy @ L..’Autre Canal
08.05.2009 FR Limoges @ CC John Lenon
09.05.2009 FR Nantes @ Le Ferrailleur (Hellfest Club Show)
10.05.2009 FR Lille @ MJC Saint Andre

Extra Shows

24.04.2009 GR Volos @ Methexis (Golden R. Festival)

Sinful Jesus Tour

24.03.2009 GR Amyntaio @ The Other Side Bar
23.03.2009 GR Xanthi @ Quasimodo Bar
21.03.2009 GR Kavala @ Jazz Rock Club
20.03.2009 GR Athens Texas Necropolis


25.01.2009 GR Athens @ Fuzz Live Music Club

21.09.2008 GR Athens @ An Club
20.09.2008 GR Larisa @ Stage Club
18.09.2008 GR Thessaloniki Eightball Club

13.09.2008 FR Raismes @ Raismesfest

:XXV Anniversary Tour - Spring 2008:

Vader + Septic Flesh + Devian + Inactive Messiah

21.04.08 GER Berlin @ K17
22.04.08 GER Hannover @ Musikzentrum
23.04.08 HOL Enschede @ Atak
24.04.08 HOL Haarlem @ Patronaat
25.04.08 HOL Leeuwarden @ Romein
26.04.08 BEL Antwerpen @ Hof Ter Lo
27.04.08 UK Leeds @ Rio's
28.04.08 UK Nottingham @ Rock City
29.04.08 UK London @ Underworld
30.04.08 BEL Jumet(Charleroi) @ Maison De Tous
01.05.08 FR Paris @ Locomotive
02.05.08 FR Notre Darne @ Arcade
03.05.08 FR Annecy @ Brise Glace
04.05.08 FR Niort @ Camji
06.05.08 SP Durango @ Plateruena
07.05.08 SP Santander @ Artmusic
08.05.08 POR Porto @ Cinema Batalha
09.05.08 POR Corroios @ Cine Teatro Corroios
10.05.08 SP Sevilla @ Sala Q
11.05.08 SP Almeria @ El Roquero
12.05.08 SP Valencia @ Loco Club
13.05.08 SP Madrid @ Caracol
14.05.08 SP Barcelona @ Salamandra I
15.05.08 FR Montpellier @ tba
16.05.08 ITA Milan @ Musicdrome
17.05.08 ITA Pinarella @ Rock Planet
18.05.08 ITA Pescara @ Rock House
20.05.08 A Graz @ Arcadium
21.05.08 CH Erstfeld @ Transilvania Live
22.05.08 A Worgl @ Komma
23.05.08 FR Colmar @ Grillen
24.05.08 GER Essen @ Turock
25.05.08 GER Darmstadt @ Steinbruch Theater
26.05.08 GER Saarbrucken @ Roxy
27.05.08 GER @ tba
28.05.08 A Salzburg @ Rockhouse
29.05.08 SLO Ljubljana @ Gala Hala Metelkova
30.05.08 SER Belgrade @ Legacy Festival
31.05.08 HUN Budapest @ Avalon
01.06.08 ROM Cluj Napoca @ Irish Music & Pub
03.06.08 SK Kosice @ IC Culture Train
04.06.08 A Wien @ Arena
05.06.08 CZ Zlin @ Masters Of Rock Cafe
06.06.08 CZ Prague @ Rock Cafe
07.06.08 GER Glauchau @ Alte Spinnerei

:Festivals 2007:

04.04.07 GR Athens @ March Metal Day Fest (Olympic Fencing Arena)
22.07.07 GR Xanthi @ Metal Healing Fest
02.09.07 GR Larissa @ No Budget Fest


:Balkans Assassination Tour (12 Oct 2007 - 28 Oct 2007):
:Romanian Tour (14 May 2007 - 17 May 2007):
:The Domination Tour (14 Feb 2007 - 04 Mar 2007):
:Bitzkrieg 4 Tour (26 Oct 2006 - 08 Nov 2006):

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